Drugs for the treatment of alopecia areata

Drugs for the treatment of alopecia areata

There are currently no officially approved medicines for this condition. Actually there are products for oral use to support the treatment (in this category we find in practice all the supplements mentioned so far), but a real ready-to-use pill does not exist. Alopecia areata can be cured through the use of sensitizers, i.e. substances that are locally applied to baldness. The sensitizers cause a skin desquamation at the points where a new layer of skin is regenerated with healthy hair follicles. This treatment is not always effective. However in most cases the new hair regenerates after 3 – 12 months.

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A fundamental role in the treatment of this pathology also covers products against androgenetic alopecia or against hypertension, such as Midoxil. The latter keeps the blood vessels dilated, acting effectively against hair loss and facilitating regrowth.

androgenetic alopecia

The major problem encountered in the treatment of alopecia areata is resistance to the therapy adopted. In these cases it is necessary to experiment with different methods and drugs. Unfortunately, all these methods often fail.

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  1. Not just pills
  2. Better to prevent

Not just pills

Hair regrowth pills are just one of the methods against hair loss. There are many solutions with guaranteed efficacy and the best of all is the combination. The treatment of baldness acts on two fronts. On one hand, it makes the fall proces slow down. On the other, it stimulates the reproduction of new fibers. For this purpose it is possible to make use of the most varied ointments based on amino acids, minerals, vitamins, phytohormones, enzymes, keratin, peptides, collagen or minoxidil. Before applying the ointment, it is necessary to wash the scalp thoroughly, sometimes even by means of a peeling. The application should be accompanied by a head massage, which can be performed independently and is a much more comfortable solution than frequent visits to the clinic. The most important thing in this type of treatment is regularity. Only thanks to frequent treatment, it ispossible to obtain a satisfying level of effectiveness.

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Among modern methods against baldness we find the laser. The therapy involves the use of brushes and combs, which emit a beam of light that can strengthen the hair and stimulate regrowth. The effectiveness of laser treatments is irrefutable. However this type of technology is not yet available on a large scale. Only some clinics can boast of laser therapy equipment and therefore the cost of a treatment is quite high.

Baldness is easier to stop if it is noticed and it dealt with quickly. Inactive hair follicles will not regain their former efficiency. In this situation, the best solution remains surgery. In other words, new active follicles are transplanted in those areas where the hair is not able to regenerate. If, however, we do not want to undergo the transplant , non-surgical thickening remains as an alternative through the application on the baldness of hair specifically selected in the so-called micropelle.

Better to prevent

If we want to avoid balding, it is definitely better to prevent it. How? First of all, take care of yourself. It is better to avoid harmful vices, limit the intake of stimulants, balance one’s diet and one’s rhythm of life. Do not overdo work, rest and avoid stressful situations. In special circumstances for the body (pregnancy, disease, etc.), it is better to supplement our diet with supplements that improve our well-being and the health of our hair.

take care of yourself

An excellent idea could be to visit a trichologist, who is in charge of treating scalp and hair diseases. In jargon it is often erroneously categorized as “the hair doctor”, which is quite misleading. The trichologist is not necessarily a medical graduate and does not deal with other diseases. His field is strictly excessive hair loss.


During a trichological examination we can count on an in-depth analysis of hair only, hair follicles, roots, as well as an early diagnosis of anomalies and triggers. The trichologist can also provide us with useful advice about the diet to follow and the optimal products for hair care. These visits are recommended both for those who have already noticed the first symptoms of the problem, as well as for those who are afraid of being affected in the future. The “do it yourself” choice of drugs without specific knowledge on the subject often ends badly. This is why it is better to build on the advice of those who professionally have such knowledge.

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The cost of a trichological examination ranges from a few tens to a few hundred dollars and depends on the type of examinations carried out. The deeper they are, the more the price goes up. A basic exam includes:

  • check-up of the state of the scalp,
  • verification of roots and hair follicles,
  • detailed interview aimed at diagnosing the causes of any anomalies.

Regardless of the causes of the problem, it is necessary to react promptly to any type of symptom. It makes no difference whether it is androgenetic or aerated alopecia, or if the cause of excessive hair loss is due to a weakening of the organism. The sooner we start the therapy, the more evident the results will be. On the market we find many products against baldness, many of which are characterized by a proven effectiveness. Before starting the therapy, it is worth consulting a trichologist, who will be able to direct us to the most suitable methods for us. By choosing drugs of uncertain origin, we can hardly achieve the desired effect, but we can put our health at risk.

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