how to enlarge penis

How to enlarge your penis? You will surprise your partner!

Do you know that permanent penis enlargement is possible? The most important thing is that you can enlarge your penis safely, effectively and completely naturally by up to several centimeters! Of course, the effects of enlargement will depend on individual features of your body as well as the method selected by you. Nevertheless, the task is feasible and, most importantly, you can do it without interfering with delicate tissues.

how to enlarge a penis

Men who dream of penis enlargement should approach this issue very carefully. Some methods of enlargement are invasive so much that during the procedure serious damage may occur within this strategic male organ. It is probably difficult to disagree with the statement that it is better when the penis is functional even if it is small rather than a malfunctioning huge organ . Let’s think for a moment whether the size of the penis is so important that it is worth considering the possibility of enlarging it at all.
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Table of content

  1. Perfect penis size
  2. Penis enlargement with the help of tablets and exercises
  3. Penis enlargement with extenders
  4. Surgical penis enlargement

Perfect penis size

Such a penis size certainly does not exist. The key to a satisfying sex life is ALWAYS matching two partners (not only the size, but also preferences and temperaments), not the length or thickness of a member. On the other hand, however, taking statistics into account, the key to getting satisfaction during relationships with many partners may be just the right length and thickness. The size is so important due to the statistics and comparizons to other male penises. It seems that comparisons cause a great number of complexes. If happens to you and you are dissatisfied with your size (falling out weakly compared to other men and not necessarily weak in the eyes of your partner) , you should undergo psychotherapy rather than typically enlarging procedures. Let’s get back to the point, how can you enlarge your penis?

perfect penis size

Penis enlargement with the help of tablets and exercises

If it is satisfying for you to gain about an centimeter to two centimeters in length and a slight enlargement of the penis, you will just need exercises and tablets. There are plenty of exercises for penis enlargement on the Internet. However, when it comes to tablets, pay attention to one thing. They do not all work because the stores are full of counterfeit popular products. Counterfeits are reminiscent of the originals, while they have little in common with the original composition. What should draw your attention? Certainly the price which is much lower than the average market price. For half a fee it is rather difficult to get something that works satisfactorily.

Penis enlargement pills

Analysisng the data for the ranking, we found that the most effective means (tablets) for enlargement include Natural Gain Plus (tablets) and Penis XL set (tablets plus cream). You can expect really surprising effects from them. Look for them in good online stores.
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Penis enlargement with extenders

Extenders for penis enlargement help to gain up to several dozen percent of the length! Extenders guarantee probably the safest and most effective member enlargement. You just have to be patient. It should be used for quite a long time. The extender should be worn for several hours a day ahen the penis is at rest. Original extenders from reputable companies (e.g. JesExtender) cost quite a lot. However, when safety and efficiency is concerned, it is worth investing in these devices, especially since their operation has been scientifically confirmed. Using them in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is difficult to talk about any threat to a member. The effects are so spectacular that it is really worth investing in such devices. The best of them andoptimal for you can be found on the main page of the website.

Penis enlargement with extenders

Surgical penis enlargement

If the penis is fully functional, it is rather not worth risking undergoing surgery. Some of them, e.g. penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid are not invasive enough to be able to damage the penis. On the other hand, this procedure is characterized by low effectiveness. Surely you can gain a little in the perimeter but hyaluronic acid penis will not be lengthened. Another issue, the effects of such surgery are not sustainable. The acid is absorbed into the body over time. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the use of the extender allows you to permanently change the size, the length and thickness of the penis. It seems to be the most important advantage of this device! (1)

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