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Contrary to common opinion, excessive hair loss is not only a strictly male disorder and is not always attributable to natural hormonal changes due to age. Every day we lose about 100 hairs. It is normal and harmless because fallen hair are replaced by new and stronger hairs. The problem arises when not all hair is able to regenerate. However, in most cases it is possible to slow down this process.

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Table of content

  1. Hair loss – the most frequent causes
  2. Alopecia areata
  3. Additional causes of excessive hair loss
  4. What else can cause excessive hair loss?
  5. How to stimulate hair growth?

Hair loss – the most frequent causes

Over 95% of cases of excessive hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, called “male-type baldness”. However, it can also affect women. Androgenetic alopecia is purely hormonal. Hormones called androgens are responsible among other things for stimulating hair growth and regulating libido. However, it must be emphasized that this type of balding has not been precisely studied so far and we are not aware of the details of its evolution. We know for sure that among the causal ties we find the slowing down of the hair’s metabolism. The hair grows more slowly, weakens and eventually separates from the root. – says.


Alopecia areata

Just as androgenetic alopecia mainly affects adults while alopecia areata also occurs among young people. 60% of people suffering from this disorder are under 30 years old. The disease described is inflammatory and is characterized by the appearance of patches on the scalp, due to the breakdown of hair follicles. It is important to note that alopecia areata can affect any hair point on the body, as well as beard and eyebrows. The causes of this pathology have not yet been fully clarified. It is believed to have an autoimmune character, i.e. the body attacks the follicles and considers them a threat. Alopecia areata occurs in both sexes. The earlier the first symptoms appear, the more difficult it is to treat it.

Alopecia areata

Additional causes of excessive hair loss

Excessive hair loss is not necessarily a symptom of some disease, but may simply be the result of how we treat them. We know, for example, that hair follicles weaken if we tie hair in a tail or bun. In this case, the hair is subjected to mechanical stresses similar to those caused by tearing or forced combing. Among the additional causes of baldness we find bad habits such as smoking and excessive stress. In general, hair growth is better if we look after hygiene and if we maintain the body’s natural homeostasis level. If we have unbalanced habits of life instead, we eat in an unhealthy way and exaggerate with vices, then the chances of remaining bald increase.

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What else can cause excessive hair loss?

  • improper care (frequent use of the plate, unrestrained use of dyes, etc.),
  • some contraceptives,
  • some medicines (for example: for the heart, high blood pressure, antidepressants),
  • eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia),
  • lack of iron,
  • low protein diet,
  • too much vitamin A (for example due to excessive consumption of supplements),
  • rapid weight loss (visible baldness after a few months),
  • menopause,
  • childbirth,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • trichotillomania – is a compulsive disorder characterized by an obsessive need to tear hair,
  • chemo and radiotherapy,
  • permanent cold.

The multiplicity of possible causes of excessive hair loss can be a serious problem in choosing the most appropriate treatment. Baldness is often not a disorder itself but it can also be a symptom of far more serious illnesses. That is why regardless of age and sex, we should not underestimate it.

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How to stimulate hair growth?

The problems related to excessive hair loss can be largely overcome through appropriate treatments. On the market there are not only preventive measures to be taken before the disorder occurs, but also products that help regrow it. In this article we will talk about some medicines against baldness, highlighting the rules of operation, the active substances and the possible side effects if foreseen. We will not only deal with purely male products, but also with products designed specifically for the women.

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