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Ways to achieve beautiful skin – simple and proven

Who doesn’t want to look young for as long as possible? Unfortunately, the reality is usually different. Luckily, there are ways to have a beautiful complexion. They are simple and proven and we have collected them for you in one place.

To start with, some factors that have a negative impact on the condition of the skin. Not all of them are directly influenced by us. This group includes, among other things, air quality, and more specifically, the presence of chemical compounds that directly affect the condition of the skin. It goes without saying that people living in large industrial centres have an “uplift.


However, we have influence on many factors. Smoking and alcohol are the best examples here. Both can do a lot of harm to our skin. In an easy (well, maybe not with cigarettes 🙂 ) way they can be reduced.

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Ways for a beautiful complexion – home spa

And cheap! First of all, in this home SPA it is worth to follow certain rules related to skin care. Before the whole process it will be useful to cleanse it. It is worth to prepare yourself a home tonic, ¾ glass of water. We fill it with lemon juice and it is ready. After using this tonic, it is time for the mask. Another cheap way to get a beautiful complexion.

There are many recipes, but some of the ingredients are repeated. One of them is honey. It has two properties useful for skin care. First, it is has antibacterial properties which are useful for skin changes. Secondly, it helps to moisturize the skin. Dry skin not only doesn’t look healthy, it also optically makes us look older.

skin aging

Home masks for beautiful skin often contain linseed oil. It can also be used on its own and about 20 minutes on the skin should be enough. With this oil you can cope with dryness. It also moisturizes the skin perfectly. Olive oil works in a similar way.

Another ingredient worth paying attention to is egg yolk. It appears in many domestic ways. But you can also use it individiallu. Egg yolk should be kept on the skin for 20-25 minutes. It moisturises and regenerates perfectly. It helps if you have sensitive skin. Protein, in turn, normalises the sebaceous glands.

Aloe vera will also be perfect for everyday skin care. It even has wonderful properties when it comes to moisturizing. It is recommended as a natural solution for people struggling with dry skin. Aloe vera can be used as a one-component mask. But it also occurs in cooperation with many ingredients essential for the skin (including vitamins A, C and E).

Aloe vera properties

The last homemade way to a beautiful complexion may require a lot of self-constipation. It is not particularly tasty:). But really very effective. It is yeast. They contain ingredients essential for beautiful skin. It is enough to prepare a drink from them (1/3 of the cube flooded with warm water). It should be drunk regularly for about 2 months. It tastes terrible, but the effects will reward you. It is worth reaching for the natural power of yeast.

Do you want beautiful skin? Get rid of your acne

In an effective and, above all, quick way. Although it is a teenage affliction, more and more adults have been suffering from it for several years. Regardless of the age, it has to be fought against. Of course, under no circumstances should you squeeze out pimples! This, as well as leaving acne untreated, will have a negative effect on the skin. The problem with its “repair” may continue for years. [1]


Read now on!

Acne can be eliminated by means of products acting directly on the causes of this ailment. A product called Nonacne has become very popular in recent years. Based solely on natural ingredients (including sarsaparilla and red clover extracts), it is very good at dealing with acne in teenagers and adults. More information about it can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Ways for a beautiful complexion – detoxification of the body

Many people do not realize how much excessive toxins are harmful to the skin. Yeah, it is the fastest way to see that we have a problem with them and they range from dryness, a lot of skin changes toloss of elasticity. It is a sign that it is time to detoxify the body. There are many ways to do so and one of them is a proper diet.

body detox

As in the case of acne, the best results can be achieved by choosing ready-made solutions. Besides, products for detoxification of the body are very popular. One of them is Detoxin. A new solution with a very rich composition because it consists of 11 active substances. Additional information about it can be found on the manufacturer’s website. [2]

Diet as a way to a beautiful complexion

What we eat affects the functioning of our entire body. The individual systems, the work of the brains, etc. So why wouldn’t it matter to the skin? Of course it does.

The diet must be healthy above all else. We get rid of the products that are harmful to the body. Plus, they increase the number of toxins. Ideally, our liver can handle it but it is a rare situation. What is in the diet for a beautiful complexion determines the presence of certain vitamins and elements which are essential to the skin. And we will focus on them now.

The benefits of using an acne diet

The first fire is the elements. Especially two of them are very important to the skin. It is sulfur and zinc. Thanks to their presence in the diet, for example, you can support its elasticity (through the production of collagen), and thus ensure a young appearance. Sulphur can be found, among others, in high-protein products. It is also worth adding some vegetables to the menu. We are guided by… the smell. Vegetables containing sulphur during cooking “give a specific smell. These are cauliflower, white cabbage, Brussels sprouts and they jump into the menu.

It will be a little harder with zinc. It is the element which is found in the seafood in the greatest quantities. If you like them and you are not allergic to them, enrich the menu. There are alternative sources of zinc like buckwheat and seeds.

Time for vitamins. In this case, too, we need to look at three. The first is beta-carotene. Its deficiency is a huge problem for skin condition. Anyway, it is the one that is the most obvious problem with vitamin A. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources. Especially red and orange vegetables. Liver is also a very good source.


Another ingredient is vitamin C which is a very strong antioxidant. And this is what you need if you want to take care of a beautiful skin. Sources of vitamin C do not really need to be presented. In addition to the most famous ones, such as citrus, vegetables (tomato, cabbage, broccoli and kale) should be on the daily menu. And remember about black currant, kiwi and strawberries.

Finally, vitamin E which is often referred to as the elixir of youth. It is as strong an antioxidant as ascorbic acid. It is found in many beauty products. But you also need to take care of providing vitamin E in your daily diet. What are its sources? Mostly oils (for example, sunflower seeds), nuts, almonds, bran and poultry. So there is plenty to choose from. [3]

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