australian pull-up

Australian pull-up: what is it, how to do it and what are the effects?

Engaging many muscles while performing one exercise is extremely desirable. During activities aimed at increasing our condition, it is very important not to forget about any part of the body. That is why pulling up is a good solution, which is a multi-joint exercise. Pull-up is also a basic conditioning exercise in a popular street workout for several years.

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Types of existing pull-ups

There are several basic types of pull-ups that perfectly affect both the figure and raising the level of fitness. Vertical pull-up is the most popular, which consists of grabbing the rod positioned overhead at a distance depending on the level of advancement of the exerciser. Vertical pull-up includes gripping exercises, which involve slightly different muscles. There is also Australian pull-up, which is one of the exercises to be performed practically quite horizontally. Each of these pull-up exercises gives the body a huge amount of positive effects.

Types of existing pull-ups

What does pull-up give you?

Pulling up primarily strengthens all parts of the back muscles and arms that work intensively during exercise. It is difficult to do them for the first time, but with the help of a second person, it will give the practitioner great satisfaction. The first pull up opens the way to the next stages of shaping your body and your condition.

What is Australian Pullup?

Australian type pull-up is an exercise performed in a horizontal position, which involves both the shoulder muscles and the back muscles working intensively while pulling up.

What is Australian Pullup

What do you need to do Australian pull-ups?

To be able to perform the Australian pull-up exercise, you must attach a spreader bar in the door frame at a height appropriate to the level of difficulty that we are going to treat. First, it should be mounted only at shoulder height, so that you can easily perform the first pull-up, which should be the motivation to perform the next, increasingly difficult.

How to do Australian pull-ups?

After setting the bar at the appropriate height, stand next to it so that the toes stick out significantly behind its line, forward. Holding the rod in the footrest should be moved away so long without moving from the place of the feet until the arms are completely straight in the elbows. You should repeat pulling up by tapping the chest to the bar, so that we know that each time we managed to do the exercise correctly.

How to do Australian pull-ups

Learning Australian pull ups should be done slowly and at a pace that the trainee can afford. In the case of this type of pull-up, which is perfect as a preparation for traditional pull-up – vertical – the most important thing is the quality of repetitions, not their quantity. If the exercise is performed quickly and inaccurately, its effects will be poor, and the muscles and joints involved will not work properly.

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If the pull-up is done well, the trainee will not over-load any muscle parts, but will only work on his condition and the muscles he wants to develop. It is best at the very beginning to determine with the trainer whether we care about exercises performed to widen the back, increase their endurance or to improve fitness.

Difficulty Levels

If after the first few pulls up, during which the rod was set quite high, everything went well, then lower the rod height and get to the real work. The smaller the angle between the straight body line and the ground, the more difficult the exercise. The most difficult level is characterized by raised feet, which by no means rest on an additional mattress. The person exercising, when his arms are straight, turns out to be in a more than horizontal position, his shoulders are in the air, but slightly lower than set at the other end of the foot.

pull up

Useful tips

If the exercise is to be done well, several important aspects should be noted. It is important to approach the exercise wisely and not try to squeeze out sweat at all costs when we started a series of trainings just yesterday.

The head is an extension of the spine, so it must not be tilted becuase it would end badly.

The entire spine, buttocks, legs and feet should be lined up, which means that when pulling up, the entire body, including the head, should form a single line. Fastening all muscles while pulling the cage to the rod is highly recommended.

At the end of each pull-up, remove the shoulder blades and point the elbows outward. It is important to activate primarily when lifting the blades.

The most common mistakes made by amateurs

Poor quality is typical to most inexperienced people who count on fast effects. For such people, the number of pull-ups counts, which, in their opinion, determines the poor or good condition. Nothing could be more wrong. Each pull-up should be done as best as possible, and their quantity at the beginning is not so important. Over time, as your muscles develop and your condition and endurance grow, you can do more of them.

Using elbows instead of shoulders

When pulling up, it is very important to focus on the widest muscles of the back. It is obvious that synergistic muscles will work, but the ones mentioned first are the main goal here. To do the exercise correctly, you must start the pull-up movement from the shoulder blades and control the entire movement with them. If the movement is carried out correctly, the biceps muscle will be relieved.

Too much weight

Sometimes the trainee adds extra weight from the very beginning, but especially at the beginning it is simply unnecessary. Only after correctly performing a dozen or so repetitions can you start adding weight, preferably under the guidance of a trainer.

No negative repetitions

At the very beginning it is difficult to do more than one, maybe two repetitions, so you should not give up on negative reps, which can also actively stimulate muscle fibers. All you need to do is hold the bar from the elevation in the form of, for example, a bar and lower yourself slowly taking it in the right position.

australian pull up

Crossing the legs

It is unacceptable to disrupt the body line in this way or in any other way. Only the right attitude can make the exercise give us as much as it should. Feet should have toes snapped up, and their alignment should be paralel, about the width of the hips.

Bad hand spacing

Too narrow or too wide a grip on the bar can cause significant problems during exercise. Hands too far apart will not want to lift the body to the end. If they are too close will be an obstacle to complete the correct movement. Of course, you can grasp the stick wider than we have shoulders, but it is reserved for experienced people who already have a lot of series behind them with at least a few correctly executed repetitions.

Who can’t pull up in Australian?

Doctors and experienced people think that Australian pull ups should not be taken by the elderly and those who have problems with obesity. However, this is not entirely true. It all depends on the general state of human health, and as everyone knows, age and weight do not always affect the condition and determination of a particular person.

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Pull ups without consulting a doctor should not be performed by people with joint disorders or injuries around the shoulders, arms and back. It is very important to analyze all pros and cons with your doctor because doing any exercise without a reasonable approach to them is not a good solution even for completely healthy people.

Australian pull-up, which is performed well very quickly will give positive effects, and the condition you get in return will be an excellent reward for your effort. Apart from your progres, a feeling of satisfaction will give an amazing pleasure.

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