Natural ways to fight acne

Natural ways to fight acne – a review

There are many of them and you can get lost in this jungle. This review contains effective natural ways to fight acne. They are also safe and, thay is why, this is worth emphasizing.


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What are natural ways to fight acne?

These are several groups of solutions that should be considered when dealing with this used to be a problem typical to people in their thirties. However, more and more people in their twenties suffer from acne. The main solutions useful in fighting acne ar a diet and a lifestyle. These are also some home methods (masks, peels) affecting the skin condition. There are of course solutions for pimples. Natural acne remedies also include products based on herbal extracts. They work on the causes of this ailment. It’s not just about “healing” the problem, by only interfering with the symptoms.

natural ways to fight acne

Anti-acne diet – what should it look like?

In this case, the rules are very simple. The menu must be healthy, i.e. devoid harmful products from the point of view of the proper functioning of the body. We are talking here not only about processed food (Fast Food, dishes “in five minutes”), but also about fatty meats. The menu should largely be based on legumes, vegetables, fish and poultry.

anti acne diet

A separate issue is products that may intensify acne or create conditions conducive to the development of this ailment. The second group includes, for example, spicy spices. They can increase the work of sebaceous glands. The consequence will be their clogging and the appearance of pimples. In the group of products directly affecting the severity of acne, milk, chocolate and unhealthy snacks are usually mentioned. You can’t forget about sugar and white flour. It is worth remembering, however, that they do not always work this way in every case.

Homemade acne masks

This is a very extensive group of solutions that are usually quite simple and cheap to prepare.

These home-made, natural acne treatments focus on the symptoms of the problem. They will allow you to get rid of pimples, reduce the lubrication of the skin, but do not hit the cause. Specific acne products cope with this.

  • Strawberries – this is a very seasonal way, but it is worth using it in the summer. Just crush the strawberries and apply to the skin. Where did the idea to use these fruits for pimples come from? They contain salicylates which are the chemicals used in acne ointments – says.
  • Garlic – one note here. The list contains secure methods, but there are exceptions that may cause a problem for some people. Applying garlic to the skin where the pimple is found reduces the size of the latter. Unfortunately, it can cause burning or even temporary redness. It is better to check the garlic on the skin of your hands beforehand.
  • Tomatoes – another cheap and natural way to deal with acne. An easy mask can be made from tomatoes. Just mash them. They contain a lot of lycopene. This is an essential ingredient for the skin. It you can improve its conditio and appearance – says.
  • Honey – often mentioned as a solution supporting skin hydration. And this will also be useful in the context of fighting pimples. However, the most important property of honey is its antibacterial properties. It allows you to get rid of the problem, which very strongly contributes to the severity of acne changes. Honey is usually one of the ingredients in home acne masks. It is usually mixed with olive oil and yolk – says.

anti acne mask

A separate group of such home remedies are herbal masks. Sausages are also prepared from plants, which act on the skin from the outside. In the fight for healthy and beautiful skin, field pansy, nettle and horsetail are used. Chicory is also often recommended. It is impossible not to mention chamomile. It helps not only with pimples. This plant has a very positive effect on the skin’s condition. It oisturizes the skin and, at the same time, protects against irritation. Chamomile is also great as a natural way to support wound healing.

What to look for when fighting pimples?

The diet has been mentioned, but this is not the only important matter. If you are struggling with acne, you will need to change your skin care. It’s not just the home masks described above. The first thing is to choose the right (read non-irritating) facial cleansers. It is best that they are based on natural ingredients. If they additionally contain herbs that help fight pimples, it is even better. It can be, for example, marigold or three-colored violet.

A very important element is peeling, i.e. removing dead skin. It should be regular, but also not too frequent. With acne skin, it is better to avoid strong exfoliating products. You can prepare the peeling at home. Oatmeal or coffee grounds can be used here.

What to look for when fighting pimples

Another important aspect is proper skin hydration. Under no circumstances can it be over-dried. Although it seems like a good solution, because the pimples will actually disappear for some time. Unfortunately, they will come back soon and more intensively. It is necessary to take care of appropriate hydration especially in winter, when we usually overheat apartments.

In the summer, however, if we are struggling with acne, we must avoid excessive skin exposure to the sun. It also helps on pimples only seemingly.

Acne product – which one should you choose?

Many people on Facebook groups and discussion forums seek help and ask such a question. The answer is complex. The first thing is the composition of the product. Nature-based ones are definitely better. But in this group it is worth looking at the ingredients carefully and make sure their action was confirmed even by scientific research.

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The second, very important issue is safety of use and whether this product has any side effects. Unfortunately, there is a certain group of acne products that can cause them. Such a product should work directly on the causes of acne. Symptoms will disappear when they are used.

All of the above requirements are met by the currently preferred natural acne treatment – Nonacne. It is based only on ingredients proven by repeated tests. These include Sarsaparilla (antibacterial effect) and red clover (above all, it limits sebum production, i.e. oily skin). This product is completely safe without any side effects. More about it can be found on the manufacturer’s website.


What are the benefits of choosing Nonacne:

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