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Folisin for men on hair loss. Review – composition, action, opinions

The problem of excessive thinning of hair concerns a huge number of men. It’s not just baldness, because men are also exposed to the “ordinary” form of this ailment. Folisin for men for hair loss is the solution to the problem. It is a novelty which is of great interest.



In order to fully understand and then counteract excessive hair loss in men, you first need to know its causes. Among other things, this knowledge will help you choose a solution that will help in a comprehensive way.

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The causes of excessive hair loss in men:

  • Hypersensitivity to DHT (androgenic alopecia)
  • Unhealthy diet
  • No specific elements or vitamins
  • Stress
  • Improper (or no) care
  • Certain systemic diseases
  • Depression (as well as drugs used in therapy)

Folisin - what is it

These are the most common reasons for thinning out men’s hair. As we know them, it’s time to act. And here comes Folisin. A product that has stormed the hearts of many people who have been searching in vain for ways to make hair loss.

Folisin – what is it?

It is a dietary supplement with a very rich and, what is extremely important, natural composition. It’s a solution for men who have noticed excessive hair loss and general hair weakness. Since it is based on innovative solutions, the product is fully safe and you don’t have to worry about side effects (characteristic for other products of this type).

Folisin – composition of the product for hair loss.

folisinAs mentioned, it is fully natural. There are as many as 13 ingredients in it. There is no other such rich product intended for men. The ingredients have been selected in such a way as to act on every cause of excessive hair loss, and together create a comprehensive solution.

Folisin contains:

  • Strong sabre palm extract – a natural DHT inhibitor (the main cause of androgenic alopecia). It weakens its action, thus effectively strengthens hair. It protects from excessive hair loss. It counteracts so called bellows putting the hair down. –
  • AnaGain™ Nu – an ingredient patented by Folisin manufacturer. It lengthens the anagen phase of hair (growth stage) and shortens the telogen (final time of their “life”). It stimulates growth and reduces hair loss. Due to this suplement, it is possible to support the work of hair follicles.
  • PhosphaMax is primarily phosphatidic acid. In several independent studies it has been confirmed that it supports hair growth. This is the first issue. This acid also helps to stimulate the work of the follicle.
  • EVNolMax™ – another ingredient in Folisin patented by its manufacturer. It is a mixture of tocopherols. Its action focuses on two issues. Firstly, it reduces excessive hair loss. The second direction is to stimulate new growth.
  • Pumpkin seed extract – its strong concentration impossible to obtain at home. The action of this extract focuses primarily on blocking the active form of testosterone (mentioned above DHT). [1]

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Folisin also contains, among other things, a complex of vitamins and elements necessary for a male hairstyle. This is for example zinc. An element that is important for the entire body of a man. It also has a huge impact on the condition of the hairstyle. More information about the composition can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

How does Folisin work?

This product focuses on eliminating the most common causes of excessive hair loss in men. It also activates new hair growth. Folisin also provides full support for your hairstyle. Thanks to this nutrient complex, hair becomes stronger and stronger.

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It is a product intended for every man who wants to enjoy a lush and healthy hairstyle. Folisin is safe and free of side effects. Regardless of that, it is recommended not to exceed the daily dose.

Opinions on Folisin hair loss pills

Since this product appeared on the market, many men’s internet forums have been lit up to redness. Opinions about Folisin are mostly positive. Users not only appreciate the effectiveness, but also emphasize the safety of use.

“25 years on the back of my neck and the first thinning; / I’m not hiding it from you. I read a little about it, then I made an appointment at the trichologist. Fortunately, it’s not alopecia, but I can recommend Folisin. I have been using it for two months and I’m impressed with the results.” (original spelling)

“I’ve been looking for a solution that will strengthen my hair for several years. There were really different supplements on the market (unfortunately these are mainly for women), but also shampoos. I came across Folisin by chance, at one of the forums on the web. 3 months ago and my hair looks the way I want it to look:)” (original spelling)

“I got disappointed on some strange products. The first one did not work at all, the second one had side effects and it was so serious (libido). Why did I let myself be tempted a third time? I was persuaded by my friend, or more precisely by the effects I saw in him after Folisine. And that, there are no side effects.” (original spelling)

“It started innocently with a slight thinning on my forehead, but then my hair started to fly in huge amounts. I chose Folisin after a long reading about the possibilities of fighting hair loss, looking at the many pills and shampoos available. I have been using it for one month and the hair loss has been really limited)” (original spelling)

How to use Folisin?

Unlike many other solutions in this case, there is only one thing to remember. This product is available in mild to swallow capsules. The daily dose is two pieces. The best is one in the morning (before breakfast), the second before dinner. It is advisable to drink a glass of water and that’s it. The first effects of its use should appear after 30 days. The supplement should be used regularly.

Where can I order Folisin?

One sure place is the manufacturer’s website. The popularity of Folisin results in a huge number of fakes, as well as dishonest sellers. You should absolutely avoid suspicious websites or advertisements. Especially if they “do not reveal” too much information about the seller.

where to buy Folisin

On the other hand, buying Folisin directly from the manufacturer is primarily a guarantee of the original product at the best price. The product is certified for marketing in the European Union. The safety requirements of the latter are very tight.

Folisin manufacturer also provides a 90-day money back guarantee. Ordering from him is also a very fast delivery. It will arrive within two working days (in Poland, but the product is also available abroad).

The last but not least benefit of using the producer’s website are the promotions that are available there. Currently there is an offer (limited in time!) which allows for a 3-month treatment, saving a lot of money. When you order 3 packages, one of them is completely free.


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  1. Cho YH, Lee SY, Jeong DW, et al. Effect of pumpkin seed oil on hair growth in men with androgenetic alopecia: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2014;2014:549721. doi:10.1155/2014/549721
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