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African mango – a miracle of dietetics or a fraud?

In recent years, African mango extract has been praised everywhere as a revolutionary way of losing weight. Nutritionists around the world praise this fruit. It was mentioned on TV as well as in newspapers and websites. Recently, products containing African mango have also become available in our country, mainly thanks to online sales. Impartially, is there something that can make us get excited about? Is this boom just the result of marketing actions? In the article below, I will try to clarify this issue.

african mango

Table of content

  1. Where did African mango come from?
  2. Mechanism of action
  3. Effectiveness in practice
  4. Which measure should you choose?
  5. Summary

Where did African mango come from?

This plant comes from areas located in southern Africa and has been used by local tribes for centuries. They noticed that eating African mango fruit extract helps reduce hunger. Scientists became interested in plants a dozen or so years ago, conducted research on cholesterol reduction. They were completely surprised by the results since the fruit led to a decrease in body weight of patients by up to 5% per month. In a short time, African mango conquered western markets. – says.

african mango

Mechanism of action

Several factors contribute to the effectiveness of African mango. First of all, it acts as an appetite suppressant. What does this mean in practice? Fruit reduces appetite, allows you to control hunger. How is it possible? Mango ingredients help maintain an elevated level of the hormone known as leptin. Its deficiency is a stimulus for the brain to feel hunger. A constant high level of leptin reduces the need for food.

What is more, African mango accelerates metabolic processes effectively. Thanks to fast metabolism, the body burns calories faster. When the number of meals is lowered, where will the extra energy come from? Obviously, it will come from existing fat deposits. As a result, people eat less and lose weight faster.

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African mango also improves the overall condition of the body to some extent. It lowers cholesterol and helps remove unnecessary toxins from the body. It does not cause unwanted side effects. It does not lower energy levels and it does not cause fatigue. It is especially important for people who must maintain full strength and ability to concentrate even though they lose weight.

Effectiveness in practice

Okay, I have already written what to expect from using African mango in theory. It is time to focuse on practical aspects. I once participated in research on the way this fruit works. The results were really surprising. The regular use of products containing African mango extract allows you to lose up to eight kilograms a month. It is not necessary to change change a lifestyle! Although at first I was not convinced of the effectiveness, when I saw the effects on my own, I changed my mind. I will not call it a “miracle”, but rather pure science, due to natural origin. – says.

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Which measure should you choose?

As I wrote earlier, African mango is actually available only in the form of capsules because the export of fruit does not make any sense. Products an be bought online. Only a few pharmacies have them in stock but, and they are much more expensive then. If I could suggest a specific remedy, I suggest you try African Mango. Its formula effectively blocks appetite and allows you to lose weight quickly.

african mango


One thing I can definitely say is the fact that African mango works. It is not clear what the merit is but I think that as a result of ongoing research.. This is probably the best way to reduce appetite and lose weight quickly. However, to find out, you should first try and I strongly encourage to do that!

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