GigantX – what is it and how does it work?

GigantX is a high quality product dedicated to men who thanks to systematic use are able to increase their sexual attractiveness and improve relations with their partner. If you complain about too small penis size, too weak or too short erection, premature ejaculation GigantX is addressed to you, because it is the best antidote to your problems.

Table of content

  1. GigantX composition
  2. GigantX – for whom it is intended
  3. GigantX – how to use
  4. GigantX – where and at what price to buy
  5. GigantX – summary

One of GigantX’s tasks is to widen blood vessels, which leads to tissue oxygenation and nourishment, thanks to which penile corpuscles expand. All this leads to penis volume increase. An appropriately developed formula of GigantX provides optimal action on many levels. Scientists have proven that regular application of GigantX ensures:

  • Stimulation of testosterone production,
  • Increased blood flow through the genitals,
  • Improved erection power and increased penis volume,
  • Regulation of blood vessels within the genitals,
  • Supporting blood circulation through the corpora cavernosa and spongiosa,
  • Increase in sex drive,
  • Increased sensitivity to tactile stimuli,
  • Strong erections without dysfunction and premature ejaculation,
  • Regulation of hormonal balance,
  • Improved well-being and increased self-confidence,
  • Improved physical performance, which leads to improved sexual performance,
  • Improving semen quality and quantity,
  • Elimination of bad mood, fatigue, apathy, discouragement.

GigantX composition

GigantX is a preparation created on the basis of valuable extracts, minerals, amino acids and natural and safe stimulants. The composition based on high quality components is a guarantee of effectiveness. GigantX contains:

Citrulline malate – an amino acid, whose presence in our body is of fundamental importance, because:

  • it stimulates nitric oxide secretion,
  • dilates blood vessels and improves their capacity,
  • stimulates circulation within the genitals,
  • increases oxygenation and nutrition of tissues,
  • improves muscle performance,
  • increases the girth and length of the penis,
  • strengthens erection,
  • prolongs intercourse,
  • enables faster regeneration after intercourse.

RedNite™ [1.5 – 2.75% nitrates] – beet root extract- contains many valuable vitamins, minerals and substances that support cardiovascular health. This ingredient

  • improves the condition of the entire body,
  • adds vitality and energy,
  • improves immunity,
  • helps cleanse the body of various types of toxins,
  • helps maintain normal cholesterol levels,
  • supports sexual functions,
  • improves blood supply to the penis, thus increasing its volume,
  • improves potency,
  • extends the duration of sexual intercourse,
  • eliminates erectile dysfunctions.

Extract from mumio – a natural ingredient demonstrating strengthening and repairing properties with a strong regenerating and rejuvenating effect. It has been shown that this extract:

  • slows down ageing processes,
  • regulates hormonal balance,
  • increases libido,
  • increases testosterone levels,
  • improves potency,
  • prevents premature ejaculation,
  • increases sexual performance,
  • improves erection power,
  • supports prostate health,
  • stimulates spermatogenesis,
  • improves fertility,
  • has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Korean ginseng root extract – influence on sexual performance is confirmed by numerous studies:

  • supports maintenance of erection,
  • improves sperm quality and sperm motility,
  • improves libido,
  • strengthens the body, improves physical condition,
  • prevents erectile dysfunction,
  • increases blood flow to the penis, contributing to an increase in its volume,
  • ensures more satisfying intercourse.

Caffeine anhydrous

  • adds energy,
  • eliminates symptoms of fatigue,
  • prolongs intercourse,
  • increases performance,
  • increases stamina,
  • enables erection.

Ginkgo biloba leaf extract [24% flavone glycosides] – improves blood circulation, helps obtain strong blood supply to genitals, which translates into increased penis size and improved erection power. Thanks to this extract we can count on higher libido, faster erection, longer sex and better sensations. What is more, ginkgo favourably influences the functioning of the nervous system, improves brain function and improves mood.

Ginkgo biloba leaf extract

  • reduces the capacity of blood vessels,
  • improves blood flow,
  • facilitates achievement of an erection,
  • enhances sensations during intercourse,
  • improves libido.

Pepper fruit extract [2% capsaicin] and black pepper fruit extract [95% piperine]

  • influence blood circulation and increase its inflow to the penis,
  • improve libido,
  • fight against harmful free radicals and microorganisms,
  • improves immunity and protects against premature ageing of the body,
  • improve sexual performance,


  • regulates testosterone levels in the body,
  • increases sexual abilities,
  • improves semen quality,
  • increases libido,
  • helps to achieve a strong erection faster,
  • increases fertility,
  • supports concentration.

GigantX – for whom it is intended

GigantX is a product aimed exclusively at men who want to get rid of sexual problems. Among consumers who choose GigantX, there are first of all men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis, so as to improve their self-confidence. In addition, it is perfect for men who want to get a stronger and firmer erection in order to feel even stronger sensations during rapprochement with their partner. What is more, satisfied men point out that GigantX improves the quality of sexual intercourse for both partners.

GigantX is a solution that men should use in case of any inconveniences in the sexual sphere. Choosing this method you can forget about erectile dysfunctions, problems with ejaculation or lowered libido.

GigantX – how to use

Research conducted by the manufacturer has shown that the most effective results are provided by systematic taking of GigantX tablets. In order to achieve the best results the manufacturer recommends taking two capsules a day – one in the morning and one in the evening with a lot of water. These actions lead to better absorption of active ingredients by our body. What is more, using only natural ingredients in GigantX formula makes it fully safe and does not cause any side effects.

GigantX – where and at what price to buy

Safe purchase of GigantX pills is possible only through the official website of the manufacturer. We do not recommend buying from any other source, as this may result in purchasing a non-original and potentially dangerous product. What is more, GigantX cannot be found in stationary shops or pharmacies. The manufacturer offers GigantX capsules in three price variants:

  • basic variant (1 package) in the price of €59.00- a monthly treatment,
  • Standard variant (3 packs) at a price of €108.00- three-month treatment, you pay for two packs, and get the third one FREE
  • Optimal variant (6 packs) priced €162.00- reserve for six months of treatment, you pay for three packs, and three more packs you get completely FREE.

GigantX – summary

GigantX tablets are a unique, complex solution that provides many benefits and in a surprisingly short time. The manufacturer emphasizes that systematic use of the preparation brings many advantages, which include:

  • enlargement and thickening of the penis,
  • strengthening of erections,
  • higher libido,
  • regulation of testosterone levels in the body,
  • accelerated recovery after ejaculation,
  • prolongation of intercourse.

Deciding to use GigantX we are able to get rid of various complexes connected with penis size, and also significantly improve our sex life. Certainly, this also translates into improved self-confidence, and thus better relationships with your partner.

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