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Xtrasize is one of the most frequently chosen dietary supplements, which is supposed to make the male member become much bigger. Problems with the small size of the penis are the bane of many men, who thereby decline in confidence and do not believe in their sexual capabilities.

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Of course, this can be remedied but it is necessary to take Xtrasize capsules. Thanks to them, you can forget about the embarrassing problem and provide your woman with an amazing experience that she will not forget for many months. Probably every man wants to please a fully loved one and a penis that is not large enough can be an insurmountable obstacle in some situations.

Table of content

  1. Xtrasize – what exactly is it?
  2. Product review for penis enlargement
  3. Xtrasize composition
  4. The price of tablets for penis enlargement
  5. The effects of using Xtrasize
  6. Dosage Xtrasize for thickening of the penis
  7. Where to buy Xtrasize?

Xtrasize – what exactly is it?

Xtrasize is a popular medical device with a very safe composition, which is why users can be sure that they will definitely have positive effects on such treatment. By far the most important thing is that the agent works effectively not only on young people but also those much older who want to enjoy life and have sex with their partners.


An inappropriate member size can be a brake but it is not worth it to break down and take an effective treatment that will definitely solve any problems.

Xtrasize capsules not only enlarge the penis, but also:

  • increase its thickness,
  • provide a satisfactory erection in every possible place,
  • prolong sexual intercourse.


No wonder that men are so positive about them since thanks to such capsules you can get much more pleasure from sex. However, it is important to reach for them wisely, preferably after consulting a specialist.

Product review for penis enlargement

According to the users, Xtrasize capsules occupy one of the highest places when it comes to penis enlargement tablets ranking. This is very important information for all men who are wondering whether to reach for this product, or whether they can look for something else for themselves.

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It is recommended to try Xtrasize tablets because the penis will certainly become larger, and men will have a greater desire for sexual contact with their partners. There are many different opinions on the Internet about this medical device that anyone interested can read about. Here are some examples:

Max: “My sex with my sweetheart was not what I dreamed of. All because my penis was too small and my girlfriend was carping at me. I felt slightly touched but after treatment everything returned to normal. From then on I became a real sex demon, “

Aaron: “I recommend Xtrasize tablets to all men who have had problems with reduced sexual performance. A small member can be a shame, at least for me, but it is worth taking matters into your own hands. The capsules have a safe composition and work extremely effectively, “

Gregory: “I didn’t expect Xtrasize capsules to affect me like that. I couldn’t find the right medical device for me but that has changed. A friend persuaded me to test and since then my penis has grown by 6 centimeters, and this is not the end of the treatment! “

xtrasize pills

The reviews are very positive, which is why the decision to buy a dietary supplement will definitely prove to be a very good solution. Sex in the life of a person plays an important role so sleeplessness in the bedroom can lead to depressed mood or even depression. It is worth reacting to such symptoms as soon as possible and going to a specialist or buying Xtrasize tablets from time to time and starting home treatment.

Xtrasize composition

In the dietary supplement, users can only find natural ingredients, so it is worth reaching for it when you are looking for the perfect medical device for you. The most important thing, however, is to read the leaflet that comes with the tablets before starting the treatment. Then you can read their exact composition but also the dosage method so that the treatment is successful for all those interested. The product contains the following ingredients:

  • L-arginine,
  • Tribulus Terrestris,
  • Mac Root,
  • Saw Palmetto.

These are very precisely selected ingredients, strictly according to the American recipe, which in practice works very effectively on men of all ages. Just reach for the capsules and you can change your sex life and please your woman at every step in a short time.

The price of tablets for penis enlargement

The price for one package of the product is 89 €, however, this is the basic version. You can also choose to use the economic package when you get two packages for which you have to pay 149 €.

However, three packages can be purchased only for 179 €. As you can see, the more packages you order, the less your home budget will suffer. Of course, the needs are different because some people decide to order one packet of Xtrasize tablets because they want to test them and see how they will perform in practice.

However, if someone is sure that he will use the medical device for a long time, he should immediately decide to buy three packages because this option will cost him the least money. It is also worth remembering that a solidly implemented treatment should last at least a few or several weeks.

The effects of using Xtrasize

Xtrasize capsules guarantee one hundred percent positive effects which is why their popularity in EU is huge and there are many indications that it will increase even more. The most desirable effect, in this case, is penis enlargement. It can be enlarged by up to 7-9 centimeters. All depends on the human body. In addition, the product gives the following effects:

  • increased libido,
  • deriving great pleasure from sexual contact,
  • increased sexual performance,
  • no problems with erection,
  • greater desire for sex with your partner. (1)(2)(3)(4)

xtrasize effect

This option will definitely appeal to the vast majority of men so it is worth buying this product. After some time you will notice that the dietary supplement is simply reliable.

Side effects of Xtrasize

The tablet manufacturer emphasizes that there are no side effects after using the capsules. This is very valuable information because as you can see the product is very safe and will not threaten anyone. So there are no serious health problems or complications.

The treatment is non-invasive. You can be sure that the penis will lengthen and health will not be harmed. Of course, the key to success is regular use of the tablets, in accordance with the instructions attached to the package or the doctor’s instructions. Failure to follow these tips may result in various ailments, e.g. dizziness or stomach ache – can read on drugs.com

Dosage Xtrasize for thickening of the penis

It is recommended to use only one tablet a day, at the time chosen by the patient. Doctors tell their patients that it is best to consume the capsule in the morning so as to consolidate this behavior and never forget about it.

The tablet should be washed down with a large dose of water since it maximises the effectiveness. It is not recommended to change the doses yourself because it can lead to very unpleasant health consequences. None would like to make that happen.

Where to buy Xtrasize?

The product can be easily purchased primarily on the manufacturer’s website, where the order is placed expressly and ready for its implementation. The process of shipping tablets may take several days, depending on how many orders the manufacturer has received.


By deciding to buy a medicine on the manufacturer’s website, you can save a lot of money. As far as a proper treatment should last several weeks, it is reasonable to buy several packages at a time. The transaction carried out in this way is completely safe for every customer. You will definitely get your tablets and you can realistically think about lengthening your penis. At this point, many men’s sexual problems will disappear.

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