How to enlarge a penis?

How to enlarge a penis? What penis enlargement pills should you choose?

Research shows that for a majority of men – penis size is a sensitive and touchy issue. Many of them ask themselves how to enlarge the penis? They do not take any actions to improve their mental comfort and improve their own self-esteem related to the size of the penis.

The rest of the men decide to look for effective ways to enlarge the penis in a non-invasive manner There are many products available on the market that guarantee great results in a short time. Unfortunately, this often turns out to be only the producer’s promise that is out of touch with reality. Among the ​​ineffective products, it is worth paying attention to two supplements since they make the penis thicker.

how to enlarge a penis

The regular use of Xtrasize and MemberXXL allows you to lose the inhibitions related to an unsatisfactory penis size and dissatisfactions in sex life. Contrary to the popular opinion, it is also worth knowing that men’s fears about the size of their penis are usually justified. Apart from the last resort, which is a surgical enlargement of the penis with special products based on hyaluronic acid, you can try to raise self-confidence. It is possible due to carefully developed supplements because they can improve comfort of life and relation with a partner.

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  1. Tablets for penis enlargement Member XXL

Tablets for penis enlargement Member XXL

Member XXL – how to effectively enlarge your penis

Member XXL pills

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According to available scientific studies, people who regularly took Member XXL orally were able to notice an increase in their member size by up to 5 centimeters. Most of the participants showed high satisfaction with the treatment, while a majority of the study group expected a greater effect. Nevertheless, both groups confirmed a positive change in the appearance of their penis. Due to this high effectiveness, the manufacturer gives a ninety-day guarantee.

The effectiveness of Member XXL results from high-quality ingredients in a propert amount allow to observe such large changes. Due to natural ingredients, safety and a lack of side effects are guaranteed (1). The ingredients found in Member XXL are meant to improve blood supply, to strengthen muscles and to significantly increase penis size (2). The product can be easily ingested – it is a form of easy-to-swallow tablet that can be taken anywhere at any time. The ingredients of the product have been carefully developed. These are mainly extracts from:

  • Ginseng root
  • saffron
  • Black Pepper
  • Chinese lemon fruit

One tablet contains the above-mentioned ingredients in a unique and top secret dose. Unique proportion is the key to the success of Member XXL, which will thicken and lengthen the penis. According to available user reviews, the Member XXL supplement is one of the recommended and noteworthy measures that allow you to really enlarge the member and thus improve sexual functions. It is worth adding that these are natural and effective ways to lengthen and thicken the penis.

XtraSize, the product that enlarges the penis


Dietary supplement XtraSize improves the cavernous bodies located in the male member. The composition of this product includes only natural ingredients that do not cause dangerous side effects, exect of people who are alleric to any of the ingredients. The developed XtraSize tablet recipe includes:

  • Tribulus tetris – responsible for improving the quality of cavernous bodies
  • Maca Root – effectively improves potency
  • L arginine – a known and essential amino acid that improves the growth of hormone levels and improves circulation
  • Saw Palmetto – increases potency, often used for the natural treatment of prostate hyperplasia
  • Other ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, ginseng root – known aphrodisiacs

Thanks to the unique composition of carefully selected natural ingredients, penis enlargement can be observed after a week of using the supplement. It’s not just the size and thickness of a member that changes. The use of XtraSize, according to reviewers, also supports the correct erection and increases the sensation during intercourse. The unique formula is strictly protected. Thanks to this, the manufacturer of the XtraSize supplement has a chance to become a monopolist on the market of effective products that affect the natural penis enlargement.

member xxl

The effects of using both products maintains long after the treatment. Both supplementz are completely natural and do not cause harmful side effects affecting the condition of the body. Available studies

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