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Bulk Extreme – what is it and how does it work?

Bulk Extreme is a high quality dietary supplement for people stimulating muscle mass growth. One capsule contains valuable plant extracts that help improve your physical performance, as well as increasing your exercise capacity. What’s more, the supplement adds energy and accelerates the process of building muscle mass. Bulk Extreme naturally regulates testosterone levels in the body. It is worth noting that Bulk Extreme is characterised by a safe composition, which has a big impact on its effectiveness. It has been noted that systematic use of the supplementation also ensures an increase in muscle mass and elimination of fat tissue. In summary, Bulk Extreme provides:

  • An increase in muscle mass,
  • Extra energy, and therefore better performance during training,
  • Increased testosterone production,
  • Increased libido, strong erections,
  • Strengthened muscle condition,
  • Accelerated fat burning process,
  • Improved prostate function,
  • Improved concentration and memory.

The action of Bulk Extreme is based on the selection of ingredients in the right proportions. They determine the rate at which you build muscle and reduce fat tissue. To achieve the desired results, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and regularly take Bulk Extreme supplementation.

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Bulk Extreme composition

The Bulk Extreme formula has been developed on the basis of numerous original ingredients. The selection of each of them and combining them in the right proportions affects the achievement of satisfactory results. Bulk Extreme contains:

Momordicin – extract from the fruit of the cucumber quail, or bitter melon, abounds in polyphenolic compounds, saponins and triterpenoids such as charantin.

  • stimulates muscle growth without side effects,
  • stimulates muscle protein synthesis,
  • protects muscles from catabolism,
  • improves muscle function and endurance,
  • increases training efficiency,
  • normalizes blood sugar levels,
  • helps to maintain a healthy body weight,
  • prevents accumulation of fat tissue,
  • reduces the level of bad cholesterol in blood,
  • improves immunity.

KSM-66® – extract from the root of Vitania ospina

  • supports natural testosterone production in the body,
  • reduces fat levels,
  • increases the rate of regeneration after training,
  • improves cardio-respiratory endurance,
  • protects against the build-up of unwanted fatty tissue
  • stimulates muscle tissue growth,
  • stimulates regeneration processes,
  • reduces cortisol levels,
  • reduces stress and tension,
  • neutralises harmful free radicals,
  • reduces inflammation,
  • supports testosterone production.

Nettle leaf extract – contains vitamins A, B2, K and minerals: silicon, calcium, manganese, iron and phosphorus as well as other active components, organic acids, flavonoids, tannins.

  • gives energy,
  • strengthens the immune system,
  • anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-cancer and antibacterial,
  • cleanses the body of toxins,
  • improves immunity,
  • helps maintain high testosterone levels in the body,
  • helps to maintain proper muscle mass.

Extract from lucerne herb – supplements vitamin B, C, D and K deficiencies, providing also minerals, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, silicon, manganese and iron.

  • Supports vitality,
  • increases stamina,
  • regulates the hormonal balance,
  • improves the functioning of the immune, circulatory and urinary systems,
  • slows down the ageing process,
  • stimulates cleansing of the body from toxins.

Extract from eleutherococcus spinensis root

  • eliminates physical and mental stress,
  • improves functioning of the cardiovascular system,
  • supports the brain and heart,
  • improves immunity,
  • reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases,
  • improves concentration levels during exercise,
  • combats fatigue,
  • improves regeneration,
  • influences the immune, nervous and circulatory systems.

Pumpkin seed extract

  • supports development of muscle tissue,
  • supports production of male hormones,
  • increases blood supply to and oxygenation of muscles,
  • improves muscle function,
  • stimulates synthesis of muscle proteins,
  • has a positive effect on the sexual and urinary systems,
  • increases the body’s natural immunity,
  • minimises the risk of cancer.

Maca root extract – is a source of fibre, polyphenols and glucosinolates, compounds with anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It shows adaptogenic properties,
  • regulates hormone levels,
  • increases strength of muscle mass,
  • increases the efficiency of the body,
  • increases libido, improves erection power and sexual performance,
  • promotes efficient construction of new muscle proteins,
  • regulates testosterone levels,
  • increases fertility and potency.

Extract from mumio

  • supports the skeletal system,
  • regulates hormones,
  • supports fertility,
  • inhibits the ageing process,
  • adds strength, reduces fatigue and protects against slumps in form.

Sabal palm fruit extract

  • supports muscle mass building,
  • stimulates testosterone production,
  • prevents muscle spasms,
  • supports prostate health,
  • affects the urinary tract and libido,
  • increases muscle strength and stimulates muscle growth,
  • improves sexual performance, prevents erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin B12, Selenium SeLECT, Vitamin B6, Zinc

Bulk Extreme – for whom it is intended

Thanks to its comprehensive action, Bulk Extreme is aimed at men with a wide range of problems. Bulk Extreme is recommended for men who:

  • Want to reduce excess body fat,
  • Are struggling with erectile dysfunction,
  • Want to increase their libido,
  • Want to improve their physical condition,
  • Want to improve their performance during workouts,
  • Increase testosterone production.

Bulk Extreme – how to use

Bulk Extreme supplementation provides the desired effects only during systematic use, because only regularity is the key to success. The manufacturer recommends taking 3 capsules daily with a large glass of water to ensure better absorption of the ingredients.

Bulk Extreme – where and at what price to buy

Unfortunately, Bulk Extreme tablets cannot be found in stationary shops, they are not available in pharmacies or drugstores. So where to look for them? They are available only on the manufacturer’s direct website, where you are guaranteed to buy a product of full value, tested and safe. The manufacturer, through sales on his website, offers a product that does not cause any side effects, which cannot be said about similar preparations available from other sources. In addition, the manufacturer by resigning from stationary sales is able to offer the product in attractive price variants, because the cost resulting from the intermediation of sales, as well as transport and storage is omitted.

Bulk Extreme capsules are available in three price variants:

  • Basic – 1 pack, 90 tablets, price €49.00
  • Standard – 2 packs plus 1 free, which gives a supply of 270 tablets, price €98.00
  • Optimal – 3 packs plus 3 free, giving a reserve of 540 tablets, price €147.00

Undoubtedly, the optimal variant is the most beneficial, as the price of a single pack is €24.50.

Bulk Extreme – summary

The use of Bulk Extreme is fully safe and does not cause side effects. This is due to a properly developed formula, which affects health and the achievement of the desired effect. Systematic use of the supplementation stabilises hormonal balance, helps regulate testosterone levels, which has an anabolic effect, affects the secretion of male sex hormones, increases libido, improves potency and takes care of prostate health. Bulk Extreme is also popular with men who want to improve muscle function and accelerate muscle growth. If you too want to make a difference, don’t hesitate to try Bulk Extreme right now.

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