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Nutrigo Lab Mass: reviews, composition, price, flavors and mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass is a product for people who want to build muscle mass effectively. It has an improved AOL formula that increases growth hormone synthesis.

This is an innovative product on the market in two flavors:

  • vanilla
  • and chocolate.

nutrigo lab mass chocolate and vanilla

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It is designed for people who are bodybuilders on a daily basis and those who want to create muscle mass in an effective and healthy way and to reach for products from proven suppliers with high quality ingredients. Thanks to Nutrigo Lab Mass, they can be sure that the products used will cause lasting effects and give the opportunity to keep them for a long time, which is also of great importance.

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Acton of the product

The product has multilevel effect. Its regular use:

nutrigo lab mass vanilla

  • supports muscle building and increases strength;
  • repairs muscle damage that results from physical exertion and exercise;
  • replenishes glycogen stores;
  • quickly supplies the body with essential amino acids;
  • contributes to faster absorption.

In addition to the protein content, the product also has a complex of three types of carbohydrates with different levels of absorption. It works on many levels and ensures a systematic construction of lean body mass and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, which is associated with high physical activity and regular bodybuilding.

nutrigo lab mass

The product causes the exercises less tedious, tiring and burdening for the body. After their performance energy and vitality are preserved.

The manufacturer indicates that Nutrigo Lab Mass allows:

  • performing more exercises and repetitions without burden on the body;
  • increasing growth hormone synthesis;
  • accelerating fat burning all over the body;
  • reduction of catabolism;
  • maximizing the anabolic potential;
  • regulating blood sugar levels.

Nutrigo Lab Mass flavors

The product is intended for people whotake care of their appearance and figure and are looking for additional supplements to strengthen muscle mass. It gives the opportunity to gain greater muscle growth and improve performance. There are two flavors to choose from.

muscle growth supplement

The offer includes vanilla shake and chocolate shake. These are products interesting in taste, constituting a mixture of active ingredients. A shake contributes to strengthening the effects of exercise and physical activity directed at improving the visible increase in muscle mass, while having an interesting taste, valued by people who regularly take the product.

What distinguishes a shake from Nutrigo Lab?

nutrigo lab mass chocolateNutrigo Lab Mass Chocolate is a shake that has a unique chocolate flavor and helps build muscle mass in bodybuilders and athletes. Compared to other products in this category, it is distinguished by an innovative combination of high-quality proteins derived from a tested source, as well as carbohydrates, amino acids, creatine and MCT oil. Quality is important in terms of effectiveness and operational safety, which is important to customers.

The most important advantages of the product include:

  • optimal composition, which means that it has the necessary ingredients for effective and healthy building of muscle mass;
  • is a combination of protein from concentrate, Isolac isolate and Optipep hydrolyzate;
  • has a combination of carbohydrates from three sources;
  • contains highly-valued BCAAs and l-glutamine;
  • has a unique AOL formula that increases growth hormone synthesis, which confirms its action;
  • allows building muscle mass in athletes and bodybuilders effectively and maintaining it permanently;
  • improves energy, vitality and physical fitness in series of exercises, which leads to high quality of exercises;
  • supports proper protein synthesis;
  • positively influences the regulation of hormonal activity;
  • supports reconstruction and regeneration after intense physical effort;
  • reduces tiredness and fatigue;
  • has an attractive carbohydrate to protein ratio – 2: 1,
  • contains valuable MCT oil and creatine monohydrate.

In addition, the product significantly stands out from other competing products due to its effective and proven performance. This is important for people who want to build and then maintain muscle mass in a safe and effective way.

Nutrigo Lab Mass

It gives the opportunity to improve the quality of training in a significant way. It is for many bodybuilders is of great importance in maintaining the form at the expected level. At the same time, it is possible to maintain physical fitness at a high level regularly, e.g. when preparing for important sporting events.

How to use and who should reach for Nutrigo Lab Mass?

