Does fast slimming require many hours of exercise?

Does fast slimming require many hours of exercise?

World-famous stars who can boast of an enviable figure do not hide that they spend long hours in the gym, work out with a personal trainer, run and test all possible training plans. Nevertheless, are liters of sweat poured out necessary to get a great figure? Does fast slimming require many hours of exercise which is notpossible for everyone? Indeed, the role of physical activity in losing weight cannot be overestimated. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of exercise are the main causes of overweight. Fortunately, fast slimming does not involve workouts typical to a sportsman preparing for the Olympics. How to exercise to lose weight quickly? Here is the ready recipe.

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  1. Daily movement instead of workouts
  2. Golden rule
  3. Workouts for fast slimming
  4. Get support

Daily movement instead of workouts

The key to success is not murderous workouts but small everyday activities that keep the body in good shape, support metabolism and allow you to burn calories almost imperceptibly. What is this about? Every effort counts since it makes up your daily calorie consumption. It can include such household activities as cleaning or doing the shopping. The research has shown that slim people prefer walking up stairs instead of waiting for an elevator. Already this small change in your lifestyle can be beneficial for your figure and significantly help fasten the weight loss. It is also worth moving more at work, if possible, e.g. go to a friend in the next room instead of sending an email or calling.


If you want to lose weight quickly, try to walk every day. All you need to do is to park your car further from the entrance or to get off the bus a stop earlier. The changes in your lifestyle will be visible and the kilos will begin to disappear!

Golden rule

Contrary to popular belief, daily intensive workouts are not the most effective ones at all. When you plan your weekly exercise schedule, it is best to be guided by the golden rule 3-30-130. It means three half-hour trainings a week during which you maintain your heart rate at 130 beats per minute (a pulse meter will be useful to determine this parameter). It is important to keep the break time necessary for muscle regeneration between workouts.

Workouts for fast slimming

What exercises are the best for fast slimming? In fact, any physical activity has a positive effect on the figure and body weight. However, if you want to lose weight quickly and shape your body, remember to combine aerobic and strength training. Aerobic training is used to burn body fat, it also helps increase the rate of metabolism. These exercises range from running, swimming, cycling, dancing, fitness training to roller skating. the choice is really big.

Does fast slimming require many hours of exercise?

Strength training is based on exercises with a load. They are used for body modelling and muscle building. This is important because the more muscles, the bigger the so-called static energy consumption. More calories a day will be burn by a person with a higher percentage of muscle tissue. Workouts with a load not only facilitate fast slimming, but also help maintain a healthy body weight after completing the slimming treatment. (1)

Get support

To make exercise more effectively, it is worth reaching for slimming dietary supplements. It is recommended to take slimming pills by physically active people because they provide energy and accelerate fat burning. The so-called fat burners are based on caffeine, L-carnitine, guarana or red tea. It means that more calories are burnt and muscle tissue is built faster. Good quality dietary supplements are the best way to lose weight quickly and it is possible without exhausting workouts and hours of exercise every day.

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