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Creatine – side effects and its incluence on the body

Creatine is one of the supplements building muscle mass. What is more, it belongs to the most effective and safe supplements. This supplement is available without any problems in every sports nutrition store. Creatine has nothing to do with steroids and, that is why, it is not harmful at all.

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  1. Creatine – harmful or not?
  2. Types of creatine

Creatine – harmful or not?

The main effect of creatine is weight gain but there are no harmful side effects. There were some cases when people experienced stomach problems, muscle spasms or their increased susceptibility to various types of damage (e.g. strains), but these are sporadic reports and these phenomena are difficult to attribute to creatine itself.


As far as creatine is concerned, people with kidney problems should be more careful. However, they should not play sports, especially intensive ones, because kidneys are the main filters of the body which work more intensively during periods of excess of creatine is excreted by the body so you cannot eat too much. The body will use only as much of this substance as it needs and as much as it can be managed, nothing more.
Nutrigo LabIn the context of the sense of creatine use, it is worth paying that in the early years of training creatine is not needed by anyone. The first two years of practicing bodybuilding result in muscle growth. Before you decide on creatine, experiment primarily with the training methodology, and only after some time use creatine or other supplements.

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The use of creatine, workouts and a good diet can make miracles. However, it is necessary to remember that the supplementation based on creative will always be more effective among men rather than women.

Types of creatine

Creatine is available on many different products. Initially, it is best to reach for the simplest of them, and then? It is recommended to observe the body because there is no one perfect creatine supplement for everyone. Each body reacts individually and these reactions depend on many components, including diet and training.

types of creatine

Active athletes experienced that their organisms respond best to complex supplements. The combination of three forms of creatine in a product called Creadrene works best in this field. Remember that muscle growth is based on training and diet, creatine and other supplements are just supplements. The fact that they are not harmful does not mean that you can take them without hesitation.
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