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What is laser acne removal? Characteristics of laser therapy and alternatives

There are really many ways to deal with acne. The first of them has been used for hundreds of years and it is medicinal plants treatment, based onaloe or nettle leaves. Other ways are relatively younger and they include all kinds of creams, compresses, special soaps. The biggest novelty is laser acne removal treatment. Due to high price and social resistance, it has not gained much popularity yet. Should the laser cause any fear and anxiety? Are its benefits not risky and have a positive effect on the complexion? Any doubts will be dispelled in the article below.

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  1. Where does acne come from?
  2. Characteristics of laser therapy
  3. Alternatives to laser acne removal

Where does acne come from?

Before I discuss the effectiveness of laser therapy, I will try to briefly describe the causes of acne. It is usually caused by hormonal changes taking place in the body, which is why it occurs mainly among adolescents. However, this is not the only reason for the appearance of breakouts. Often, acne occurs because we eat poorly. High-fat meals can enhance the formation of pimples. If you have oily skin, take care of proper hygiene. According to some studies, stress can also be the cause of acne. (1)

acne causes

Characteristics of laser therapy

The use of laser light in skin care cosmetics has become extremely popular in recent years. Almost everything is done with the help of a laser: depilation, cellulite and excessive fat tissue removal, and even stimulation of hair follicles to regrow hair. A laser acne removal surgery has also joined the range. The laser light models the structure of the skin tissue, evens its color and eliminates blackheads. Treatments should be repeated several times to achieve full effectiveness. Sunbathing is not allowed during the treatment.

acne laser therapy

According to many people, laser light only removes the effects of acne. This is not true. During the treatments, bacteria responsible for the development of the disease are killed. Unfortunately, this type of treatment has several disadvantages. First, the effectiveness of laser treatments depends on the individual predispositions of the patient, in some of them they must be supported by additional means. The second and probably the biggest downside is the high price of the service. In Poland a single treatment can cost up to several hundred zlotys. (2)

Alternatives to laser acne removal

Even though it was proven that the laser is safe, many people are not convinced to try it. The high price may also discourage people to use it. If you are looking for a cheaper equivalent of laser beam treatments, acne supplements are the alternative. These products, fight not only the visible symptoms of acne, but also the causes of it. I can recommend Nonacne because these capsules contain only natural ingredients, thanks to which they are completely safe for the body even after prolonged use.


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The effectiveness of the substances contained in them has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies. Not surprisingly, Nonacne capsules have gained such enormous popularity among UK customers. A regular-four-week-use guarantees a significant improvement. If you want to get rid of acne once and for all, this may be the choice just for you!

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