The most effective drug for hair growth

The most effective drug for hair growth

Hair loss is one of the first signs of aging among men. It should not surprise anyone that many of us are trying to stop this process at all costs. Majority of men doen not want to accept the idea that youth is beginning to pass away. They cling to their teenage years, unfortunately nature cannot be fooled. However, it may be possible, at least, in terms of baldness?

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Fortunately, hair loss does not have to be a sentence and this process can be reversed with appropriate efforts. Scientists have been looking for the perfect way to stop baldness for years. You can do a hair transplant, use special devices that stimulate hair growth. There are people who try traditional methods still used by their ancestors. Hair growth medicine will be presented in the following article. At the beginning, however, the causes of baldness will be briefly discussed.

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  1. Causes of hair loss
  2. Ingredients often used in baldness medications
  3. Procerin set as a great example of a hair growth remedy

Causes of hair loss

A healthy man loses about a hundred hair every day. In the place of the lost, however, new ones appear. If there are disturbances in the economy of the scalp, there may be a situation when more hair begins to fall out than grow out. Then this is called progressive baldness. – says.

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There can be many reasons for excessive hair loss. This is usually a genetic problem. If majority of your family members is bald, there is a huge likelihood that this problem will also affect you. Other factors causing hair loss range from recent illness, general weakness of the body to excessive stress.

Ingredients often used in baldness medications

Hair loss products often contain similar ingredients. This is because our knowledge of hair loss is still not enough to fully tackle this problem Hence manufacturers keep experimenting and try different blends of ingredients. In practice, there is a limited number of possibilities containing particular ingredients. That is why, there are various products containiing different ingredients. The most commonly chosen include:

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Saw Palmetto berry

Saw Palmetto berry is the fruit that has a unique blend of fatty acids, phytosterols and alcohols. As a result, it stimulates hair growth. Importantly, the effect of berries does not affect libido, so you do not have to worry about a decrease in sexual ability.

Azelaic acid

Azelaic acid reduces the amount of produced sebum in which DHT resides, i.e. a testosterone derivative responsible for excessive hair loss.

Oleic acid

Oleic acid os the substance that is designed to capture harmful DHT.


Minoxidil is the substance that prolongs the hair growth phase, thanks to which it becomes thicker and stronger. This is one of the strongest baldness remedies currently known to scientists.

Procerin set as a great example of a hair growth remedy

There are hundreds of products to fight baldness on the market. It is hard to decide on one specific. Over the past few years I have tested many measures to restore hair growth. In practice, the Procerin kit consisting of a dietary supplement in capsules and active foam worked best. The tablets are supposed to stop hair loss and the foam restores hair growth. The composition includes almost all of the above ingredients, as well as a few additional ones. It is noteworthy that all the ingredients used in the Procerin kit are of natural origin, so there is no risk of unwanted symptoms. If you are looking for a proven remedy for baldness, Procerin is the perfect choice.

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