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Bars for everyone!

Protein bars are among the increasingly popular snacks for people of both sexes and, in principle, of different ages. They are an excellent snack for active people who build muscle mass, as well as those who simply want to enrich their diet with healthy treats. Here, in order to come up with their expectations, you can find NuviaGo protein bars which can be a complete meal in emergency situations.

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What is NuviaGo?

More and more consumers are wondering what NuviaGo protein bars are. Generally speaking, they are bars, thanks to which it is possible to achieve and maintain a dreamlike, slender, fat-free figure. Most importantly, when deciding on NuviaGo, you do not have to give up on sweetness as they are a perfect substitute. It has been proven that many people reach for NuviaGo bars as they provide support in building and maintaining muscle mass. In addition, NuviaGo is an excellent form of snack during weight loss and is also ideal as a meal before or after workouts.

When is it best to eat protein bars?

Based on the studies and analyses carried out, it can be concluded that the best results can be achieved by eating bars for breakfast, before and after training, as well as for dessert. However, it is recommended not to replace every meal with this kind of snack. We need to know moderation! When we eat our breakfast bars, we can be sure that we will start the day perfectly, with a large portion of energy. Eating sticks before training will give us the strength necessary for exhausting exercise. However, by choosing the bars after the workout, we provide the body with the necessary protein, which will help to regenerate tired muscles quickly. This is due to the high content of high-value protein which will also strengthen the effects of training.

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Unique composition and best taste

NuviaGo protein bars are based on natural ingredients, resulting in protein bars with unique taste and consistency. Choosing NuviaGo we get a crispy cookie interior with cream covered with milk chocolate. At the same time, we ensure that you don’t have to worry about NuviaGo snacks because each bar contains a small amount of naturally occurring sugar, so you don’t have to worry that calories will be deposited on your hip and belly.

The protein, nutrients and fibre contained in one bar represent a portion of only 173 calories, which is an unquestionably huge asset. One bar with a unique taste provides the body with an injection of energy, helps build muscle mass and accelerates regeneration after training.

For whom NuviaGo bars

NuviaGo protein bars are mainly aimed at physically active people as they contribute to building and maintaining muscle mass. It is the content of natural sugars and a large amount of protein that makes the bars an ideal support during an exhausting workout. Every person leading an active lifestyle should make the greatest effort to follow a properly prepared and balanced diet. Therefore, it is advisable to consume protein bars which support the body during strength training and at the same time stimulate muscle development. A “mass” diet is associated with the need to take a large amount of calories every day but, unfortunately, sometimes they do not have the opportunity to prepare a normal meal. This is where NuviaGo protein bars come in handy which support strength training, stimulate muscle development and at the same time provide the necessary portion of calories as well as a variety to a monotonous diet.

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In addition, NuviaGo bars are also an excellent solution for people who are losing weight, as they are a healthy alternative to sweets and also contribute to weight reduction. The advantage of NuviaGo bars is that they are highly nutritious, fast and easily accessible snacks. What is more, they satisfy the demand for something sweet and are an alternative to unhealthy dessert. However, let us remember not to eat too many bars. Moderation is a key to successs. Are you wondering how protein bars can improve your figure and reduce your weight? Protein and fibre have been proven to support metabolic processes and large quantities can be found in each bar. In addition, NuviaGo bars provide a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time so they are used for a reduction diet. It is the fibre content that can contribute to preventing overeating between meals.

An easily accessible source of nutrients

NuviaGo protein bars have a growing number of supporters overnight as they are a simple, ready-to-eat, nutritious snack form that can be taken to the gym and consumed both before and after workouts. They are easily accessible, in small packages which can always be carried with you and taken out in emergency situations. It is possible because they contain a reasonable amount of protein and high quality ingredients. It is also worth noting that NuviaGo bars are a good source of important vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins E and B. This is of great importance when meeting the daily needs for these microelements.

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Loss of weight

Some studies indicate that enriching the diet with high-protein bars can cause more weight loss than diets containing a standard amount of protein. How is this possible? This is due to the use of a large amount of protein which can reduce your appetite. Consequently, it  minimises the risk of overeating. However, when losing weight, our diet should not be based solely on protein bars as we need to ensure that our body has a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

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Muscle growth

If you are an active person and you make the greatest effort to build muscle mass in a short time, bet on protein bars with greater calorific value. It is the large amount of protein in your diet that can contribute to building more muscle mass. It has been proven that protein supplementation can increase muscle mass and performance when the overall level of physical activity and diet is adequate.

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