Foligain: anti-bald pads. Opinions, price and where to buy them

Every man dreams of thick and flowing hair. Beautiful hair with a fashionable hairstyle is an attribute that attracts female eyes and makes a man beautiful. Unfortunately, over time, the hair begins to fall out. This process can be slow and last for years. It is not uncommon, however, that the fall is extremely rapid and that the man loses most of his hair within a few months. That is why, it is important to start acting as soon as possible. The Foligain food supplement is a proven means of helping to stop baldness and stimulate new hair growth. Do you want to find out if this product will help you stop baldness? Please read this review.


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Table of content

  1. Foligain – action
  2. What is the composition of the Foligain tablets?
  3. Foligain: price and where to buy it
  4. Foligain: opinions
  5. Is it worth buying Foligain?
  6. Summary

Foligain – action

Foligain baldness pads are dedicated to men who want to free themselves from the receding hairline and increase the volume of their hair. The manufacturer ensures that this product helps to stop hair loss regardless of the cause. This means that this products helps block DHT (5α-dihydrotestosterone). It is the hormone responsible for the most difficult type of baldness called “androgenetic“. Through the blocking of DHT, Foligain allows men to restore their hair whose baldness is genetically conditioned. Thanks to its multiple action and elimination of the cause of baldness, the food supplement Foligain enjoys great interest and positive opinions. Integration with Foligain tablets in combination with shampoos and conditioners can give truly spectacular results.

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The Foligain integrator is available in two versions, namely 60 and 120 tablets. The type of product we choose depends entirely on our needs and the time we intend to devote to treatment. Foligain tablets contain a compound of nutrient bioactive substances, which promote hair growth and provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Thus it acts on the cause of baldness from the inside.

The regular use of the Foligain supplement helps counteract the cause of baldness, stimulates hair growth and increases its volume.

What is the composition of the Foligain tablets?

foligainThis supplement has been waxed based on nutrients of natural origin, vitamins and minerals, which help to block the already mentioned DHT hormone. The composition of the product is based on 5 components known for their qualities in promoting hair growth and giving them a healthy appearance.


  • Ginkgo biloba extract: neutralizes the action of free radicals, which contribute to the aging of the organism, including baldness and graying. Ginkgo biloba strengthens hair and scalp. Thanks to this, the hair grows healthy, shiny and full of brightness. Ginkgo biloba extract is rich in flavonoids that improve skin microcirculation. It also contains terpenes with regenerating properties.
  • Saw palmetto extract: it is a natural DHT blocker whichceliminates male pattern baldness. The regular use of supplements with saw palmetto reduces hair loss and even makes it thicker! The saw palmetto extract regulates sebum secretion and prevents greasy hair.
  • Folic acid (vitamin B9): the lack of this component can help increase hair loss. It improves the condition of the bulbs and increases the resistance of the hair. Moreover, it also has a positive effect on the health of skin and nails. It is therefore a vitamin and we should check its level.
  • Biotin: accelerates hair growth, strengthens and restores it. Moreover, it makes the hair shiny and resistant. Biotin also helps keep the bulbs in excellent condition. It also helps regulate sebum secretion and prevents dandruff.
  • Zinc: an element often missinf in the male organism. Therefore, zinc deserves to be supplemented with integration. Foligain does a good job here. Zinc is involved in the process of creating keratin and supports the work of the sebaceous glands by regulating sebum secretion. Furthermore, zinc promotes the absorption of vitamin A and neutralizes the action of free radicals, thus delaying aging.

Foligain: price and where to buy it

From a research conducted by our editorial team, it appears that Foligain baldness tablets can be purchased at the cheapest price on Amazon and Ebay. For the smaller package containing 60 capsules you have to pay about $40. In the case of the larger package, containing 120 tablets, you must pay $65. However, the prices may vary.

Where to buy?

The Foligain supplement is purchased mainly on the manufacturer’s official website. This is a reliable source that guarantees 100% of the original product. Moreover, portals like Amazon and Ebay are also safe places to buy.

Unfortunately, Foligain is a product that does not provide a guarantee of reimbursement in case of dissatisfaction of the results.

Foligain: opinions

When people want to buy baldness tablets, they should always read consumers’ opinions published on blogs or online forums. Many men point out that the results appear after a few weeks. You notice the rapid hair growth, the appearance of delicate and light hair, the so-called “baby hair” on the receding hairline. Furthermore, the hair is strengthened and the entire hair becomes more luxuriant. Many of the people who have used Foligain say that over time the effects intensify, i.e. the new hair becomes darker and stronger and the receding hairline is reduced. Of course, these effects may vary depending on each individual case.

Unfortunately, there are also many negative reviews on the Foligain tablets on the net. The price of the product is often considered too high, which is why many men cannot afford regular treatment with Foligain. Many people admit that they expected better results.

Is it worth buying Foligain?

It is difficult to answer this question because this product can have different results. However, we recommend that you view our ranking of anti-balding products, where we presented three best anti-hair loss products for men. The ranking includes the products most frequently purchased by the safe action. The current number one in the ranking is Profolan with the GROW3 formula, which blocks the action of DHT. As many as 9 out of 10 men are satisfied with the use of Profolan. Unlike the supplement reviewed here, Profolan contains 11 components. Thanks to such a rich formula, this product blocks baldness, stimulates the growth of new hair, blocks DHT, strengthens hair follicles and contributes to the preservation of natural hair color.


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The safe and natural composition is another value of Profolan. And that is not all. This product has a 90-day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the results.


Only the best anti-balding supplements are worth using. Foligain is certainly a product worth paying attention and many people are satisfied with its effectiveness. Remember, however, that in addition to the pills it is also worth using excellent quality balms or shampoos. Furthermore, it is also worthwhile introducing lifestyle changes. A healthy diet, good eating habits and refraining from stimulating substances are elements that will allow us to provide the body with many valuable nutrients and therefore to combat baldness. A global approach to hair loss will allow us to achieve satisfying results faster.

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