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Causes of hair loss in men and its treatment

Hair loss affects nearly half of men in their forties. This is one of the most visible signs of entering middle age. Some bald people do not pay attention to them, they consider them the natural order of things. Others try to reverse this proces because they do not want to accept the end of their youth. They are probably afraid that they will lose their good appearande which leads to a reduced self-esteem. No wonder everyone wants to be forever young.

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Fortunately, there are many methods of treating baldness. Researchers from around the world have been trying for years to find a way to restore hair growth. Unfortunately, there is not yet one universal method but there are already several promising solutions in this field. In the article below I would like to discuss the causes and types of baldness, I will also present several ways to fight it.

Table of content

  1. Why do people get bald?
  2. Types of baldness
  3. Home remedies for hair loss
  4. Modern technology in the treating baldness

Why do people get bald?

Hair loss is usually genetic. A number of lost hair equals a number of the new ones. When this balance is disturbed, the hair begins to get thinner. If many members of your family are bald, this problem will probably affect you too.

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Inheritance is not the only reason we lose hair. Sometimes it happens as a result of a serious illness, chemotherapy or excessive stress. Even an inadequate diet can mix well in the hormonal economy and, as a result, lead to excessive hair loss.

Types of baldness

There are several types of baldness. People usually deal with hair loss caused by genetic reasons, namely androgenetic alopecia. It accounts for over 90% of all cases. You certainly know what it looks like. Hair begins to fall out on top of the head and there is a receding hairline on the forehead and temples. It does not always happen simultaneously. One of the factors sometimes appears much earlier. – says.


Anagen alopecia is typical to people who have suffered a serious illness or strong treatment. Then, massive hair loss occurs on the entire surface of the head. We usually associate this type of baldness with people suffering from cancer because it is the result of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Alopecia areata is extremely rare. It is an autoimmune disease which means that the body attacks itself. Hair falls out massively but only in a small area, it resembles holes in Swiss cheese. The treatment is very tedious and in many cases the disease goes away on its own.

Home remedies for hair loss

One of the best ways to cure baldness is to use home remedies used by our ancestors. The advantage of such treatments is the availability of the ingredients. It turns out that the necessary ingredients can be found in every home. What is more, it is also the cheapest method. Unfortunately, these types of treatments are not as effective as more advanced methods. – says.

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Before washing your head, rub it with egg yolks. They contain a vitamin complex and a whole lot of minerals, thanks to which they perfectly stop hair from falling out. In turn, olive oil has been proven to strengthen hair follicles and remove dandruff. Crushed garlic can have a scenting odor but it affects hair growth. These are just some of the ingredients useful in the treatment of baldness.

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Modern technology in the treating baldness

For more than ten years, at least several breakthroughs have been made in the field of baldness treatment. In my opinion, the most important discovery was the use of the LLLT low energy laser. Once it was only available in professional clinics, but since the launch of the ViviComb comb you can enjoy its properties at home. The device looks like a slightly oversized comb radiating with laser light. Its task is to extend the hair growth phase and reverse the miniaturization process. Thanks to this, the hair becomes much thicker and denser. It even appears in places where the bald spot has been visible for a long time. In my opinion, this is the best product for hair loss that has appeared on the market in recent years.

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