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Chocolate and vanilla protein: which ones to choose and which will be tasty? The best suggestions

Many people wonder how to gain weight quickly. The answer is simple. You need to combine proper diet and training, and additionally support yourself with healthy products that provide an additional dose of protein. Long hours spent in the gym are not enough. It is worth using the protein available on the market to speed up the whole process and achieve even better results.

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Manufacturers offer a wide range of protein bars. The protein used in a cocktail is also very popular. The stores are dominated mainly by chocolate and vanilla protein powder. There are really many producers, and individual proposals differ not only in price, but also in composition and effectiveness. So the question arises, what protein to choose.

Table of content

  1. Who are protein supplements for?
  2. Types of protein supplements
  3. Composition matters
  4. How to use protein for drinking?
  5. How many calories has good vanilla or chocolate protein?
  6. Chocolate or vanilla protein?
  7. What chocolate protein should you choose?
  8. Where to buy vanilla and chocolate protein?
  9. Opinions matter

Who are protein supplements for?

Before addressing the issue of types of nutrients and their compositions, it is worth mentioning the very legitimacy of their use. For many people, it seems that reaching for any supplements or nutrients does not make much sense. However, it is worth remembering that in the case of intensive training, providing the body with the right amount of protein is practically impossible.

chocolate protein
chocolate protein fo chocolate lovers.

Nutrients ased on proper ingredients also do not cause any harm. They are as healthy and well absorbed as natural food so you can reach for them without fear. They are recommended above all to people who want to build muscle mass and lack protein in a meal. Nutrients will also work for those who need to provide energy to the body in a situation where the interval between meals is too long.

vaniila protein
vaniila protein for vaniila lovers.

Chocolate or vanilla shake will be a great solution in this situation. It should be remembered that the protein supplement should only be a dietary supplement, not a meal replacement. There are also no strict guidelines as to the daily amount of protein taken. It all depends on the need for protein in the diet.

Types of protein supplements

Protein supplements are one of the most popular supplements, the task of which is to support the growth of muscle mass. They contain whey or soy protein and this type of nutrient can be used by people on a traditional diet as well as on a vegetarian or even vegetable one. With the increase in training intensity, the need for proteins also increases, and supplementing them with the help of diet alone often proves impossible.

The protein supplements come in handy and they can be divided into three main categories:

  1. The first ones contain from 30% to 70% protein. So they are the right product used after a workout in order to supplement your protein needs.
  2. It is best to take nutrients at night where the protein content exceeds 70%.
  3. The last category is the so-called gainers, and at the same time the most popular type of additional source of protein. It is a carbohydrate and protein supplement that turns out to be an ideal solution for people who have problems with increasing muscle mass. The high carbohydrate content allows you to perfectly supplement the diet and not only provide the protein needed after training, but also replenish the amount of glycogen in the body.

Composition matters

The conditioner is uneven, and to get the best results, you need to read the composition of products available on the market.

It is worth reaching for such proposals, which are additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals. It is even better if they also contain creatine in their composition. The principle that should be followed when choosing a conditioner is very simple, namely a good supplement is the one that will bring the best results and will not cause side effects.

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It is also worth remembering that the same type of supplementation will not be good for everyone. It depends on individual needs and preferences.

How to use protein for drinking?

As already mentioned, protein supplements should be used depending on caloric demand. They are used primarily as a supplement after strength training because they perfectly supplement muscle glycogen and stimulate them to grow.

In the case of gainers that are rich in carbohydrates, you can sometimes treat them as a replacement for a smaller meal. However remember that they do not contain the amount of macro- and microelements that are necessary for the body. So it is better to treat it as an addition to a full-fledged diet. People who have difficulty gaining weight should reach for gainers more often, thanks to which they will increase the number of calories taken during the day.

How many calories has good vanilla or chocolate protein?

Each protein supplement will differ slightly in calories. It all depends on the composition of the product. However, it can be assumed that for high-quality proposals it will be about 350 calories in one serving.

