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Which creatine is the strongest? We are shocked!

Are you wondering which creatine is the strongest? Which creatine product will ensure the fastest weight gain?

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The answer to these questions is not clear. Some experts claim that you only need to use the monohydrate. It is possible to achieve satisfying effect by experimenting with the dosage, duration of creatine cycles, diet and training.


On the other hand, however, some scientists,(those who are tempted to study the effects on the body of forms of creatine other than monohydrate, believe that the most powerful creatine is creatine phosphate or pyruvate. So who do you listen to?

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  1. The most powerful creatine for beginners
  2. The most powerful creatine for advanced

The most powerful creatine for beginners

For beginners, theoretically creatine monohydrat eis enough. Thanks to it, ATP production clearly increases and, as a result, muscle mass increases, too. Creatine monohydrate improves regeneration, efficiency of the body and increases strength. (1)

However, if you want to maximize the effects, reach for several forms of creatine, they are cleverly combined in Creadrene. People who choose this suplement can count on surprising weight gains and can become advanced bodybuilders.


In time, when you decide that the growths are not satisfying, you can keep experimenting.

The most powerful creatine for advanced

Over time, the body stops responding to training, diet and supplementation as enthusiastically as at the beginning of the adventure with sport. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to change stimulation in order to ensure development. The moment you notice that creatine monohydrate does not work on you as you it before, try:

  • creatine pyruvate, which is a more easily absorbed form of this compound. It is possible because its absorption occurs beyond the liver. Research findings indicated that thanks to this creatine, pyruvate works faster and more intensively than monohydrate. It is recommended especially to athletes using short creatine cycles in combination with intense workouts,
  • creatine phosphate, by some researchers is also considered to be a better absorbed and more effective form of creatine. Research showed that creatine taken in this form instantly replenishes ATP deficiencies, which increases fitness and training capabilities. It is also believed that phosphate protects against so-called better than monohydrate or pyruvate. overload degradation.

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As you can see, in practice it is difficult to indicate one of the strongest form of creatine, because creatine supplements, like everything, should be selected for the individual needs of each bodybuilder.

best creatine

Beginner organisms respond well to any form of creatine. Trained organisms need more thoughtful supplementation. If you are just thinking about choosing a supplement for yourself, check which creatines users recommend.

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