Potency pills for men

Potency pills for men – how do they work and are they effective?

What are potency pills associated with? We all know ads in which a man struggling with a weak erection reaches for special potency pills and suddenly, just like the touch of a magic wand, he is ready for the most intense fun in his bedroom. Many of us look at them in surprise, asking ourselves: “Does it really work?” We are in a hurry to answer this question and check their content, potential effects as well as their value.

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Table of content

  1. Potency tablets available on the market
  2. What do potency tablets contain?
  3. What effects do potency drugs give?
  4. Pills for potency – Cialis vs Viagra
  5. Potency pills for men – Is it worth it?

Potency tablets available on the market

Views about their effectiveness are very diverse, and in addition to many positive opinions, there are also those negative ones that refer to them as “boosters” of bravery. In practice, we can put these kinds of opinions between fairy tales. Products of this type are completely safe and do not threaten men’s health in any way. The only exceptions are people suffering from ventricular arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease or hypertension. In this case, you must consult your doctor before buying a medicine without a prescription. (1)

Potency tablets available on the market

The main advantage of potency pills is their availability. Each man can use them, no matter how big the problem is. Of course, some medications must be prescribed by a doctor but they will be discussed more later in the article.

What do potency tablets contain?

Over the counter pills usually consist of herbs and extracts from plants. Testolan and Eron Plus are excellent examples of well-known drugs for potency. They contain, for example, fenugreek, pomegranate seeds, maca root, L-arginine or Korean ginseng. Of course, such ingredients are properly selected so that potency drugs are effective.

Maca root
Maca root

The another group of erection pills include Levitra and Cialis. They contain sildenafil derivatives, a substance responsible for vasodilatation and bringing more blood to the penis. The effectiveness of these drugs is undoubtedly greater and has been confirmed by specialists. Levitra or Cialis give expected results after 25 minutes and it will last for several hours. Maxon Active and Vigrax are also extremely effective potency pills and their effectiveness and safety can be confirmed by many doctors.


What effects do potency drugs give?

First of all, it is worth noting that over-the-counter potency drugs, based on vegetable ingredients, will not work a miracle, i.e. they will not, as advertisements say, “the bough will burn” immediately. It is necessary to take medicine for some time. This is not a guarantee that the major problem of impotence will be cured. These pills are primarily aimed at strengthening erection and improving erotic life. However, it will be done within the male physiological abilities and adequate to his age.

In the case of specifics such as prescription potency drugs or those containing sildenafil and its derivatives, it is possible to achieve faster and better effects in the form of a strong erection lasting for a long time. This is the result of dilating the capillaries and making greater amount of blood reach the penis. Thanks to this, it is possible to satisfy your partner after several dozen minutes.

potency drugs effect

Benefits of using erection pills

  • Possibility of dealing with the lack of an erection – after the therapy (weaker product) or in a short time (prescription potency drugs).
  • Increased libido and sexual performance.
  • A large selection of over-the-counter products based on proven and safe ingredients.
  • If there is no effect of using over-the-counter medications, you can see a doctor who will apply stronger measures.
  • Safe use.
  • Possibility to order erection tablets via the Internet.

Pills for potency – Cialis vs Viagra

The most famous pills on the market that provide excellent results are potency pills for men, such as Cialis and Viagra. Both work similarly, namely, increase blood flow to the penis, thanks to which it is possible to achieve a strong erection in a short time. The effect of both drugs becomes visible after half an hour and that is when you can start sexual intercourse.

cialis pills
Cialis pills.
viagra pills
Viagra pills.

What is better to choose? According to many users, it is Cialis because its effect lasts several times longer than Viagra and the effects can be seen faster. However, the action profile is similar, and both potency drugs are very effective

Eron Plus

Eron Plus

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Eron Plus is an over-the-counter drug that is the best-rated and most effective. It is a combination of two products, therefore the effectiveness is doubled. It consists of natural, harmless to health ingredients and it is recommended for both young and old men. Eron Plus is helpful not only in erectile dysfunction, but also in making libido stronger as well as in fighting premature ejaculation.


Testolan testosterone pills

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Apart from Eron Plus, Testolan potency pills are also recommended because they regulate the hormonal balance in the male body effectivelly. They are a natural source of testosterone, thanks to which they are recommended not only to men who want to increase the effectiveness of their love conquests, but also to those who work out. These pills let them exercise longer and harder! Testolan is also available without a prescription.

Potency pills for men – Is it worth it?

The answer is unambiguous – absolutely. If you have any problems with erection for any reason, check out the possibilities offered by potency pills for men. It is very likely that you will find support in them and gain new strength to act. Your sex life will become full of color again! The lack of effectiveness of drugs in some cases is not due to the fact that these products are of poor quality, but due to physiological predispositions. In this case, it is necessary to seek the help of a doctor.

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