Ranking of products for insomnia

According to current statistics, up to half of humanity can suffer from difficulties in falling asleep. Sleep disorders are caused by factors such as stress, financial and family problems, an unhealthy lifestyle or working in different shifts. Fortunately, in most cases, insomnia is short-lived. In addition, you can help your body with special herbal mixtures, which make falling asleep easier. The best choice will be insomnia tablets, which are based on natural ingredients. This begs the question – what product to choose? Below is a ranking of the best products for insomnia, which was created based on the opinions of experts and consumers.

1. Melatolin Plus

Melatolin Plus

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Melatolin Plus are the best insomnia pills we can find on the market. It is a completely natural product, created on the basis of 10 ingredients constituting a synergic complex for sleep disorders.

The effects of the product are already visible after just a few days of regular tablet-taking. Melatolin Plus improves mood and wellbeing, soothes the nerves and eliminates long sleep attempts. Long, deep and regenerating sleep is possible already after the first dose.

The majority of consumers who have reached for this product emphasise that Melatolin Plus allows you to wake up with a sleepy, rested and full of energy. The supplement helps to restore physiological sleep and regulates the daily cycle, so that difficulties in falling asleep begin to pass.

Melatolin Plus is a dietary supplement dedicated to people who are struggling with stress caused by various factors on a daily basis. The product will also be appreciated by people working in shifts and travelling long distances, which often involves changing time zones. The product will work in every case, because all kinds of sleep disorders, regardless of their cause, work.

One package of Melatolin Plus contains 60 tablets and is sufficient for up to one month of supplementation.

The producer of the Melatolin Plus dietary supplement offers clear rules: effects or a refund! That’s why you don’t lose anything when buying a product.

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2. Relaxina Plus

relaxina plus

The second dietary supplement in the ranking of products for insomnia is Relaxina Plus. It has a poorer composition than Melatolin Plus, which is why it was ranked second. Moreover, the producer of Relaxina Plus does not offer a refund in case of dissatisfaction with the effects, which should also be kept in mind. Despite this, this supplement is assessed by many people as effective and trustworthy, as evidenced by numerous opinions of satisfied consumers.

Relaxina Plus tablets have a calming, relaxing and anti-stress effect. Systematic intake of the supplement day after day, allows to adjust the daily rhythm, leads to strengthening of the nervous system and strengthens the immune system. What is interesting, according to the manufacturer, the product is also supposed to contribute to memory improvement.

The manufacturer of the Relaxina Plus dietary supplement used melatonin, tryptophan and St. John’s wort extract, popular ingredients known for their relaxing and mood-enhancing properties.

One product package contains 20 tablets. This amount is sufficient for a 20-day treatment. The product can be bought in drugstores as well as in pharmacies – both stationary and online.

3. Kalms


In third place of the products for insomnia we have placed the world popular product Kalms, which has a sleeping and calming effect. The product is recommended for people with emotional tension and when there are difficulties in falling asleep.

Regular Kalms pills lead to improved concentration, soothe the nerves and help you deal with your emotions better.

Kalms tablets will certainly be appreciated by people who have a lot of responsibilities and feel overwhelmed by the pace of life. The product will also work well in the case of emotional problems of various origins

The effectiveness of the product is due to three plant extracts, which make up the product formula. These are: hop cones powder, goat root extract, yellow gentian root extract. Therefore, as you can see, the composition of this product, compared to Melatolon Plus, is much poorer. Nevertheless, many people reaching for Kalms are satisfied with the results and recommend this product.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the tablets should be taken 3 times a day, which can be a problem for forgetful people. The product can be easily bought in most stationary pharmacies as well as online. A refund in case of dissatisfaction with the results is not provided for.

What is insomnia?

It is a condition that involves difficult falling asleep or the inability to achieve deep and relaxing sleep, which is a condition for waking up relaxed. Insomnia leads to situations where we wake up tired in the morning, have no desire and are unable to function during the day, and all we dream about is taking a nap. Most people with sleep disorders are assisted by stimulants, but they do not solve the problem, they only make it worse.

Long-lasting insomnia leads to irritability, depressive states, problems with concentration and problems with learning.

Sleep disorders can be short-term as well as chronic.

Tips to help get rid of insomnia

  • Remember that the air temperature in your bedroom should be optimal and that there should be a suitable climate for falling asleep – no lights on and no distracting sounds.
  • Work out a schedule for falling asleep – set the same times that you will go to bed every day.
  • Try not to use devices that emit light before bedtime, such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Avoid stressful situations and do not use any stimulants before going to bed.
  • Try to avoid taking naps during the day.

If insomnia has a negative impact on your daily life, try to assess what factors influence it. It is worthwhile to use products supporting healthy sleep, such as Melatolin Plus. Our ranking of products for insomnia includes 3 products from hundreds of offers. These 3 offers enjoy the best opinions of consumers and experts.

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