Extenders are not all the same. You have to be careful!

All extenders approved for sale (certified) are registered as medical devices (sanitary devices). Their use is safe, and the principle of operation is based on the power of traction. Due to this strength, penis tissues are stretched, which causes their growth (enlargement), and as a result the penis is lengthened and thickened.

Extenders are also used to correct penis curvatures. They are used to treat Peyronie’s disease – medicine is used in this field.
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As you can see there is no reason to be afraid of these devices. When you choose an extender for yourself, just pay attention to the certificates and reputation of the producers. They are the best guarantees of quality and safety.

What else to consider?

Medical recommendations

Jes Extender Original certainly has them because it is often recommended by doctors to patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease.

Medical recommendations

Test results

Should be published on the device distributor’s or manufacturer’s website. Renowned brands are checked during clinical trials which (if the extender is well done) confirm the high effectiveness of these devices.

User opinions

They are significant because the details (theoretically irrelevant, in practice of great importance) often determine the comfort of using the device, and thus also its effectiveness.

Extenders are devices that must be worn on a member, thus it is stretched. A properly installed extender should be comfortable and should not cause pain (stretching takes place at its border, but pain is a signal that something is wrong and the device should be removed from the penis).

User opinions

Prolonged wearing of the extender increases its effectiveness. That is why, the comfort is important and this factor is only well-rated by users of the device.


The best extenders cost roughly the same. Many manufacturers also offer devices in more expensive and cheaper versions. The price differences in this case reach one hundred, sometimes two hundred euro. In a situation where the cost of buying an extender oscillates around seven hundred and eight hundred zlotys, these differences are not particularly significant. Good, comfortable and perfectly made extenders can be bought for just under 200 Euro (example: Jes Extender Original). There is no need to spend more than 250 Euro on such a device. In turn, buying a device at a much lower price may result in disappointment. Cheap extenders are uncomfortable and some of their elements are poor quality.
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