It is worth remembering that people who do not have a high caloric demand should not take several portions of the product per day because it can cause side effects in the form of fat gain.

Chocolate or vanilla protein?

The basic flavors of drinking protein are chocolate and vanilla. However, many manufacturers also offer other types, e.g. banana, cookie or chocolate-flavored protein with mint. It is difficult to give a definite answer as to whether chocolate or vanilla flavored protein will be better. In fact, everything depends on your preferences.

chocolate or vanilla protein shake

Fans of more delicate protein, which can not only be consumed as a meal replacement, but also be treated as an addition and a variety to many recipes, should reach for vanilla protein, which will not stand out with its taste.

It is different in the case of a chocolate-flavored product. Here the chocolate note is strongly felt, which is why this type of supplement is slightly less universal. Certainly, however, will appeal to all those who can not resist chocolate.

What chocolate protein should you choose?

If you are a fan of chocolate, there is no doubt that chocolate protein is the best choice. However, the question remains how to choose the best on the market. Of course, the composition should be decisive. Ideally, chocolate protein powder is a combination of three sources such as protein concentrate, isolac and optipep.

This will allow you to achieve optimal absorption of proteins, and thus to build muscle mass effectively. A big advantage will also be the enrichment of protein with BCAA amino acids which will support the transport of nutrients to muscle cells. You also cannot forget about creatine which allows you to improve strength and endurance during exercise. It is thanks to this ingredient that you can do more repetitions and perform intense workouts.

An example of a product that meets all these guidelines is Nutrigo Lab Mass Chocolate, a protein with chocolate flavor created in cooperation with athletes and developed to ensure the best results of training.

Nutrigo Lab Mass Chocolate

Where to buy vanilla and chocolate protein?

Protein chocolate, vanilla or any other taste is best ordered online because of the possibility of quick and convenient ordering.

Suggestions from well-known manufacturers, such as Nutrigo Lab Mass Vanilla, can be found on at least a few pages. Despite the wide selection, it is best to use proven sources. Choose health food websites or sports stores. Larger and known websites are not only the certainty of purchase but also a guarantee of quality and speed of order processing. Proteins are also available in many gyms and local health food stores, and sometimes also in a pharmacy.

Nutrigo Lab Mass Vanilla

Opinions matter

When choosing a protein, it is worth following the opinions of other people who have been taking such supplements for a long time. It should be remembered not to pay attention only to comments left on the manufacturer’s website, but also to look at forums for athletes, where you can find the largest number of verified reviews. For many people using proteins, both the composition and the taste of the conditioner are important.

The composition can be found on the manufacturer’s website, while the taste can not be assessed before making a purchase. Therefore, it is worth using the advice of others in this matter, which gives you the chance to make the right choice.

Among chocolate proteins, Gold Whey Standard from Optimum Nutrition enjoys good opinions due to its intense chocolate flavor. This conditioner not only supplements the need for protein, but also successfully satisfies the desire for sweets.

nutrigo lab mass supplement

One of the market leaders is also Whey 100 from Trec Nutrition, whose taste praises many people, while paying attention to the composition of the product enriched, among others, with BCAA amino acids.

The best vanilla proteins include BUT Whey, which is easily digestible whey protein willingly used by both women and men. It enjoys popularity primarily due to its very good absorbability, high biological value and natural vanilla flavor.

Another interesting offer is GO ON Nutrition, a blend of WPC whey protein and WPI INSTANT whey protein isolate additionally enriched with BCAA amino acids. The product is valued by people who use it because of its good solubility and creamy taste.

Nutrigo Lab Mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass Chocolate and Nutrigo Lab Mass Vanilla are also noteworthy nutrients, which have a rich composition, including BCAA amino acids and L-glutamine, as well as the AOL formula that increases growth hormone synthesis. Like the other proposals mentioned above, Nutrigo Lab Mass products are developed in such a way as to combine a healthy composition without unnecessary additives with a taste that will make taking protein not only an obligatory element of a sports diet, but also a pleasure due to the intense and the natural taste of chocolate or vanilla.

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