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A lucky person is someone who has never dealt with acne. It affects more than half of people during adolescence. It is less common among adults. Blemishes, redness and blackheads appearing on the face, neck and shoulders are really unsightly. As far as young people are concerned, they are rather common but when adults deal with them, it is something uncommont. Fortunately, there are many methods to fight acne, the effective and plausible ways to modify a diet to fight acne will be discussed in the following article.


Table of content

  1. The benefits of using an acne diet
  2. What should you eat?
  3. What to avoid
  4. Treatment by natural means
  5. Dietary supplements and acne treatment

The benefits of using an acne diet

It can be said that during an acne treatment a proper diet should be the starting point. Why? All kinds of treatments, medications or expensive medicinal cosmetics can be taken but it is necessary to provide proper food ingredients to the body as well as to eliminate harmful eating habits. Otherwise, all the efforts will be wasted. Although the food plan presented below is quite strict, it is worth using it because it will certainly bring the expected results. The diet is one of the two elements of a proper treatment, the other one is hygiene and it is a must. (1)

The benefits of using an acne diet

What should you eat?

First of all, the food should be fresh and nutritious. It is recommended to include a lot of fruit in the diet and they can be served as desserts It is especially worth eating apples and lemons because they are highly effective in improving the skin condition. Nevertleless, avoid oranges because they irritate the skin. This fact is based on some research. Remember to wash the fruit thoroughly before meals, as they may contain bacteria. Let your diet be rich in many vegetables which provide a lot of vitamins and minerals important for the reconstruction of the skin structure. Wholegrain products will provide your body with zinc useful for the proper functioning of the skin. Vegetable oils are also a good choice.

apples and lemons

What to avoid

All products rich in animal fats affect the appearance of acne. They lead to the accumulation of toxins under the skin and oiling of the face. It is necessary to eliminate all kinds of junk food from the diet. Try to make sure that the products you eat do not contain artificial colorings and flavors, therefore you must give up all sweet drinks and artificial juices as well as sweets. Drinking coffee or alcohol also has a detrimental effect on the complexion, it is better to limit them. Do not abuse spicy seasonings because they irritate the skin and can lead to the pore blockage. Force yourself to quit smoking since the tobacco smoke has a bad effect on your skin and raises cholesterol. (2)

junk food

Treatment by natural means

Herbs have been used for centuries to treat acne. There has been a recent return to the roots and these specific were used again. Infusions of pansy or tri-colored violets are recommended to treat pimples. Ready teas can be found in every herbal store and some pharmacies. Special compresses from nettle roots improve blood circulation and heal the complexion.

Dietary supplements and acne treatment

In recent years, treatment with various dietary supplements has become increasingly popular in Poland. There are special products even for acne. Capsules based on natural substances are recommended since they do not cause irritation and are totally safe. I trully recommned Nonacne pills because the in my case they helped cure acne extremely quickly.


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The special formula allows you to eliminate blemishes and redness completely. Their preventive use guarantees that it will not return. No wonder that these capsules have gained so much popularity in the UK, you will be able to get them in Poland soon.

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