How to improve potency

How to improve potency? You must read this!

For most men, sexual performance is an indicator of masculinity. Usually, the first problems with potency appear during menopause. However, due to the men’s intensive lifestyle, the first symptoms of sexual dysfunction may appear much earlier – even in their thirties. This is quite troublesome, which is why most men wonder how to improve potency. Is it possible at all? Do you ask yourself the above question? Do you want to know the best ways to forget about libido and sexual problems? You will find many valuable tips below.

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Table of content

  1. Start eating healthy
  2. Help yourself with natural herbs
  3. Safe product for potency instead of herbs
  4. Hormonal treatment – for serious problems

Start eating healthy

Problems with potency are usually caused by improper life style even among men in their prome of life. It’s all about nutrition. When considering how to improve potency, it is good to take a closer look at your daily menu. Very often it turns out that the key to success is eating habits. First of all, eliminate saturated fats. All fast-food and fatty dishes must leave. And this is because they adversely affect the hormonal balance, and at the same time are responsible for blood circulation disorders. In addition, they lower testosterone levels. As a result, there are problems with achieving an erection and a decrease in the appetite for sex. Healthy eating will consist in eating a large amount of fruit and vegetables and all other foods recommended in the diet. Supplying a large amount of zinc, selenium or arginine is important. Unsaturated fatty acids are also important. (1)

eating healthy

Help yourself with natural herbs

When considering how to improve potency, consider natural herbs as well. Their beneficial effect on sexual performance has been known for a long time. Ginseng root, catfish root, damiana leaf, Brazilian juniper fruit are the most popular herbs that support the treatment of potency disorders. Check if you can get this type of herb in good and proven herbal stores. This is extremely important because safety and treatment effect depend on their “purity” and reliability. (2)

natural herbs

Safe product for potency instead of herbs

If you are wondering how to improve potency without drinking herbs, consider the appropriate products to enhance sexual performance. The main advantage is the natural composition, so you do not have to be afraid of any side effects, even caused by the hormonal changes. Vialafil is particularly recommended for potency dietary supplements. This is a specific, the effectiveness of which is compared to that of Viagra. The difference, however, is that the “blue tablet” is obtained only by prescription. Vialafil is available in the best online drugstores (e.g.

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The aim of this medicine is primarily to stimulate circulation which increases the blood supply to male genitals leading to an erection. In addition, Vialafil allows you to prolong intercourse (protecting against premature ejaculation) and to improve libido. If you are wondering how to improve potency with dietary supplements, consider Deer Antler Plus as well. It is a preparation thanks to which potency is strongly strengthened and sexual performance is improved. Virility EX is another product that is popular with men. Its action is primarily to strengthen potency. Its additional advantage is also the intensification of sexual sensations.

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Hormonal treatment – for serious problems

When problems with potency are getting more and more serious, you need to make an appointment and see a sexologist. Although hormonal treatment is usually recommended, it only applies to men who have low testosterone level. It is based on hormonal substances which enable the appropriate hormonal balance. As a result, sexual performance will quickly return to normal.

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