Products that accelerate metabolism

You do not have to look far for food that speeds up your metabolism. Just look into the fridge and find dairy, meat or eggs in it. These are high-protein foods and of all the macronutrients we eat, this protein is the most effective metabolism accelerator.

african mango

With this knowledge, the famous Pierre Dukan developed a high-protein diet that cannot be denied its effectiveness. However, there are harmful effects on health as well. After all, if you want to speed up your metabolism, you should look at your diet for high-protein content. Perhaps you eat too few of them, or you eat them at the wrong times. In addition to protein, some vegetables and fruits also affect metabolism. Let’s look at all the basic dependencies in turn.

Table of content

  1. How and when to eat protein? Acceleration of metabolism in the evening?
  2. Vegetables that accelerate metabolism
  3. Fruits to speed up metabolism

How and when to eat protein? Acceleration of metabolism in the evening?

Proteins accelerate metabolism only if you eat them in the morning. If you eat them for dinner in the evening and you choose a high carbohydrate dinner, you will not achieve any special effects. Carbohydrates are worth eating in the morning, but only complex ones (simple in almost any amount are processed into adipose tissue if you tend to develop it). The later the meal, the less carbohydrate it should be. Replace them with more proteins. Do not overdo it with dairy products, which may cause allergies and cause some health complications. Eat dairy in moderation. – says.


Vegetables that accelerate metabolism

Metabolism is accelerated by all spicy vegetables, i.e. garlic or all kinds of spicy peppers. Just add a little to your foods and your metabolism jumps into an accelerated turnover. Products that accelerate metabolism often act indirectly. This is how capsaicin contained in peppers acts, it is an accelerator of thermogenesis. Thanks to increased heat production, metabolism clearly accelerates. Vegetables that accelerate metabolism are also considered to be all those products, the digestion of which requires the body to use more energy than they provide. The group of these products includes, above all, all green vegetables, i.e. lettuces, cabbages and cucumbers, which contain practically only water.


Fruits to speed up metabolism

Contrary to appearances, not all fruits have a slimming effect. Most of today’s cultivated varieties of apples, pears, plums etc. after a series of genetic modifications make the fruit less healty. Fruit are much sweeter than a dozen or so. Fructose dominates in these fruits (it gives them sweetness and it makes us so willingly reach for them). Meanwhile, according to the latest research, fructose is one of the main culprits of the obesity epidemic and one of those sugars that are processed into fat tissue the fastest and easiest.

african mango

Undoubtedly, you do not have to avoid fruits but if you want to lose weight, eat ones that contain relatively little sugar. These include wild fruits and many exotic products, e.g. citruses, Acai berry, and African mangoes. Mango is useful because, in addition to accelerating metabolism, it sensitizes cells to the effects of “thinness” hormones.

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