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Skin care with natural methods

Complexion care is one of the most-used cosmetic treatments for women. No wonder, after all the face is probably the most important factor of physical attractiveness. Unfortunately, all efforts are ineffective in the long run because the skin begins to show signs of aging very early. There are many ways to take care of your skin.
collagen selectYou can use special cosmetics, undergo a series of Botox injections or major surgery. In the following article I would like to deal with natural methods of delaying skin aging. Some of them have been known for centuries, others are made recently. Natural methods are very effective, they not only work on the complexion, but also improve the mood and give a boost of energy.

Table of content

  1. Aging skin
  2. Worth prevention!
  3. Compresses and infusions
  4. Natural face cosmetics

Aging skin

The skin begins to age relatively early, around the age of twenty-five. This is due to hormonal changes, mainly with a decrease in estrogen levels. Usually, only small wrinkles appear at the beginning. They usually appear around the eyes or on the line between the lips and the nose. These are called mimic wrinkles. They become deeper and deeper over time. The skin is regularly getting drier and drier. Discoloration and reduction of elasticity is laso something typical. Remember to take the appropriate steps after noticing the first symptoms.

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Worth prevention!

It is believed that extermal factor are responsible for skin changes in eighty percent. UV radiation is the main enemy for the skin. Remember to use creams with appropriate filters, not only during tanning, but every day. Avoid cigarettes and excessive alcohol consumption because they affect your skin condition badly. Try to sleep well, and consequently, wrinkles will be shallower. A healthy diet is also important when taking care of your complexion. First of all, make sure that you provide your body with all the necessary nutrients, especially vitamins A, D and E. These are important substances used to build a healthy skin structure. Drink plenty of water to help hydrate your skin.

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Compresses and infusions

There are many masks and infusions that allow you to take care of your complexion. I will try to name the most important ones. For cleansing and brightening the complexion, fresh cucumber compresses are recommended. Organic acids contained in its juice make the skin much cleaner. The skin rejuvenation effect can be achieved if ice cubes are used. The capillaries shrink, the pores are narrowed and the skin becomes firm. Do not apply ice cubes directly to the face, perform the procedure through a cloth.

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If your face is dry, make a banana mask mixed with olive oil. – says.

Apply the mixture to your face and wait half an hour and your skin will be moisturized and well nourished. The eye area is extremely important for facial care becasue the sighns of getting older are visible there. To eliminate swelling of the eyelids and redness of the eyes, put on used tea bags. After fifteen minutes you will notice significant effects.

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Natural face cosmetics

If you do not want to spend time on masks, you may like the vision of natural cosmetics. Natural products are safe for the skin and do not cause irritation. They usually contain ingredients similar to those used in home methods, but the concentration of active ingredients is much higher. A great example of a natural cream is Dermology Anti-Aging. Its formula contains a number of strong ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, which is an alternative to botox injections. This substance is produced in our bodies but its amount decreases. Dermology Anti-Aging removes all visible wrinkles, eliminates discoloration, deeply moisturizes the skin and restores its healthy color. All you need is just a few weeks of treatment!
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