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The best ways to increase motivation for training

It is true that if you have motivation for intense and effective training, achieving your dream figure will not be just a dream, and it will come true. Regardless of your current figure, everything can be changed. Every thing we do in life, we usually associate with a specific goal, otherwise there is a lack of desire.

Motivation is the most important element in every field, and above all for people who practice sport. Bad days happen to everyone, regardless of the purpose, and then the motivation may fall slightly. Of course, it is okay if we can get back to training soon. Usually, beginners have trouble keeping their motivation at the same level.

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The beginnings are a great desire and you can safely say that they are too big, because as a result they disappear quickly. In the case of training, there may be adverse situations for the figure, when suddenly thoughts of complete resignation from exercise arise or we continue exercising, but as long as not following the set plan.

So-called trainings half a whistle is a waste of time. Regardless of whether we aim to significantly increase muscle mass or lose weight frustrating kilograms and excessive body fat, training motivation plays the first fiddle and it can provide the desired results.

The reality can be surprising, and for people training without a plan and goal usually negative. Working on body sculpting is a very long and exhausting road. Patience and determination go hand in hand with motivation.

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When do we lose motivation?

Everyone who practices regularly observes their progress in the form of weekly loss. After a long break, however, motivation begins to decline because it is difficult to see the difference in the body.


Usually men who want to achieve big muscles look at others who are better at training, they can spend less time on it, and their body looks better anyway. In other words, jealousy and stress will negatively affect your exercise plan. The subject of the figure is a difficult matter and many people prefer to avoid it, so you must not give up on the realization of your dream.

Lack of motivation to exercise: how to fight it?

Problems with motivation affect beginners but also advanced sportsmrn. Sometimes, even after many months of intense exercise, we lose the desire to continue them. It can be caused by fatigue, and after all, training is a constant effort. Mobilizing yourself to go back to the gym can be difficult but the fight must be started for a reason, namely:

  • no goal,
  • low physical condition,
  • inappropriate habits, which is lying constantly during the day after work or the slightest effort,
  • logistical trouble getting into the gym.

Lack of motivation to exercise

Lack of motivation can affect men and women regardless of the type of exercise they do. Mental attitude is very important and in this case stubbornness and firmness has its huge advantages. Of course, advanced athletes, as we already know, also have worse moments, but this should not be a comfort to beginners, but a warning. The better the start, the easier it will be to control your hesitation. Almost everyone who starts the adventure with training wants to see the effects quickly and their lack within a specified period causes an unexpected decrease in motivation.

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So how do you regain and maintain the right level of motivation?

Let training become a duty

In life there are situations, events or activities that are not subject to any discussion, such as going to work or school. Such inherent elements would be difficult to abandon without consequences. So can training be treated as a duty? Then with such an attitude we will definitely head towards the gym instead of a couch during the day or, worse, a beer with friends. Of course, your decision should be taken very seriously, only then we will know that it is an obligation and we must complete the task. All friends or family should find out at what hours the training takes place so that none of them disturbs us during this time. After all, with this attitude you can also introduce a healthy habit to the lives of your loved ones.

training goals

It is important to set your training goals

Only clearly defined ones. Overweight? Or maybe the lack of muscles? Then we set the time. Keeping a personal calendar is a very nice idea in this situation. You can mark every training day in it, additionally describing in the margins which exercises must be done. By following the notes, the motivation in the gym will increase and we will be more likely to return to it. You are not allowed to look in the mirror and criticize your body because it is the biggest mistake of each person who uses effort to pursue the goal. This may seem unlikely and effective but the opposite is true. All you need is not much, a notebook or calendar, a packed bag and a lively step towards the gym.

training as duty

Preparing for training is the key

Training cannot do without proper preparation. Namely, you should collect a package that will make training a pleasure. Favorite music CD, exercise outfit, comfortable footwear and a smile on your face. Enthusiasm increases definitely when we think positively about what we will do at the gym today and how much more our result will be higher than the previous one. A healthy diet has a lot to do with it. A light and energetic pre-workout meal will also affect its quality and effectiveness. You can use supplements, specially prepared drinks or valuable nutrients, such as nuts.

preparing for training

Goal setting and pursuit of it

The topic of the goal has already been taken into account, but something much larger should be considered. A perfectly built silhouette is an end in itself if we have complexes. However, the biggest goal is no longer the body itself, but the reward that we can give ourselves in return for keeping our own resolve. It can be participation in sports competitions, which involves an interesting place to visit, or a photo session to be able to show off your stubbornness in pursuing your goal. There are many ideas and possibilities. With a bigger goal up our minds, we will quickly set our thoughts on a good track and we will not dodge the gym. Motivation and its maintenance will not be a problem.

goal setting training

Training with another person

Training with a friend or someone close is a really good idea. You can then build each other’s motivation. Worse days will start to appear less and less, because the training partner will drag us to the gym anyway. In addition, the presence of a second person is sometimes very useful for some types of exercise.

training with another person

Important responsibility

Increasing your responsibility is definitely influenced by sharing your goal and the trainings we practice with your partner or family and friends. While they already know what we are doing, it would be a shame to stop. Bragging about your progress and even talking about smaller failures or worse days is not bad at all. Having a sense of support in other people, we want to train for them and their satisfaction. After all, psychological comfort for every trainee is an important element of hours spent in the gym.

training responsibility


Finally, it is worth remembering that when making a decision about training, we care for our body. Moreover, we make it possible for us to enjoy its impeccable appearance for a long time, which will definitely take our years away. In addition, an increase in fitness will have a positive impact on everyday life.

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