How to delay ejaculation?

How to delay ejaculation? How to treat premature ejaculation?

More and more men have problems with premature ejaculation and they keep asking themselves questions such as ‘How to delay ejaculation?’ or ‘How to treat premature ejaculation?’ For many of them, this is a shameful problem and, that is why, they deny. Nevertheless, it is worth taking treatment to deal with such ailment and be able to have sex without any inhibitions and restrictions. This type of dysfunction can sufficiently ruin the sex life of many couples because men do not feel confident then and let their women down in the bedroom. In this situation, there is nothing else but contact with a specialist and the use of appropriate medicaments that will delay the ejaculation.

Table of content

  1. Pills for delayed ejaculation – when needed?
  2. Climax Control – an effective medicament for premature ejaculation
  3. Tablets for ejaculation delay – how to take them?
  4. Tablets for prolonged intercourse – what to watch out for?

Pills for delayed ejaculation – when needed?

The pill for ejaculation seems to be the solution to the problem in many situations. It can be taken at any age, apart from adults who have health contraindications. Pharmacological treatment of such a dysfunction brings the expected results. This is a recommended option, especially for men who have been struggling with this ailment for many months and other methods have failed them. The tablets do not cause any disturbing harm to the human body, so they can be safely used, while paying attention to their reasonable dosage. (1)

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Tablets containing a large amount of dapoxetine are highly recommended. It is a substance that positively affects the delay of ejaculation, so the use of such tablets for several weeks can bring very positive results of the treatment. However, it is worth remembering that tablets should only be reached after prior consultation with a specialist, choosing them yourself may end badly for the patient. (2) An interesting solution will also be tablets with the addition of such substances as:

  • fluoxetine,
  • paroxetine,
  • sertraline,
  • clomipramine.

The choice is quite wide, and specialists will definitely be able to help everyone interested in achieving full sexual performance.

Climax Control – an effective medicament for premature ejaculation

climax control

There are plenty of ejaculation delay pills available on the pharmacological market, but not all of them will prove to be helpful. Nevertheless, Climax Control will be a hit. It is recommended by many men who, after such treatment, could forget about premature ejaculation once and for all and began to enjoy sex again.

The effects are visible when you regularly take tablets for at least several weeks. You should take two tablets a day. The tablets are responsible for:

  • elimination of premature ejaculation,
  • increase potency.

Men on such treatment will definitely benefit and will be able to have sex without any restrictions, which will give them even more pleasure. The medicament works very effectively on both younger and more experienced men. He is also responsible for maintaining a satisfactory erection.

Tablets for ejaculation delay – how to take them?

Taking tablets for delayed ejaculation is a very important issue and the decision should not be made independently. If you have not had contact with such medicine before, it is recommended to go to a qualified specialist. It is usually suggested to take 2 tablets a day, wash down with a large dose of water, but still it depends on the human body. Some need larger doses, others much smaller. Specialists at the consultation will certainly explain all this to their patients.

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The best solution will be taking the tablets in the morning and in the evening, although it depends on the arrangements with your doctor. Everyone will certainly adapt the time of taking the prescribed medicine to their own time commitments, so you will not forget that you need to take a tablet at a given time in order to delay ejaculation.

Tablets for prolonged intercourse – what to watch out for?

When you take pills to prolong intercourse, there are several basic factors to remember. First of all, you should not change the doses of such medicine yourself because it can have a very negative impact on human health. In addition, it is also recommended to safely store the tablets, i.e. in places where there is no moisture and too high temperature. Thanks to such steps, you can maintain their health properties for a long time, if you do not do this, the tablets will not be suitable for anything and will certainly not affect the prolongation of intercourse.

It is also important to keep delayed ejaculation preparations away from children who can do a lot of harm when they get into their body. Reasonable taking of tablets is a necessity in such a situation, only then the treatment proves to be effective and safe for patients and their environment. When choosing tablets for premature ejaculation you should be guided by the opinion of doctors and other users, you can also rely on rankings on the Internet.

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