Breakfast, lunch and dinner for muscle mass

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for muscle mass – what to eat for better results?

Building muscle mass is a huge challenge for everyone. You need to be properly prepared for this endeavor. After all, building muscle tissue is primarily based on two aspects. The first is diet and the second is exercise.

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Today we will focus on how dishes for building muscle mass should look like. Such a diet should be meticulously prepared. The most important thing is that it should be healthy and provide adequate nutrients. The combination of a proper diet and properly selected physical exercises guarantees success in building muscle tissue.

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What does the popular “mass diet” look like?

Building muscle mass is inextricably linked to diet. As many people know, this is a diet rich in various ingredients that are an introduction to building muscle mass. Meals should contain primarily high-calorie products.

mass diet

This is mainly due to the fact that the body should have a surplus of nutrients that it can use to build muscle tissue. Of course, as already mentioned, such tissue will not build itself. The exercise is necessary. It should be remembered that a meal should be rich in high-calorie ingredients, i.e. carbohydrates and fats. You should not forget about the ingredient such as protein because it is the basis for building muscles. The diet should also be rich in regulating substances such as mineral salts and vitamins. They ensure the proper functioning of the body and regulate basic life processes occurring in the body.

What should you remember during a weight diet?

A diet for weight should contain enough calories to exceed the person’s daily energy requirement. This means that the body must have a surplus that it will use to build muscle, according to

Therefore, during such a diet, you should not forget about the lunch, as well as, if necessary, snacks between meals. It is worth remembering, however, that everything depends on the individual characteristics of the body. During the diet, drink a lot of water and unsweetened teas.

mass diet

It is better to give up sweetened coffee and tea and ready-made sweet drinks. They can “cheat” our appetite and satisfy our hunger with empty calories, not a balanced meal. Of course, from time to time you can afford dessert and sweets. However, it should not be forgotten that they should not replace a nutritious meal but be included in the diet occasionally.

Breakfast for muscle mass

When deciding on a diet for muscle mass, remember to eat regularly. Only discipline in this matter can produce the right results. According to this rule, the day should start with a solid breakfast.

Breakfast should contain a variety of ingredients ranging from carbohydrates, fats, protein to vitamins. Carbohydrates are best consumed in the form of whole-grain bread or granola and porridge. As for protein, there are a number of products that will provide a varied breakfast for the time of building muscle tissue. Protein can be consumed in the form of meat, fish, dairy products and eggs.

Breakfast for muscle mass

Thanks to this, you can create numerous combinations that will diversify your breakfast. It should not be forgotten that breakfast should be enriched with a portion of vitamins. It’s best to guarantee it in the form of fruit and vegetables. Fruit is best consumed in the first half of the day because of the high glycemic index. A high-calorie breakfast is not the basis of the diet and provides a good start for the next day of building muscle mass. If you are wondering what works best for breakfast for mass, then in the next part of the article you will find suggestions of meals, along with tips on how to prepare them.

Sample breakfasts by mass

Each recipe for caloric breakfast should be created based on the assumptions presented above. When it comes to breakfast, the recipes are not complicated or demanding. In addition, they must be quick to prepare because most people have little time in the morning.

Therefore, we present several easy and quick suggestions that everyone will enjoy.

  1. Scrambled eggs are one of the best choices for breakfast when building muscle mass. It is good to give up butter for a healthier oil. Scrambled eggs can be served with your favorite vegetable or salad. Whole grain bread is recommended as an ideal addition. After a solid breakfast, you can afford a dessert in the form of fruit or freshly squeezed juice.
  2. Sweet breakfast? Many people may doubt whether it will be a nutritious breakfast for a man. However, porridge or good-quality granola with the addition of fresh and dried fruit is the perfect breakfast when building mass. You can add natural yogurt alone or a mix of yogurt with your favorite fruit, e.g. banana.
  3. Another quick suggestion for building muscle tissue are traditional sausage sandwiches. You can add your favorite vegetables to them. The sausage should be thin and whole wheat bread (you can also serve it in the form of crunchy toast).
  4. During such a diet, the ideal breakfast will be an omelette. It can be prepared in two variants: spicy and sweet. Spicy omelette can be prepared with garlic, spinach and feta cheese. Its sweet counterpart can be enriched with oatmeal, favorite fruit and dried fruit prepared the day before. The omelette should be fried as desired. Some people prefer less-cut omelets, while others prefer a more fried option.


Of course, the descriptions below are just an inspiration. It is difficult to give exact proportions because each article reader may have a different energy demand.


Lunch is usually eaten while running at work or between other activities. Therefore, it is worth preparing them at home so as not to worry about eating something inappropriate.

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It should be ensured that lunch provides us with so much energy and nutrients that without hunger you can wait until dinner.

Here are some suggestions that will work even with busy people.

