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What are mimic wrinkles and how to fight them?

Facial care is one of the basic cosmetic activities performed by women. Unfortunately, no matter how much you do not deal with this issue, at some age more and more imperfections begin to appear. It is impossible to cheat the progressing time. Mimic wrinkles are the first sign of facial skin aging. Their occurrence can be really depressing but you can fight them with your will.

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There are many ways to reduce facial wrinkles. You can use home methods or anti-wrinkle creams. Some ladies decide on special botox injections or plastic surgery. In the article below, I would like to introduce the nature of mimic wrinkles and briefly explain how to get rid of individual imperfections. I hope you will find my advice useful.
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Table of content

  1. Occurrence of mimic wrinkles
  2. Stopping the appearance of mimic wrinkles
  3. Natural anti-wrinkle creams

Occurrence of mimic wrinkles

Wrinkles appear quite early, usually before the age of thirty. Unfortunately, the skin begins to age very quickly. Mimic wrinkles are the result of facial movements performed by us, therefore they always appear in the same places. When we squint our eyes, raise eyebrows, smile or even twist our head, we accelerate this effect. This means that mimic wrinkles cannot be avoided. (1)

Occurrence of mimic wrinkles

There are several types of mimic wrinkles, depending on the stage. In the initial phase, the furrows are visible only for a few seconds after performing the facial expressions, for example, after frowning. In the next stage, you can also see them gently when you are not doing anything. Over time, they become deeper and visible to the naked eye.
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Stopping the appearance of mimic wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles are hard to fight but they can be avoided if the right steps are taken. First of all, avoid UV radiation, use face creams containing the appropriate filters, sleep well because many wrinkles are signs of fatigue. Use a healthy, balanced diet and drink large amounts of water which will improve your skin’s structure. Make sure to do not smoke or drink alcohol. These substances have a devastating effect on your complexion.

Stopping the appearance of mimic wrinkles

There are ways to reduce existing mimic wrinkles. Tiny creasesat the corners pf your eyes are easily removed, just use eye cream rich in vitamin E. You can also try wraps of green cucumber or banana. You can reduce wrinkles on your forehead by doing a gentle massage. Start from the inside of the forehead and then with gentle, circular movements move to the temples. Wrinkles around the lips are the most difficult to avoid because we cannot eliminate the habit of talking or smiling. It is worth using creams containing collagen because they improve skin firmness and elasticity. An interesting solution is also to exercise with tightening the face. You should open your mouth wide and then tightly tighten it. This will improve the elasticity of the skin. The last type of mimic wrinkles are those arising around the neck. It is usually caused by sleeping in an inappropriate position. You need to find a sleeping position so that your skin is tense all the time. I recommend sleeping on small pillows. (2)
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Natural anti-wrinkle creams

The best way to fight all types of wrinkles, and not just mimic ones, is to use one of the anti-wrinkle creams. If you expect high results and want to avoid side effects, I recommend products based on natural ingredients. A good example is Dermology Anti-Aging cream. Its composition includes, among others, hyaluronic acid, which is considered the natural equivalent of botox. This substance is produced in trace amounts by the body, but over time, its production decreases, which contributes to the formation of wrinkles. Thanks to the cream you can eliminate this effect. After just a few weeks, all skin imperfections, including facial wrinkles, will disappear.

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