The action of Nutrigo Lab Mass allows for the full supply of protein, the required amount of calories for bodybuilders and athletes, as well as protein, carbohydrates and other ingredients that are necessary at a time when we want to increase lean muscle mass.

how to use nutrigo lab

Ingredients, calories and product

Nutrigo Lab Mass is a product enriched with creatine, BCAA and l-glutamine.

It is very easy to use. Just prepare a drink which consists of 4 scoops into 200 ml of water or milk. Then mix the contents using a shaker.
The drink should be adapted to the individual needs of each person, depending on the time spent on exercise and bodybuilding. It can be druank after the training or between the meals.

In one serving you will find:

  • 357 calories;
  • 57.54 g carbohydrates from three sources;
  • 23.35 g protein from Isolac isolate, Optipep hydrolyzate and concentrate;
  • 3000 mg creatine monohydrate;
  • 2000 mg BCAA and 1-glutamine amino acids;
  • 20 mg zinc.
  • It is a rich and valuable composition that not only improves the quality of training, contributes to better physical activity, but also helps maintain the effects of building muscle mass. This is important for bodybuilders because it gives the opportunity to achieve lasting results. Moreover , the product they use is proven and safe for health.
  • How do the individual ingredients work?
  • Each of the carefully selected ingredients is important in achieving a lasting muscle building effect.
  • Protein that comes from three proven sources (Isolac, Optipep and protein concentrate) provides effective performance. It affects the maximum absorption of proteins contained in Nutrigo Lab Mass. Isolac and Optipep are innovative ingredients of animal origin. They should be included into a balanced diet which is typical to people who care about healthy and gradual creation of muscle mass. These products are necessary when it comes to gaining a balance of strength after intensive workouts and regeneration of muscle cells.

Carbohydrates, having different levels of absorption, contribute significantly to the rapid and effective building of lean muscle tissue. Nutrigo Lab Mass gives a large dose of energy which significantly facilitates the creation of muscle mass.

BCAA amino acids and L-glutamine are branched BCCA amino acids combined with L-glutamine, which ensure effectiveness. If they are taken regularly by athletes and bodybuilders, they allow the transport of nutrients to muscle cells. They play important roles in performing anti-catabolic and anabolic properties.

nutrigo lab mass shake

Creatine, which is considered to be highly effective in improving physical condition and strength as well as vitality. As far as improvement and duration are concerned, creatine is of high importance.

Reviews on Nutrigo Lab Mass

The manufacturer indicates that the product is effective due to a mixture of active ingredients. They have the form of a tasty shake in two flavors.

The effectiveness and positive feedback is associated with high quality animal protein. It is available in the form of a concentrate, as well as Isolac isolate and Optipep hydrolyzate. They are original and high quality ingredients.

The effectiveness of such products as mass protein and creatine, L-glutamine and the AOL formula are based on scientific research. They prove that they ensure good result for young as well as for middle-aged people. It allows increasing strength (on average, as studies show it is ~ 2.49 kg), affects the increase in lean body mass (approx. 0.3 kg on average), as well as muscle cross-section and circumference (average 310 ┬Ám2).

Importantly, the results of the study reflect the use of protein in people who do not train and use only protein to improve muscle mass. It can be indicated that those who do exercise regularly will have higher results.

Efficacy is associated with the use of ingredients such as Isolac and Optipep.

Price Nutrigo Lab Mass

How much do Nutrigo Lab Mass Chocolate and Nutrigo Lab Mass Vanilla cost and where to buy it? The product is available on the network in an affordable price with interesting discounts. The price ranges from around $50. This is not a high cost, taking into account the composition of active ingredients in Nutrigo Lab Mass and the fact that it is a product directed to a group of people who care about healthy and effective muscle mass.

nutrigo lab mass

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People who use innovative products from the Nutrigo Lab Mass series often decide to buy them in sets with other products. It significantly improves muscle mass building and affects the effectiveness of using the supplement.

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about Nutrigo Lab Mass Vanilla.

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