morning erection

What does the morning erection result from?

Sexuality is important to all of us. No wonder that some aspects of our intimate life interest us more than others. One of the questions that bother men and women during puberty, but also at a later stage is the problem related to erection. Namely, how it happens that after a night’s rest “men’s equipment” is in the ready phase.

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Table of content

  1. Findings
  2. Truths and myths
  3. Supplementation


Studies conducted on a group of respondents prove that during a night’s rest a man experiences three to five erections. Their duration is on average from 25 minutes to half an hour. In conclusion, a man who turns 60 has five years of being in full readiness, of course not including intimate situations.

morning erection

The conducted research does not clearly indicate why the male organism reacts in this way. However, there are some guesses.

Truths and myths

One of them, considered a myth, indicates that the morning erection should be attributed to a full bladder that is not sufficiently emptied during the night.

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Another one, more supported by insights, suggests that the morning erection may be associated with the desire to test the male body. It is an involuntary training of male opportunities that are to contribute to healthy development.

The duration and strength of an erection depends on the quality of our sleep and the heart rate. It is also affected by accidental friction of the penis, which causes its proverbial “preservation”. In this way the male body checks if everything is ok.

morning erection

Sleep and relaxation of all muscles makes the male organ work exceptionally long and well. It is also affected by a lack of control over the body’s response. Thanks to this, it is possible to perform tests to determine whether a man suffers from impotence. The erection achieved during sleep suggests that our problems are related to the psyche and not to the neurological or medical sphere.

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However, if the medical sphere is not excluded, it is possible to determine the appropriate method of treatment. For example, supplementation in the form of Virility EX may be helpful, which was designed specifically for men seeking a remedy that will comprehensively solve their sexual problems. Supplementation with Virility EX strengthens the erection and overcomes discouragement and the penis size also increases, guaranteeing a successful sex life.

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