How to fight excessive hair loss? Proven Tips

This is a problem that many women face. A beautiful and well-groomed hairstyle is a reason to be proud. How to fight excessive hair loss? The following tips will be useful.

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Excessive hair loss – causes

In order to fight this problem successfully, it is first necessary to know the most common reasons for it. Usually this situation results from only a few reasons. Although hair can be lost due to many factors. However, we will focus on the most common ones.

Causes of hair loss in large quantities:

  • Incorrect diet (low in vitamins and elements important for hair)
  • Excessive styling (destroys and weakens hair)
  • Season (hair is often weakened after winter)
  • Too frequent dyeing
  • Time after childbirth
  • Diseases

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Knowing the reasons for your hairstyle problems will help you develop a plan to fight them. Its main feature should be the comprehensiveness of operations.

Excessive hair loss – diet change

A very common occurring cause (not without reason was mentioned in the first place) is a shortage of certain ingredients in the menu. Usually such a problem occurs during weight loss, not just radical starvation.

The menu that will help your hair should be above all full of “good” food. You should throw away any products that are harmful to your body. This includes fatty food and also highly processed products. A good lead when creating a diet for hair is to choose healthy food. It has a positive effect on the whole body (and thus on the follicles).

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In addition, the menu should include certain vitamins and elements. When it comes to the first group, zinc, sulfur and silicon are important from the hair perspective. Each of them directly affects the condition of the bellows, and thus the entire hairstyle. The first of these can be found, among others, in seafood. Allergy to the latter “does not eliminate” zinc from the diet for hair. This element is present in buckwheat and pumpkin seeds. Sulfur includes, among others, vegetables – cauliflower, broccoli and garlic. This is an extremely important element in the fight against excessive hair loss.

The last of these minerals is silicon that is usually supplied by garlic, cereals and fruit. They are not the richest source of this element. When it comes to vitamins necessary for the hairstyle, group B is usually mentioned, plus beta-carotene and ascorbic acid. With their sources in the diet will not be a problem. In fact, it is enough to include vegetables and legumes in the menu.

Home remedies for excessive hair loss

The choice is really big. Most of these home hair care methods are characterized by the absence of side effects. However, this does not release you from checking this method beforehand, e.g. on the skin of the inside of your hand.

When browsing blogs, but also online forums in search of home remedies for excessive hair loss, you can see that a dozen or so are usually referred to. These are, of course, the most frequently used.

hair loss home remedies

One of the effective home remedies for hair loss is fenugreek seed. The latter can be bought at the herbal store. The product should be in powder. Pour two teaspoons of seeds with boiling water (200-300 ml). After 10 minutes, the whole should be strained. The resulting fluid is rubbed into the scalp. It can be kept for about 7 days (necessarily in the fridge). The first effects should appear after 14 days – says

Nettle and horsetail rinse is another often mentioned home remedy. Both of these plants are one of the best sources of silicon mentioned above. We need a tablespoon of dried nettle and horsetail. They should be poured with boiling water (about half a liter). Wait for the whole thing to brew up and of course cool down. This lotion is best used when washing hair –

home remedies for hair loss

If the problem is excessive drying of the hairstyle, the solution may be a home moisturizing mask. Thanks to it, you can reduce excessive hair loss. For such a mask, simply invest in an avocado. It is important that it is very ripe. The fruit pulp must be crushed. The resulting “slurry” is applied to the hair and scalp. Food foil will also be useful. It is applied to the head. In addition, we cover it with a towel. After about half an hour, wash your head.

Hair support herbs

These, of course, also belong to home remedies for excessive hair loss. However, there are so many that they constitute a separate group of solutions. These plants operate at many levels. Some of them comprehensively hit many causes of hair loss at once. Others work on a specific “slice”. Two of these plants were listed above. But they are not the only ones.

Bamboo is an extremely valuable source of silicon. This is a plant that saves hair in several ways. First of all, it works from the outside. It is used as a rinse. Thanks to it, the hairstyle can regain shine. The second way is to supply important ingredients directly to the hair follicles.

Bamboo is one of 16 (!) ingredients found in Locerin hair loss tablets for women. It is currently the most frequently chosen product that protects and nourishes the hair in a comprehensive way. The full list of ingredients is available on the manufacturer’s official website.

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  • A natural way to stop hair loss
  • Complex moisturizing and dehydrating your hair
  • New hair growth
  • Regeneration of a damaged hairstyle
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  • Retaining the natural hair color

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Another plant used in the Locerin product is Alfalfa. its action focuses primarily on reconstructing the internal structures of the hair. Thanks to this, the hairstyle becomes visibly “full”. Alfalfa will get rid of the problem of brittle and thin hair. It also helps maintain the natural color of the hairstyle.


Calamus is a plant that is also mentioned in the context of the fight against excessive hair loss. First of all, it strengthens the hairstyle. This is one point. Calamus protects the scalp against diseases that attack it. We are talking here about seborrheic dermatitis, as well as dandruff.

Birch juice is recommended primarily for upper respiratory tract infections. As a way to protect the body’s immunity which is particularly useful in the autumn and winter. Birch juice also has properties that support the hairstyle. First, it strengthens the bellows. This reduces hair loss. Birch also supports the scalp.

The last, but not the least effective plant is black turnip. It is currently a bit forgotten, but 100 years ago used by our great-grandmothers just to save the hairstyle. Black turnip juice promotes microcirculation in the scalp. Thanks to this, other ingredients get to it faster and work in a “full way”. This reduces excessive hair loss.

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