  1. Sandwiches made of wholemeal bread and lean meat. You can prepare them at home and take them anywhere. Sandwiches can be supplemented with vegetables.
  2. A quick salad is also a good option. You can use feta cheese or meat left over from dinner. In combination with tomato, lettuce and other vegetables, they will certainly be a better alternative than a sandwich from a fast food restaurant.
  3. When there is no time to prepare lunch, it is much better to put on nuts or almonds. They are healthy and provide a lot of energy. You can always supplement them with dairy products in the form of yogurt or kefir. It is recommended to remember that fruit is great for lunch.

muscle gain sandwiches

Dinner for muscle mass

Dinner is a very important meal during the day. It is estimated that during a diet for building muscle tissue, lunch should include about 35-40% of your daily caloric intake. Of course, as already mentioned, this is an individual matter. After all, certain assumptions (even very general ones) cannot be made for everyone. Different people have different metabolism, lifestyle and predispositions and this is what should be followed when creating a menu.

beef burger

Mass-based dinner should also contain a variety of nutrients, as well as breakfast described earlier. Therefore, dinnershould contain all nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, and above all protein and vitamins. Because it is the main meal of the day, it should contain the right portion of protein in the form of chicken, beef or fish. It is worth remembering that fish are also a source of healthy fats. Of course, the diet is primarily to suit us, so it is worth choosing dishes that are healthy, filling, but at the same time we like it. – tells us

Sample dinners

As with breakfast, when it comes to mass dinner, the recipes are neither complicated nor demanding. They usually look similar to traditional home-made dinners, but the emphasis on health quality is much greater.

Here are a few suggestions for dinners that are great for a muscle diet.

  1. Beef burger can be associated with an unhealthy option known from a fast food restaurant. Of course, this burger should be strongly discouraged. However, it is a great idea to prepare such an option at home, on your own. The selection of ingredients and self-made ones are a guarantee that it will be a healthy and filling meal. The burger should be prepared from good quality meat, egg yolks and favorite spices. It is worth giving it with wholemeal roll and vegetables. Cheese fans should not refuse a slice of cheddar or mozzarella. In the spicy version, you can add spicy peppers or a spicy sauce based on natural yogurt.
  2. Grilled chicken and rice are the standard for mass diets. However, this dish can be significantly diversified by marinating chicken in herbs before grilling. Traditional rice can be replaced with brown rice. Add to the dishes can be steamed vegetables or lettuce with vinaigrette sauce. This dish is a great base for further variations. Chicken can be marinated in various spices, replace rice with different types of groats, additions to suit your mood and preferences.
  3. Spaghetti with meatballs will be great as a full-fledged dinner. Meatballs can be prepared from any meat but a mixture of pork and poultry is recommended. Thanks to this, the meatballs will be soft, but not too greasy. They can be served with tomato or mushroom sauce. However, remember not to add spices to instant dishes and large amounts of flour. This will not only kill the taste of dishes but adversely affect the body and digestive processes. You can choose traditional spaghetti for the dish but whole grain pasta versions will also be a good idea.
  4. Sweet potato steak is a variation for anyone who likes traditional steak, but is also looking for unconventional solutions. Steak should be fried according to your preferences. You can season it with garlic butter and your favorite spices. Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, should be served in the form of French fries, baked in the oven beforehand. This dish is best served with coleslaw salad or another mix of fresh vegetables.


Many people wonder what to eat for supper. Some people treat this meal carelessly and forget about it, others, in turn, reflect all day and eat too much.

You cannot eat supper too early or too late. It is recommended to eat it about 2 hours before going to bed. This will guarantee digestion of the meal and a sufficient dose of energy for the night. Supper must contain a solid portion of amino acids for the muscles. Therefore, supper should be made primarily of protein-containing products. We read on

Millet with banana and Icelandic yogurt

The diet should also be supplemented with carbohydrates, fats and other ingredients. The bodybuilder’s supper should be adapted to the type of training which is performed earlier. If the training is intense, choose products with a high glycemic index. If the training is milder, you should opt for products with a low glycemic index.

Still wondering what is best for supper? Familiarize yourself with the suggestions below!

  1. Millet with banana and Icelandic yogurt. Groats must be cooked beforehand. Then add yogurt and crushed or blended banana to it.
  2. Chicken breast with groats is an ideal dose of protein and carbohydrates that will provide a large portion of the building material for the muscles. Of course, you can supplement it with vegetables, which are always welcome in the diet.
  3. Mackerel or tuna paste, enriched with eggs and favorite vegetables, e.g. corn and pepper, is an ideal choice. It can be served with bread or toasted wholegrain bread. Such a supper will be tasty and healthy.
  4. Protein supper can also be created on the basis of porridge. Add high-quality protein supplement, yogurt, and your favorite fruit, and supper is ready. The conditioner can also be added to cocktails and muesli.

Snacks in a mass diet

It was mentioned earlier that a mass diet should not allow you to go into a state when you feel hungry. Therefore, it is worth trying a snack. However, remember that sweets and chips are not a good option. These are often worthless products, which often only harm our body.

It is best to decide on:

  • nuts and almonds,
  • dried fruits,
  • yoghurts and kefirs,
  • protein bars,
  • fruit, vegetable and protein smoothies,
  • fresh fruit and vegetables.

Of course, during any diet, regardless of whether it is a diet for reduction or weight gain, you should remember common sense. Meals should be above all healthy and tasty. You should not stick to rigid rules that cause problems, but adapt the nutritional plan to yourself, your figure and your lifestyle.

protein snacks

What not to do during a mass diet?

It is inseparably associated with certain sacrifices and restrictions.

During the diet, you should:

  • limit alcohol consumption,
  • limit the consumption of highly processed food, e.g. chips, French fries, ready meals, fast food meals,
  • do not forget about the most important meal of the day, which is a high-calorie breakfast,
  • do not skip a meal after training,
  • do not allow breaks longer than 3.5-4 hours between meals,
  • lead a diet that exceeds the daily caloric demand,
  • adjust your diet and training plan to your body build and body predisposition.

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When everything is all right, you can start your diet and exercise with a clear conscience. However, we should remember that everything we do is to serve our health, energy and well-being.

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