Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation – a review of methods

A lot of women consider breast augmentation. When asked about what body part they would like to modify, Polish women indicate breasts. Do you also belong to the group of these women?

If you do, find out which breast augmentation methods are the best.

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The dissatisfaction mentioned above is probably one of the reasons for the steady increase in popularity of breast enlargement surgery. However, you need to know that this is not the only way to change the size of your bust and to improve self-esteem and well-being. If you have really serious complexes because of too small breasts, you can change this in at least several ways.

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Individual methods of breast augmentation differ in many ways. It is not only about the techniques used, but also about parameters such as price, safety and risk of side effects, effectiveness and achievable effects. The methods of enlargement may also vary the durability of the results obtained. All this should be taken into account if you decide to enlarge your breasts.

Table of content

  1. General breakdown of breast augmentation methods
  2. Natural methods of breast augmentation
    1. Breast massage
    2. Breast enlargement cream
    3. Breast enlargement pills
  3. Other methods of breast augmentation

General breakdown of breast augmentation methods

Generally, breast augmentation methods can be divided into those that require medical assistance and those that do not require such assistance at all. This second group is the so-called natural breast enlargement methods. Of course, they can also be divided due to several conditions, such as accessories or natural methods, which do not require any additional investment.

Natural methods of breast augmentation

Breast massage

The most natural method of enlargement is breast massage. It is a technique derived from ancient Chinese medicine, which has been used with great success by women from this culture. Massage is very easy, although its effectiveness depends on regularity. Every day, three hundred circular motions should be made for each breast preferably in the evening. It should be done in the following way: moving up towards the breastbone, and then outwards with moderate intensity to combine effectiveness with the delicacy needed by the bust. For a better effect, use a massage oil that will firm your breasts and help prevent or eliminate stretch marks. You can get even better results by using a good cream for firming and enlarging breasts. – says.

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Breast enlargement cream

Breast enlargement cream is a cosmetic containing natural estrogen in an easily absorbed form, thanks to which they penetrate the skin and directly affect breast tissue. This guarantees really rapid and effective enlargement. The breast enlargement cream is great for women whose breasts have lost their volume and good look after delivering a baby and breastfeeding. After the cream treatment, the breasts fill up again and are temptingly rounded again. It is best to apply it twice a day. You will achieve the best results when you combine it with the method described above, i.e. breast enlargement massage will be supportesd by supplements.

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Breast enlargement pills

Breast enlargement pills are natural dietary supplements for women containing plant and herbal extracts. As you already know, estrogens have a big impact on the growth of women’s breasts. Estrogens are produced by the female body, but some plants contain so-called phytoestrogens, i.e. components that resemble female sex hormones with their effects and internal structure. Thanks to this, taking breast enlargement pills fools estrogen receptors so that they restart breast growth. Even if you are a long time after puberty under the influence of estrogen, the same process as in puberty begins. The breasts begin to grow and take on fuller shapes.

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Breast enlargement pills such as Breast Actives and other products described on the home page are a hundred perceny safe for health and do not cause side effects.

Remember, however, that these are products intended only for healthy and adult women, in whom spontaneous breast growth has already ended. In addition, this method of breast enlargement is intended for women who are systematic and patient because breast enlargement tablets must be swallowed every day for at least a few to several weeks.

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Other methods of breast augmentation

If natural methods of breast augmentation are not enough for you because they give too few spectacular results or work too slowly, you always have other methods to choose from. What are they? First of all, surgical breast enlargement or implantation. This procedure really allows you to get an impressive breast size but it is an expensive method and always leaves scars. In addition, you can also opt for temporary breast enlargement with hyaluronic acid which leaves no scars, but unfortunately – its effects are not permanent.

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