Penis stretching

Penis stretching. How it works?

One of the methods of penis enlargement is precisely penis stretching does it work? Is stretching your penis safe?

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  1. Below are some facts and myths about this method.
  2. How does stretching the penis work?
  3. FAQ: Frequently asked questions about stretching your penis
  4. Extenders – an effective method for stretching the penis

Below are some facts and myths about this method.

The penis size has been a problem that kept men’s eyes awake since always and in all cultures. However, some of them have learned to stimulate the growth of a member effectively and to achieve effects that will please them. It is no a coincidence that in some African tribes men have a really impressive size of birth. Of course, genetic issues are also involved, but most of all this is the effect of the special technique of penis exercises passed down as a tribal secret. It involves stretching it so that it gets bigger.

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How does stretching the penis work?

There are tissues in the human body that can stimulate the growth. Surely you have ever seen famous women, commonly known as „giraffes”. They apply discs regularly to the neck and, as a result, the neck tissue begins to grow and this part of the body becomes unnaturally long. Similarly, it is done here with the male member. Its regular stretching causes cells to multiply. The effect is permanent penis enlargement, both in its circumference and length. – says.

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about stretching your penis

Is stretching your penis safe?

Yes, it is a completely natural method which has been used in many cultures for centuries. What is more, it has been passed down from generation to generation. As long as you follow the instructions, you do not have to worry about any side effects.
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To what extent can the penis be enlarged by stretching?

The tissue actually increases due to stretching but its capabilities are also limited. Everything depends on individual properties of the body. On average, the penis can be enlarged by several sizes.

Is penis enlargement permanent?

Yes, stretching the penis makes tissue growth permanent. The effects do not disappear after the end of the treatment.

Do you have to wait long for the effects of stretching your penis?

The duration of the treatment varies individually but it usually takes a few months, if the extender is used. If the traditional penis stretching exercises are done without additional equipment, it can take even two years.

Does stretching the penis affect the quality of sex life?

Stretching the penis can improve the quality of sex life. It eliminates serious male complexes that cause inhibitions and numerous problems in bed. In addition, stretching the penis has a very positive effect on the tissue that builds it. Due to this tissue, individual cavernous bodies increase and the inflow of blood to the penis is more intense. Consequently, a strong and long lasting erection is possible.
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Extenders – an effective method for stretching the penis

In traditional tribes, stretching the penis involves many years of exercise lasting throughout puberty. These methods are effective but they are time-consuming and noone wasts to wait a few years for the results. Fortunately, men can count on the support of modern technology nowadays. Extenders, i.e. devices that stretch the penis, such as Jes Extender Original will make the effects appear really quickly and will be 100% durable.

Jes Extender Original is a completely safe device that you put on your penis. It can be discreetly worn under your pants, thanks to which your member is stretched throughout the day. What effects can you expect? Extender users report an average penis enlargement of 25 percent. Most importantly, the effect is permanent and it does not cause side effects.

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