Protein bars for athletes

Protein bars for athletes

For a long time now, protein bars for athletes have been present on the Britisj market, as a product with a high content of nutrients and a positive impact on the functioning of the whole body.

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What are protein bars?

It can be said that protein bars are specialist bars for athletes. They have a higher nutritional content and less sugar and fat than normal bars available in shops. Their composition is based on the presence of protein and carbohydrates as well as active ingredients, including vitamins, creatine or amino acids. They can also be distinguished:

  • high-energy bars which contain a large amount of calories and carbohydrates,
  • high-protein bars which they contain a large amount of protein,
  • protein-carbohydrate bars which contain an equal amount of protein and carbohydrates,
  • low-carbohydrate bars which contain a small amount of calories and carbohydrates – most often used for people on a reducing diet.

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NuviaGo – protein bars – what is it?

The NuviaGo protein bars contain a well-chosen composition of nutrients that complement the diet in calories, proteins and carbohydrates. NuviaGo is an excellent snack, thanks to which it is possible to achieve and maintain your dream figure. It is possible through the use of appropriate nutrients providing ideal support for physically active people. NuviaGo protein bars are the perfect snack for breakfast as well as for eating before and after training and even a substitute for a sweet dessert. When we don’t have the time or opportunity to prepare a quick meal, protein bars with the “meal replacement” label come to your aid.

Benefits of protein bars

  • are a healthy, tasty snack,
  • provide support during an exhaustive training session.
  • are easy to transport and convenient to use,
  • are a source of vitamins and minerals,
  • help to meet the demand for something sweet,
  • support building and maintaining muscle mass,
  • support the body during strength training,
  • provide variety in the often very monotonous diet.

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Protein bars – composition

A protein bar contains protein, which represents from 25% to almost 50% of its energy value. The protein available here is in the form of whey protein hydrolysates, whey protein isolates, soya protein, casein, egg white or L- glutamine. The NuviaGo protein bars include protein, nutrients and fibre as well as small amounts of naturally occurring sugar. At the same time it is worth mentioning that other protein bars may contain monosaccharides, saturated fats, trans fats, artificial colourings, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and fillers.

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Protein bars – for athletes and slimmers alike

The protein bars are both saturated and very nutritious through their formula. For this reason, they are appreciated by athletes as well as by people who lose weight. The protein contained in protein bars is essential for maintaining or increasing muscle mass. For this reason, they have gained popularity among people practising various types of strength sports, lovers of endurance and speed sports. It is also worth noting that protein bars quickly provide essential nutrients and accelerate the regeneration of the body after physical effort. Therefore, it is not surprising that they enjoy the interest of every athlete. Meanwhile, in the case of people who lose weight, they are substitutes for a wholesome meal, which satisfy hunger and provide nutrients. The protein contained here definitely speeds up metabolism which, in turn, leads to weight reduction. Let us not be surprised that NuviaGo bars have a wide range of satisfied supporters.

Advantages of protein bars

  • are a fully-fledged meal substitute,
  • are a source of wholesome protein,
  • guarantee a feeling of satiety,
  • ensure satisfactory taste qualities,
  • add energy.

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Protein bars are very popular among athletes because they provide a feeling of satiety and at the same time contribute to building and maintaining muscle mass. This is a result of the high protein content, through which the energy supplied by protein bars is released much more slowly, giving us strength for much longer. ¬†Are you wondering at what times you decide to consume protein bars? Research has shown that protein bars can be used at times when we want something sweet and yet nutritious and sugar-free. Protein bars also work in situations where we do not have a properly prepared meal with us and, at the same time, we want to stick to the calorific framework. NuviaGo bars are also a proven way to increase the protein level in your diet, so they are an excellent snack after an exhausting workout. However, let’s remember that it is crucial to consume protein up to 30 minutes after the workout. This should not be a problem, as NuviaGo protein bars can also be found in gyms and fitness centres. With a clear conscience, we recommend that you consume protein bars so that you don’t miss your post-workout meal, as this could slow down your recovery after exercise. Talking to every athlete, we are able to receive information that exhausting workouts and the need to provide ourselves with an increased amount of energy make it helpful to reach for NuviaGo protein bars.

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