Problems with male potency. Causes and solutions

Full statistics of men suffering from reduced libido are still unknown. The gentlemen suffer “in silence” with a sense of shame. Problems with male potency can be caused by many reasons. Fortunately, they can be solved.

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The most common causes of the male potency crisis

There are reasons we cannot control. Age is of great importance from the point of view of male sexual possibilities. You can “cheat” it somehow.

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However, there are quite a few reasons that gentlemen can influence. They are often responsible for lowered libido themselves. One such factor is an unhealthy diet. It is the menu that is based on products harmful to health (greasy and hard to digest). But this is not the only possibility.

Causes of problems with male libido

  • Incomplete diet (without essential elements and vitamins for potency)
  • No physical activity
  • Obesity
  • Excessive stress
  • Some diseases (diabetes, depression etc.)
  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Relationship problems
  • Lack of satisfying sex life

These are the reasons that can cause temporary and long-lasting erection problems. Where to look for solutions? There are several options.

Potency problems and diet change

This is one of the most frequently recommended solutions. And basically the first thing you need to do when bed problems arise. What is this about? As already mentioned from the menu you have to cut down on greasy products. The menu should be healthy and based largely on vegetables, lean meat, fish and legumes. In other words: healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates are needed.

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In addition, it is worth including in the daily menu a set of minerals and vitamins important for the male body. These include, for example, selenium and zinc. The latter can be found, among others, in seafood and buckwheat. Group B vitamins are also very important. They have a significant effect on the nervous system. They improve well-being and reduce stress. This is a very important aspect from the point of view of sexual health.

Vitamin C is important when building a diet to support men’s libido. First of all, it cares about the condition of the body. It strengthens immunity which means, among other things, fewer diseases. And this has a direct impact on sexual health. Providing vitamin C is extremely easy. We have a really large selection of food products in which it is found. These include red and orange vegetables. Ascorbic acid is present in a number of fruits.

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Of course, you cannot forget about aphrodisiacs. There are a lot of them and everyone will find something for themselves. In addition to the seafood mentioned, this group also includes chocolate, some spices, pineapple, strawberries and red wine. The latter, of course, in reasonable quantities and not necessarily regularly. Alcohol supplied in this way does more harm than good.

Move in front of the TV (laptop screen)

You don not have to decide to take part in the murderous triathlon right away. But the lack of any (greater than everyday going to and from work) physical activity is a huge problem for the body as well as for libido related aspects.

Regular movement supports well-being. It allows you to move away the spectrum of everyday problems and stress. It is also a rescue for male potency. What activity should you choose? Here the rules are quite simple. First, adapt it to your abilities (including fitness). If you approach the matter too ambitious, you risk injury at most. For starters, running or cycling is all you need. There will be time for the gym. The second rule is regularity and the associated regeneration time of the body. The latter is simply necessary.

Herbs supporting male potency

They are very popular and eagerly used by producers lifting male libido. First, licorice, tfe plant, which a large part of people associate only with specific sweets. However, it has hidden properties to support erection problems. Licorice contains many valuable minerals and vitamins important for the male body.

Maca root is undoubtedly one of the most popular solutions in natural medicine. From a male point of view, libido is a priceless plant. It comprehensively supports potency and satisfaction with sex life. It lets you rise to the challenge in a natural way. Maca strong root extract is found in the most popular erection enhancer – Eron Plus. Its full composition can be checked on the manufacturer’s website.

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  • Full satisfaction from sex life
  • End of chronic erection problems
  • Increased libido
  • More energy and joy in everyday life
  • A dose of vitamins and minerals necessary for men
  • Stimulation and full erection – greater and long-lasting readiness for intercourse

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Another plant, which is usually mentions in the context of the fight for male potency, is fenugreek (the extract from it is also found in Eron Plus). It is a very good source of two elements important for men and their libido. It is iron and selenium.

A list of herbs for male potency without ginseng root would be incomplete. This is an equally popular herb used in natural medicine. Not only does it effectively support male erection and supports libido but also has a huge impact on mood. It is often mentioned in the context of the fight against excessive stress. Ginseng root is also a daily dose of energy – says.

The last plant supporting male potency that is definitely worth mentioning is lovage. It is an aphrodisiac that can be successfully used in the daily diet. Lovage dilates blood vessels. This is not only a stronger erection, but a greater sexual experience.

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Products for potency problems – what to use?

There is no denying that this is a popular way of dealing with erection problems. For years, the market has been dominated by one product – the well-known “blue” pills. Then other products began to appear. The choice is big. However, if you need such help, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, how to avoid products (bought somewhere in the Internet) with illegal ingredients. This is a straight path not to a successful sex life, but to serious health problems.

The second rule to be followed is safety of use. In addition to the fact that such pills for male erection must not have harmful ingredients, they must be free of side effects. This is the case with Eron Plus, which is one of the products enhancing male libido with a special safety certificate.

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The type of ingredients is a separate issue. There are supporters of preparations based on so-called chemistry. There are also men choosing natural ingredients. The key should above all be the effectiveness and properties of the substances found in the product.

Whatever your choice is, you should also remember about safe use. If the package contains information about the daily dose in the form of one capsule or tablet, you have to stick to it.

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