Quick weight loss: diets, tricks and pills

Quick weight loss: diets, tricks and pills

To lose weight quickly and without too much effort is a dream of everyone. If you are overweight, loss of few pounds will not only give you better look but also better well-being. There are many diets, tricks and pills to quickly lose weight but how to choose the best one?

Table of content

  1. Flash diet
  2. Track your progress
  3. weight-loss pills

Flash diet

Have you heard about flash diet? Take a picture of what you want eat- you might consider eating it after this. The researchers concluded that photographs are more effective than written food diaries. This is saying something, as prior studies had confirmed that people who use food diaries lose three times as much weight as those who don’t. Therefore use your camera phone to take a picture before opening your mouth. Even without a prescribed diet, this awareness alone will result in fat-loss.

flash diet

Track your progress

Stay accountable – whatever you do – diet or body training you must track your progress. If you have problems with motivation join social groups in the internet such as Body space or Daily burn to stay focused on what you want to achieve.

tracking weight loss progress

There are many diets but there is one which is a set of simple rules and is very effective. The diet was created by Tim Ferris and in short looks like this:

  • Avoid “white” carbohydrates.
  • Eat the same few meals over and over again.
  • Don’t drink calories.
  • Don’t eat fruit.
  • Take one day off per week and eat whatever you like.

This diet looks very simple and it is indeed but you may raise your eyebrows reading that you shouldn’t eat fruits. Why is that- fructose which is natural fruit ‘sugar’ will spoil your weight loss efforts.

weight-loss pills

Before you start to take a weight-loss pills talk to your doctor or dietitian. I know that appeal of losing weight quickly is hard to resist and looks like easy way to lose your weight fast. There is a lot of them in drugstore, supermarket or on-line. But before taking them make sure they are legit.

weight loss pills

To quickly loss weight you will need combination of 3 factors: proper diet, few tricks and (optionally) weight loss pills. When you put a lot of effort to your quick weight loss program you might see results even in such a short period as one month. To be persistent is a key to your success.

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