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How to lose weight fast? These rules are extremely simple!

Do you want to know how to lose weight fast? It is not complicated at all! Just follow a few rules and the excess weight will disappear once and for all. as far as quick weight loss is concerned, it is not enough to apply one of the fashionable diets. Especially since most of them have little to do with healthy weight loss and the main effect is returning kilos, i.e. the yoyo effect. Instead of torturing yourself with fasting and dietary novelties, learn about the three pillars of effective and fast weight loss.
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  1. Implement the right diet. Which one?
  2. Start moving! Physical activity is the basis
  3. How to lose weight fast? Speed ​​up metabolism, reduce appetite

Implement the right diet. Which one?

Fasting and fashionable diets are not the solution since the Change in eating habits is a must (1). It is dietary mistakes that are most often responsible for excessive kilograms and the body fat. Fortunately, calories do not always have to be counted. First of all, eliminate the most unhealthy and caloric dishes such as fast food, fatty meat and sweets from the menu. The list of forbidden delicacies also includes carbonated drinks and, which is not obvious, ready-made fruit juices from cartons. They contain a lot of sugars and calories, and in principle they are not saturated and are usually not included in the calorie balance, although they significantly increase it. Just giving up the most unhealthy products can make the weight tip move! (2)

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Equally important is they way you eat. It is important to divide your daily calorie intake into five meals. It would be ideal if the breaks between them would not be longer than 3 hours. Regular food protects people against having snacks and maintains a high level of metabolism. To lose weight quickly, you also need to form a habit of eating breakfast. Leaving this meal seriously disrupts metabolism and makes it difficult to fight kilograms. Another element of a healthy diet is drinking the right amount of fluids, primarily mineral water. Two liters a day is a must, and this amount should be increased in hot weather and increased physical exertion. Although water does not slim down by itself, it speeds up the body’s purification of toxins and helps control hunger. (2)

Start moving! Physical activity is the basis

Even if you drastically reduce calories, it will be difficult for you to lose weight quickly and maintain diet effects if you forget about physical activity. Why is this so important? First of all, exercises help to get the so-called negative energy balance, which consists in consuming more calories than you provide them with meals. It is possible to burn up to several hundred calories within an hour but it depends on the type of training! Of course, it is not neceassary to to train like an athlete and devote a lot of time to it every day if you want to lose weight quickly. It is important that the exercises have to be taken regularly. Just a short gymnastics every day, replacing the elevator by walking the stairs and regular walks will have a very positive effect on your figure. (3)


It is also worth remembering the 3-30-130 rule. This means three thirty-minute training sessions per week, during which you maintain a heart rate of 130 per minute. This is the best method to lose weight quickly, burning excess body fat and shaping your figure.
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How to lose weight fast? Speed ​​up metabolism, reduce appetite

Pills for slimming are your biggest ally in the fight against unnecessary kilograms. However, it is worth remembering that slimming dietary supplements are only the third pillar of effective weight loss and will not bring the expected results when you forget about exercises and diet. What is their role then? First of all, slimming pills improve metabolism and make metabolism up to 70% faster! In addition, they effectively suppress your appetite and help you stick to your diet. In addition, slimming preparations stimulate fat burning and make exercises more effective. Dietary supplements also add the energy necessary for regular workouts and lead to effective and quick weight loss without the yo-yo effect.

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