Fast and effective treatment preventing baldness

Baldness is an essential problem because it was estimated that over thirt percent of men suffer from it. Hair loss can be a terrible bane, in many cases it reduces physical attractiveness and can be the cause of complexes and low self-esteem. For a significant group of men, hair loss is a symbol of youth and the beginning of being old. Due to such a feeling, many men will do a lot to stop the baldness process.

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Fortunately, there have been many important discoveries in the field of baldness treatment. In the following article I will briefly describe the best ways for a quick treatment. Earlier, however, I will briefly describe the causes of baldness.

Table of content

  1. Causes of alopecia
  2. Pharmacological treatment
  3. Hair growth products
  4. LLLT low energy laser

Causes of alopecia

In the vast majority of causes, genetic conditions are blesponsible ame for alopecia. Look at your parents and grandparents. If they have excessive hair loss, you will probably be affected as well. Start treating yourself right after seeing the first symptoms, then there is a great chance that you will be able to stop this process.


Other factors that can cause baldness include excessive stress, a diet low in B vitamins and minerals and recent illness. If you think that one of these factors can affect your hair loss, try to reduce its effect. In other cases, use one of the methods described below.

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Pharmacological treatment

People suffering from hereditary alopecia use drugs available in pharmacies very often. They are usually based on cortisol, an extremely strong substance that stops excessive hair loss. The drug is available in two forms, capsules and ointments for topical use.

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Treatment with cortisol is extremely effective, but unfortunately there is a huge likelihood of serious side effects. Ointment can lead to the appearance of acne, and the capsules are even worse. The risk of decreased libido, weight disorder, vision problems are just some of the possible side effects of cortisol. – says.

Hair growth products

A better alternative to using radical drugs is treatment with one of the hair growth products available on the market. When choosing the right remedy, I advise you to pay attention to its label. Try to choose only products that were created using only natural ingredients, so you will avoid the risk of unwanted side effects. In addition, it is important that the measure does not lower libido.

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A good example is the Procerin kit, in which you will find capsules designed to stop excessive hair loss and active foam, which stimulates their re-growth. After three months of treatment you will enjoy the full results.

LLLT low energy laser

An even better way to treat baldness is to use a device that uses the power of the low-energy LLLT laser. For example, the ViviComb laser comb is such an mean. The device is easy to use, just use it three or four times a week for 10-15 minutes. After two months you will enjoy the lush head of hair. How does it work? The laser light reverses the process of hair miniaturization and extends the hair growth period, making them much denser and stronger. Hair growth is significant. It grows back even in places where the bald spot has long shone.

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