Hair loss and its treatment

Hair loss and its treatment – Get the details!

The problem of hair loss affects a significant percentage of men aged thirty or forty. A large proportion of people who begin to lose hair excessively try to reverse this process or, at least, to stop it. No wonder, each of us would like to enjoy youth as long as possible, and hair loss is one of the first signs of aging.

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Fortunately, there are ways to prevent excessive hair loss. In some cases, they can even be forced to grow again. Do not expect, however, wonderful results, if you already have a strong bald spot. You will not change it, at most you will reduce this effect. For centuries, there has been a search for a way to treat baldness. A real boom in this field began only decades ago when cosmetic medicine began to develop. Scientists have developed many measures to restore hair growth. In the article below I will try to bring some of them closer.

Table of content

  1. Why are we getting bald?
  2. Home remedies for hair loss
  3. Use of baldness products
  4. Advanced technology in the treatment of baldness

Why are we getting bald?

Hair loss is a normal phenomenon. We lose about a hundred evey day but new ones grow back at the same time. The problem begins when the amount of hair lost no longer balances out the regrowth. Then we are dealing with the phenomenon of baldness. It is usually caused by genetic conditions. Look around for older family members. If they do not have hair, there is a great risk that you will inherit this too. Other factors affecting alopecia include excessive stress, inadequate diet and a variety of conditions.

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Home remedies for hair loss

It is worth looking at the ways used by our ancestors. Actually, in every home we will find ingredients useful in the treatment of baldness. For example, take eggs and rub them into the hair and scalp. This process speeds up hair regeneration. Olive oil provides the hair with the necessary nutrients and makes them stronger. An infusion of food yeast (even brewers are better, but they are less available) accelerates hair growth. However, remember to beat yeast with boiling water before because they can do a lot of damage. Garlic is also thought to have healing properties for baldness. These are just a few examples from the extensive list of ingredients available at home. – says.

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Use of baldness products

There are people who do not feel like playing infusion. They prefer to buy some ready-made remedy. Their needs are met because on the market you will find dozens of products useful for hair loss. In my opinion, it is best to opt for products based only on natural ingredients. Thus they will be completely safe and there will be no risk of side effects. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that a given product does not interfere too much in hormonal balance. Many substances lead to a weakening of libido. A man with reduced self-esteem can lack it and, consequently, lose his fitness in bed.

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Advanced technology in the treatment of baldness

Over the past several years there have been several breakthroughs in the field of baldness treatment. In my opinion, the biggest of them is the use of a low-energy laser for hair growth. Until now, such treatments were offered only in specialized clinics but now you can recently buy this type of device. The ViviComb laser comb has gained the greatest popularity in this area.

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Its operation is based on the LLLT laser and the procedures are very easy. Use the comb with the light beam on three times a week.due to this light, it will reach the scalp and will not have to break through the hair. ViviComb significantly extends the hair growth phase and makes it become thicker and denser. I can safely say that ViviComb is the best device for hair growth that I had the opportunity to meet.

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