Home ways to enlarge your penis

Home ways to enlarge your penis

Some effective ways to enlarge the penis naturally have recently appeared. Men who were not happy with the size of their members had to deal with it, which often led to unnecessary frustration.

member xxlThe technique of penis enlargement and penis strengthening was passed on by fathers to their children. Penile training was continued systematically every day until the boy reached adulthood. Physical exercises were supported by affiliations and breathing exercises.

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  1. And what are home methods for penis enlargement today?
    1. Weighting
    2. Pumping
    3. Sliding the ring
    4. Elongation and strong stretching
    5. Supplementation

And what are home methods for penis enlargement today?

It can be any natural manual exercise that will increase the size of the penis. These methods can be found on thousands of websites. Most of these sites discuss exercises such as jelqing and penis stretching. Here are some of them:


This is the method where some instruments are attached to the penis shaft. Such devices have different types of fasteners, thanks to which the user can load the penis in the state of precipitation to increase its length.

Weighting penis


Pumps are suction devices, the use of which consists in placing the penis in a cylinder and then manually or mechanically pumped. Thanks to this, you can achieve the effect of temporary swelling of the penis (it lasts about 4-6 hours), after which the average erectile circumference increases significantly for a short period of time. (1)

pumping penis

Sliding the ring

The method of sliding the ring originates from the areas of today’s Saudi Arabia, where it has been used for many centuries. Sliding the ring lengthens and thickens the penis. By doing them, blood (in greater quantity than it flows during normal erection) is forced into the vascular spaces of the corpora cavernosa and the spongy body, causing them to stretch. Effective slipping sessions should last at least 30 minutes.

member xxl

Elongation and strong stretching

These are exercises that stretch the tissue of the penis. They make it longer both during erection and in the flaccid state. Lengthening is similar to the methid that involves some weights. It is safer because it is a natural way of penis enlargement. The use of weights leads to penis ischemia. Lengthening can be done daily and should be done, at least, three times a week. Strong stretching also affects the length of the penis, and also aims to stretch the skin of the scrotum. This exercise also stimulates the increase of the amount of androgen.


One of the natural supplements that significantly improve our intimate life is Virility EX, which works quite effectively. It increases libido, strengthens erection and overcomes discouragement, and additionally, increases the size of the penis. As a result, a successful sex life is guaranteed.

man supplementation

These are just some of the home-made natural methods for penis enlargement. Men dissatisfied with the size of their penis will surely find the one that will appeal to them the most.

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