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Potency support. What affects potency and Home ways.

Even young men suffer from weak potency, which seems to be an increasingly common problem. This is primarily due to an unprecedented level of stress, a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. The causes of impotence can also be found in serious illnesses that need to be cured to regain sexual vigor. To improve sex life, it is recommended to take somesimple potency measures are enough, such as a healthy diet, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol or more physical activity on a daily basis.

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Table of content

  1. What affects potency?
  2. Home ways to improve potency

What affects potency?

Impotence can have various causes. (1)

Various causes

  • mental (stress, depression, neurosis),
  • hormonal (reduction of testosterone levels or hormonal fluctuations during andropause),
  • neurological (spinal injuries, neuropathies),
  • related to circulation (atherosclerosis, hypertension).

Various causes of ed

Impotence can have several causes at the same time – e.g. too high stress level and hypertension. In order to diagnose the cause of impotence it is necessary to carrie out.

Several causes

  • medical history
  • physical examination,
  • blood testosterone levels,
  • blood sugar level
  • Ultrasound of the prostate.

Several causes of ed

Home ways to improve potency

What should be done to support potency? What men can do to improve their conditio is to take care of their health. (2)

  • lifestyle change: more rest and physical activity, less stress,
  • quitting smoking and not drinking alcohol,
  • proper diet for potency,
  • change in medicines that may cause potency (after consulting your doctor).

People with impotence should start with these few ways. If natural impotence treatment is not effective, seek medical attention.

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Potency diet

A potency diet in itself is not a cure for potency if the cause of erection problems is not inadequate nutrition. However, switching to a healthy diet will definitely help other therapies.

potency diet for men

Nutritional ways for men to improve potency

  • limit sugar
  • drink milk
  • choose vegetable fats instead of animal fats,
  • do not forget about proteins in the diet,
  • eat red meat, but in reasonable quantities,
  • try seafood.

Potency measures

Potency measures that your doctor may suggest are:

  • pills for potency,
  • hormone therapy
  • drugs that lower prolactin,
  • vacuum devices for erection,
  • psychotherapy,
  • hypnosis,
  • electrotherapy,
  • drugs that stimulate the nervous system,
  • injections into the cavernous bodies of the member,
  • prostheses implanted in a member,
  • penile vessel surgery.

Potency problems affect many men, especially those in their forties. The main thing in this situation is to remain calm. Additional stress will only make matters worse.

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