Adult acne

Adult acne – where does it come from and how to fight it?

As much as 90% of the adolescent population has an acne problem and this does not surprise anyone too much. Acne, in turn, comes as a surprise to mature people, which can be a real nuisance. This problem affects far more mature women than men. Acne in adults can be observed around the chin, cheeks and neck, and not as in teenagers in the so-called T-zone; which is forehead, nose and chin; as painful and often purulent pimples and blackheads. Unfortunately, acne in this form results in scars appearing on the skin and they are difficult to remove.


It is worth noting that in the case of adults, acne changes can be observed most often in the lower part of the face, namely on the mandible, chin, mouth area, neck. They occur in the form of permanently sustained inflammatory changes. The frequent cause is too dry skin. Such skin changes cause scars and discolourations which, in turn, are very difficult to remove.

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Causes of adult acne

One of the most common causes of acne in adults is inadequate skin care. As our skin’s needs change with age, it needs a different kind of care, cleansing and moisturising. Adult acne is caused by clogging of sebaceous ducts and the formation of inflammatory conditions which are the result of producing secretion by the sebaceous glands. The secretion is thicker and together with the keratinization of the epidermis it causes the sebaceous ducts to become clogged. This leads to the formation of skin inflammation, which is difficult to remove in adults.

It has been proven that inadequate lifestyles combined with high stress are among the causes of adult acne. Unfortunately, it is precisely the increasing stress that is one of the causes of increasing sebum production.

Let us make changes to our diet in small steps, for example by giving up sweets, spicy foods and all kinds of fast foods. It is an unhealthy, fatty and highly processed diet that increases blood insulin levels, which stimulates the production of androgens and consequently increases seborrhea. Let us introduce some changes and after just a few days we should observe some changes on our skin. Let us enrich our daily diet with more vegetables, fruit and wholesome products, which will have a positive impact on our health. In addition, it is also extremely important to eat regularly, as irregular eating and eating between meals contributes to abnormal bodily functions. The effects of this are visible on the skin in the form of eczemas and inflammation. On the basis of the studies and analyses carried out, it can be concluded that the causes that increase the incidence of eczema include smoking, alcohol consumption, taking certain medicines, insufficient sleep and genetic factors.

Causes of adult acne

In young people, one of the causes of eczema is hormonal disorders. In the case of adults, it is rare for skin lesions in adults to be caused by systemic hormonal disorders. Research shows that when we take advantage of hormone treatment, the problem disappears, but unfortunately, after it is stopped, our anxiety returns. Nevertheless, it is worth carrying out research to exclude thyroid disorders, sex hormones and pituitary glands. These can have a significant impact on our skin problems, and hence our acne problems.

The cause of the formation of blackheads is the excessive production of sebaceous gland secretion, which has a denser consistency than usual and escapes to the skin surface with great difficulty. Excessive secretion is accompanied by an increased process of epidermis keratosis, which causes part of the secretion to be closed in the outlets of sebaceous ducts. Such a situation favours the development of anaerobic bacteria and other microorganisms which provoke inflammation. As a result, we can observe numerous pustules, lumps, then nodules and purulent infiltrations on our skin.

In many cases, the causes of acne include cosmetic issues, since the appearance of skin lesions is associated with overly aggressive cleaning agents. Through their action, they damage the lipid barrier, which makes it more susceptible to irritation and allergy. What can be done in this situation? First of all, you should put aside the cleansers intended for acne-prone skin and start using cleansers for sensitive skin. Strongly covering primers and correctors block the sebaceous glands’ outlets very often. It does not improve the situation.

Acne treatment in adults

A completely different type of care is used for adolescents than for adults. The situation is similar when using different types of acne products. Adults should avoid the use of products intended for adolescent acne because these they tend to dry out the epidermis. They are not recommended for adults, as it becomes dry with age.

The studies carried out show that adult acne is milder than teenage acne, but unfortunately it is chronic. This has an impact on the length and nature of the treatment, which involves taking antibiotics in combination with appropriate care and diet. Definitely the best effects are ensured by combining oral and local antibiotics with products containing azelaic acid, salicylic acid and sulphur.

When starting to treat acne in adults, the very form of the disease should be recognised. The first stage is the application of external treatment through the use of individually selected drugs with anti-hypodermic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and corrective effects. If such treatment does not bring results, it is necessary to implement oral treatment. Let us remember, however, that acne in adults can be cured.

Long-term lubrication with anti-acne products is introduced as soon as the active changes are over. Among the most frequently chosen solutions one can distinguish retinoids, azelaic acid or anti-inflammatory products. The use of azelaic acid improves the appearance of the skin, as it has a brightening effect and helps to fight discolouration.


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Acne is always a problematic part of life for both young and old. It is associated with unsightly looking skin lesions, which in turn lead to general well-being and self-esteem. Acne can cause problems in interpersonal relationships which is extremely important at any age. In the case of adults, acne occurs in the form of lumps, pustules and blackheads usually located in the lower part of the face, on the chin of the mandible and neck. In many cases, large, painful, red inflammatory changes can be observed. What is more, these skin changes are accompanied by increased production of sebum.

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