Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement – surgery, tablets and creams, exercises

The penis is the most sensitive part of a man’s body. Many men are obsessed with its size. The average erect penis length is 15-17 centimeters. More than 88% of men have the same size or even smaller. Penile enlargement does not have to lead to any side effects. It can be lengthened and thickened in a safe and discreet way, using the highest quality products recommended by sexologists. There are many methods for enlarging a penis, and a wise choice is the key to sex satisfaction.
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  1. Penis enlargement – surgery
  2. Penis enlargement – tablets and creams
  3. Penis enlargement – exercises

Penis enlargement – surgery

The penis, also called a member, is an attribute of masculinity. The last segment of the urethra runs through it. At the top of the penis there is the glans – the most delicate and tender place in the entire male body. The glans is covered by the foreskin – a double fold of skin. During the erection, the foreskin slides off the glans. The member contains cavernous bodies and a spongy body. At the time of erection, they fill with blood which stiffens the penis.

Penis enlargement - surgery

Many men are very sensitive in terms of the penis size. Gentlemen usually think that it is too small and sometimes wonder how to enlarge their penis. There are various methods for penis enlargement. The most radical solution is surgery. In the past, adipose tissue from other parts of the body was transplanted in place of male genitals. Nowadays, surgical penis enlargement involves loosening the ligaments which extends the penis outwards. A large part of it is in fact inside the body. Such a procedure gives about two centimeters in length more. Then for several months the penis is stretched with the help of special devices, so-called extenders. (1)

Penis enlargement – tablets and creams

There are proven pharmacological products that can enlarge a member without any risk. However, be careful not to get caught up in the trade trap of cheaters. The composition of tablets and ointments for penis enlargement is usually based on herbal ingredients with the addition of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Such a set qualifies them as dietary supplements that provide the body with what is usually missing in everyday meals.

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Products for penis enlargement usually restore hormonal balance and increase the production of male sex hormonesandrogens. It is free testosterone that is mainly concerned. Testis produce less and less testosterone and, consequently, it leads to a decrease in potency. In the case of increased testosterone production, metabolism increases. Thanks to this, muscles are strengthened and weight loss in the abdominal parts. In addition, metabolic processes result in the production of more nitric oxide. A positive nitrogen balance is associated with increased libido. Better blood circulation occurs and the penis begins to grow. When more blood flows into the cavernous bodies during erection, the tissues are stretched.

Penis enlargement – exercises

Different cultures have developed special exercises that stimulate penis enlargement. As a result, not only can you affect the size and circumference of the penis, but also strengthen the erection and learn to control ejaculation. Men should do the exercises themselves but sometimes the help of a partner can be invaluable. The most popular exercise is the so-called milking, also called slipping of the ring. (2)


The ring should be made by contacting the index finger with the thumb. Arranged fingers clamp on the base of the member which should be in a light erection. The ring should be as tight as possible. Strongly clamped your fingers move them up. Exercise for penis enlargement should last about 30 minutes a day. In caseof excessive agitation, the exercise must be interrupted for a while.

Vacuum erectiondevices

There are special pumps and stretching devices for immediate use. Thanks to them, the penis becomes larger in a few minutes and the erection is stronger. Vacuum erectiondevices are actually the only method that leads to immediate penis enlargement. Penis pumps can also be used to diversify the fun of two. The cylinder should be tightly fitted and the pressure inside the apparatus relatively high. A special valve to regulate penis pressure is also useful.

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Stretching devices cause tissue growth under load. These types of medical devices are recommended by many doctors. They are used e.g. after penile enlargement surgery. Accessories for stretching the penis are rather harmless to health. When good equipment is used, the effects appear quickly. Vacuum pumps are useful in achieving effective penis enlargement. The device consists of a plastic transparent cylinder which is the place for an erect member. The pump is tightly closed and this is the place from which thepipe leads to the vacuum pump.
member xxlAround the open side of the cylinder there is a tourniquet or soft seal, in which a soft penis is inserted. In order to obtain tightness in the place where the cylinder adheres to the womb, moisturizing gels are applied to the pump. Swelling of the penis is achieved by activating a vacuum pump that reduces the air pressure inside the cylinder. After reaching the desired swelling, the compression ring begins to tightly tighten the member. Then it is necessary to remove the cylinder. The swelling effect is maintained by stopping the outflow of blood from the penis.

Penis enlargement is sometimes one of the ways to increase confidence and higher self-esteem.

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