causes of erectile dysfunction

The most common causes of erectile dysfunction

Erection is the process based on hardening the penis due to increased blood flow to the penis area. It happens, however, that due to various situations, erection cannot occur. What are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction and what are the methods to counteract them?

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  2. Causes
  3. Treatment


When it comes to problems with erection, the most important thing is the right diagnosis The satisfaction depends on this. It should also be remembered that temporary problems with achieving an erection do not mean that the man is impotent. Most men over 40 have periodic erectile dysfunction due to various factors.

erectile dysfunction diagnosis1


Eighty percent of factors causing erectile dysfunction have organic origin. Only twenty percent is psychogenic. Sometimes traumatic experiences can effectively deprive a man of the joy of intimate life. Then the problem is not in the penis but in the male head. This is a complex problem and only a specialized doctor, namelt a psychologist or a sexologist, is able to determine its cause and choose effective and safe pharmacological agents. (1)

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Most men occasionally experience periods of impotence, which is not caused by any organic disease. It seems to be associated with stress, fatigue, etc. Organic impotence can be caused by heart disease, diabetesor multiple sclerosis. The cause can be both a stressful lifestyle and hypertension or coronary artery disease.

causes of erectile dysfunction

Injuries, including the spine, can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction, which can sometimes be permanent. The same applies to the nerves of the perineum and the reduced sensation in this area can lead to loss of erection.

Alcohol and drugs also have a bad effect on erections. The excessive use of alcohol and drugs may lead to a lack of satisfaction during a sexual intercourse.

Since there are many causes and types of disorders, there is no one universal treatment.


If impotence is caused by psychological factors, psychotherapy may be helpful. In psychogenic impotence, there are various methods used, such as a training with a partner, hypnosis, individual and partner psychotherapy. In terms of phobia, desensitization is recommended.

Various methods are used in neurogenic impotence, e.g. vacuum pumps, electrotherapy, drugs stimulating the nervous system and massage.

Treatment erectile dysfunction

In circulatory impotence, it is currently recommended to give injections into the cavernous bodies of a member. It is usually Prostaglandin but not only. Asensational dietary supplement called Virility EX has recently appeared on the EU market. It will effectively increase libido and improve the sex life of every man. It uses a special blend of herbs that are 100% natural. They do not cause side effects and are completely safe. In addition, it provides a long-lasting feeling of pleasure and fulfillment during intercourse.

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A lack of treatment for erectile dysfunction can aggravates the problem but also cause depression, a lack of self-acceptance and low self-esteem. Therefore, in order to improve your well-being, it is worth undergoing treatment or, at least, diagnosing the problem.

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