Healthy and strong back

Healthy and strong back. Learn 5 effective exercises to strengthen them!

Exercises for the back are designed to maintain or restore and ensure long-term straight posture. Above all, these are only exercises for the back muscles. Systematically done, they make the back muscles begin to be noticeable which has a significant impact on the appearance of the figure because it becomes slimmer and taller.

Today, a strong back is the basis which many people have seen more than once. It is a kind of protection against rapid loss of fitness which provides more energy. Back muscles are usually an indicator of sportiness and strength, and everything starts with the spine. It is worth knowing how to build a strong back effectively and permanently, learning the most important exercises that are performed in the gym or simply at home.

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The figure, the shape of which resembles the letter “V”, has been invariably the object of sighs of many women for many years, while in men it is the desired look and try to achieve the best results. Due to its popularity, dorsal muscle development is not always effective due to various suggested exercises, and only some of them, proven ones, can help you achieve your goal. Genetics, daily diet and, of course, involvement are also very important. Back exercise is a demanding effort, but the best results are achieved after a solid spinal work-out.

strong back

At the very beginning it is worth going to a physiotherapist who will help you choose the right set of exercises. If there is any back pain, it should be checked with a specialist whether there are any disturbing symptoms. The pain may be caused only by an inappropriate lifestyle associated with sitting too long or the pain may be associated with tension as a result of chronic stress. In this situation, only the mat remains and devote some time to exercise. The saying “in a healthy body, healthy mind” is very true here.

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Why does the spine hurt?

A healthy spine has characteristic bends on all sections. Prolonged and poor body posture begins to adapt to repeated errors, and then the spine deforms, which can be the cause of pain and a difficult reversible process. Additional bone mass is produced, which is nothing but degeneration of the spine. Back pain can also be caused by deepening of the natural bends of the spine and other types of curvature of the spine. Known and common scoliosis is most common in children and adults. However, ailments related to the feeling of pain and discomfort are also many diseases, which include:

  • intervertebral hernia
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • sciatica,
  • discopathy
  • tearing of the spinal ligaments
  • lumbar stenosis
  • tearing of the spinal ligaments.

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A healthy and strong back – how to start exercising and achieve results?

It is worth remembering once and for all that we should not skip any part during the exercises. We focus holistically on the broadest muscles of the back, as well as its upper parts together with the lower part, which is responsible for the correct posture of the whole body. In addition, it supports the spine in the lumbar region, has an impact on its stabilization, and this is very important during demanding strength exercises. At the beginning you should apply warm-up exercises and then go to the training stage. Exercises, however, must be graded, you must not immediately expose the spine to long and exhausting effort. At the very beginning, we also forget about using considerable weights. Taking care of abdominal muscles will also have a positive effect on your posture. Exercises for the spine are a calm technique without using quick movements.

healthy back

The perfect set for strengthening your back is just 5 exercises!

Pull up on the stick

Pull-ups help in extending the width of the back. says that The grip itself has several types and is a wide or narrow grip and mixed grip. At the very beginning it is good to use the traditional hand setting. Hold the bar with the handle on the width of your shoulders. In this hanging position, we pull the shoulder blades off as if we were trying to bend the chest forward. It is only at this point that we begin the upward movement, which must end when the pectoral muscles come into contact with the bar. In home conditions, pull-ups are the most popular exercise and the stick itself will not take much space.

Pull up on the stick

Rowing a dumbbell in torso drop

Dumbbells are often a tool for exercising at home. They can be used for so-called paddling in torso drop in many variations.

The first of these is the attraction of weight in the support. Position yourself so that one knee and hand rest on a stable object, e.g. bench, table, or shelf. The other leg must stand firmly on the floor. We grab one of the dumbbells and hold them in an upright hand, remembering the wrist which position must be neutral. The back and abdomen remain tight all the time, the shoulder blades are firmly tightened and the head straight as an extension of the spine. Now you can make a move that involves pulling the weight close to your body. This is a difficult and demanding stage because during the exercise, full control over its performance is important. Thanks to this, after a longer period of time, enlargement of the back muscles can be observed.

Rowing a dumbbell in torso drop


Under this popular name lies a sensational exercise, which involves lying on your stomach. Legs remain straight, while arms are stretched out. From this position, raise the thoracic spine and legs as much as possible. says that for literally 1-3 seconds we hold the body in strong tension and lower it down.

superman exercise

Good morning (obeisances)

It is worth to strain the abdominal muscles at the very beginning, which will protect the lumbar spine through a properly positioned spine. A straight back and slightly bent knees are important until the body is parallel to the floor. Exercise is performed with a light barbell on the shoulders, with a dumbbell, as well as on a Roman bench. For a better feel at the very beginning, it is good to use a fitness bar. We hold it behind us, which is why one hand is behind the head while the other is at the back in the lower back. The barbell should be in contact with the head throughout the process, between the shoulder blades and the coccyx. The correctness of the exercise depends on maintaining the same weight for all three parts during each move.

good morning exercise


This exercise significantly affects the back, but also the buttocks and biceps of the thighs. It is not complicated in any way but it requires strength and regularity. It involves lying on your back and placing your feet under your knees. Keep your arms slightly away from your torso. Hips should be raised until the body assumes a straight line position. We tighten the buttocks muscles strongly, stop the movement for only 1 second. We return to the starting position and repeat the whole process again, preferably 15-20 times.

bridge exercise


It is extremely difficult to get a healthy and strong figure without proper care of the back and spine. It is not without reason that the ridge is a fundamental element of our figure. Therefore, it will be extremely beneficial for us to strengthen this part of our body. Exercises listed in this text should be included in the training of everyone actively approaching life. What is more, our silhouette will not only look great, but with age we will pass by a number of unpleasant ailments.

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