nutrigo lab mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass – an increase in muscle mass. Review – composition, effectiveness, opinions

There are many solutions available on the market to help build muscle mass. Recently, a new product, Nutrigo Lab Mass, has appeared and collected many positive reviews. Where does its growing popularity come from?

nutrigo lab mass

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Building muscle mass is a long-term process. It requires regularity and coordinated action. It is based on ingredients that will help build muscle mass. The next important aspect is of course the training plan. In this case, we have a lot of scope to show off.

If we want to build a silhouette that satisfies us, we can also decide on the third important aspect. A supplement that is safe and effective. It is Nutrigo Lab Mass that has recently become the most frequently chosen supplement supporting the growth of muscle mass. We looked at its very closely.

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What is Nutrigo Lab Mass?

This is an innovative solution based on natural ingredients intended for athletes. The main task of Nutrigo Lab Mass is to maximize the growth of muscle mass. It is a dietary supplement that also improves performance. It is also a very large dose of energy that can be used during physical activity. Although Nutrigo Lab Mass addresses its “offer” to athletes, it is equally eagerly used by “amateurs” who dream of an impressive figure.

nutrigo lab mass

What is the composition of Nutrigo Lab Mass?

The producer of this solution has chosen an unprecedented combination of three forms of protein in one product. It contains active ingredients that form a complex with clearly targeted effects. It has as many as 5 groups of substances focusing on individual aspects of building muscle mass. This is Tricarb Energy Matrix, Multi Release Protein Blend, Instant Energy Boost, Free Amino Pulse and Amino Growth Blend.

All ingredients contained in this dietary supplement have undergone meticulous scientific research.

The composition of Nutrigo Lab Mass includes:

  • Three sources of protein: Isolac®, Optipep® and protein concentrate. They are a complex of ingredients with different absorption rates. This solution guarantees continuous access to building materials for muscle mass. It will be used both during training and rest. This means efficiency and satisfying muscle mass building
  • Carbohydrate sources which are similar to protein. They are also selected in such a way that their absorption rate is different. Thanks to this, Nutrigo Lab Mass ensures continuous energy supply. It quickly replenishes glycogen deficiencies. It adds strength both during training and rest as well as regenerates the body. A proper and balanced carbohydrate dose is extremely important during the training cycle.
  • Creatine monohydrate and MCT oil powder. The first of these ingredients is primarily responsible for the intensification of the protein synthesis process. Thanks to this, our muscle mass will gain impressive volume in a short time. It is also a dose of energy and strength needed during the training cycle. It also reduces fatigue. MCT oil is a well-absorbed source of energy for muscles.
  • AAKG, L-ornithine and L-lysine blend are three ingredients that are responsible for the rapid building of lean muscle mass. They have a huge impact on improving the body’s condition. They also support this condition. These three components are responsible in the Nutrigo Lab Mass for the regeneration of the body. AAKG is responsible for increasing muscle blood supply and so-called “Muscle pump”.
  • Amino acids supporting the building of muscle tissue (BCAA and L-glutamine) – The complex contained in Nutrigo Lab Mass is a carefully selected ingredients necessary in the mass cycle. It protects our body and its individual parts against excessive loads and the associated risk of injury. Thanks to this, we additionally avoid disturbing the training plan.

Nutrigo Lab Mass is a very unique and at the same time developed in terms of preparation. You can read the list of all substances on the manufacturer’s website. There you will find a lot more information about this product.

nutrigo lab mass shake

What does the matter with the safety of use look like? It contains whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolyzate obtained from milk. This is a warning for allergy sufferers. It is a safe product, free of side effects. It is not a replacement for a varied diet and physical activity. It is their complement and it is worth being fully aware of it.

How to use and how does Nutrigo Lab Mass work?

This product is available in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla protein. This product dissolves very well in water and milk. It can be used as an additive to dishes, or a ready-made shake.

nutrigo lab mass supplement

As with any solution in this group, the dosage is set individually. However, it is worth suggesting the manufacturer’s instructions. They read: Pour 4 scoops of the supplement 1 or 2 times a day into 200 ml of water or milk.

Action of Nutrigo Lab Mass:

  • Increased reps
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Increased muscle anabolism and reduction of their catabolism
  • Effectively builds muscle mass
  • AOL formula increases the synthesis of growth hormone
  • Supplements glycogen deficiencies

Reviews on Nutrigo Lab Mass

It is a dietary supplement that its effects have been appreciated by professionals, athletes, bodybuilders, but also amateurs want to expand their muscle mass. Many forums are warming up opinions about Nutrigo Lab Mass.

“Pretty decent price. Very good, which may not be the most important in the case of nutrients, but it is good to combine useful and pleasant. The effects are really powerful. We go further with Nutrigo Lab Mass! ”

“To be honest I wasn’t initially excessively encouraged to Nutrigo Lab Mass, but I found that the price is quite okay. The first very noticeable effect was the dose of energy added by this supplement. Increased reps and training plan completed. I don’t need anything more. ”

“Great conditioner. Aesthetic issues first. It dissolves and tastes very well. I don’t have any gastrointestinal problems after it, and there have been other such supplements. Nutrigo Lab Mass turned up my training capabilities a lot. Now it is more, easier and the mass is growing 🙂 “

What is the price of Nutrigo Lab Mass and where to order?

The price of this nutrient is often emphasized by users against the background of competitive solutions. The basic price of Nutrigo Lab Mas is $90. It is basic because the manufacturer also offers promotional sets (for example, 3 for the price of 2).

nutrigo lab mass chocolate and vanilla

Order now on official website!

Where can I order this product? At the moment, it is only present on the manufacturer’s website. When ordering from the website, you can be sure of purchasing the original product and that it will be delivered in a short time. It is also a 90-day money back guarantee.

A lot of fakes of Nutrio Lab Mass have appeared on the Internet. Avoid buying this product from any suspicious sources.

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